Wednesday, September 27, 2006

off on a tangent...


technically it's still wednesday--for another 38 minutes, anyway--and so i'm still holding to my monday, wednesday, friday plan...
but just barely...

been working this week with my pal, jeff mccluskey, one of the nicest guys i know and easily the most laid back. jeff is a true artist when it comes to woodworking and crafts stuff out of wood that makes my jaw drop open sometimes. when he needs an extra pair of hands or a big job comes along, he usually gives me a call 'cause i love hangin' around with him and i dig the change of pace. NOTHING gets my imagination working like a change of venue and a different type of work to focus on. plus, did ya hear me say that i love hangin' around with this guy.

work is never work with jeff--it's always fun and even when things don't look like they're going right...we're fine.
currently, we're working on an ENORMOUS pair of oaken gates for a big mansion in millbrook. lots of structural considerations and lots of detail. yesterday we took a break at the end of the day to deliver a kitchen island--the heaviest piece of furniture i have ever lifted!

i'm telling you all this for two reasons;

1.) that's why i don't have the follow-up ghost stories blog today, and

b.) i'm having a ball!

i really think that it's important to get away from what you do now and then. do something else, something you might not even know how to do, maybe even something that scares you a little. it amazes me how recharged and refreshed i was coming home from work yesterday and how focussed ands eager to write i was when i got here!

that's all i gotta say. jeff's a great friend and we have a lot of fun together.
now i gotta go and write. i can't wait!

nothing really to post except this actual article from a 1955 good housekeeping.

and this picture that i think is cute/funny.
even if he's' tellin' noob to shut up...

i checked out and they've got dirty pictures there. so if you don't wanna see those, don't go.

see ya friday!

ps--whatcha gonna be for halloween?


Brian said...

The Good Wife's Guide is probably the scariest thing you've every posted on this blog.

Kojee said...

Where do I get me one a them wives?!?

Brian said...

I showed it to my wife and the next thing a new the nurse was asking how many fingers she was holding up.

Just kidding, but seriousely my sweetie, who is a professional speaker and humorist - - is speaking to a women's group this wednesday and says she's going to use it in her presentation. Now we just have to come up with the funny "modern" version of the guide.

Kojee said...

What's the funny modern version? The one where I do all the dishes?

Brian said...

I'm thinking something along the lines of:

"When he comes home tired, offer to take off his shoes, and then hit him in the head with him because you've had a hard day as well and its a good stress releaver."

Or when he's out all night, you don't have the right to question him . . . nor the need, you are free to assume the worst and should throw his sorry butt and all his worldly possession out on the front lawn preferably while the lawn sprinklers are going."

Brian said...

"The Modern Good Wife's Guide"

Before he comes home, have dinner planed for him. Lord knows you’ll grow old and gray waiting for him to do it. You pick the restaurant, make the reservations, arrange for the baby sitter and don’t even let him get in the front door when he comes home from work on “date night” because once that rump of his hits the sofa, it isn’t moving until Leno finishes his monologue.

Your goal is to try and make your home a place of peace, order and tranquility. So encourage him to be out of the house as much as possible, especially during football season, because it’s awfully hard for you to relax while he’s doing his celebratory
touch down dance.

When he comes home tired, offer to take off his shoes for him, and then hit him over the head with them because you've had a hard day as well and it’s a good stress reliever.

Don’t complain if he’s out all night, such actions on his part require an immediate physical response, not discussion. Simply throw his sorry butt and all his clothes out on the front lawn and, if at all possible, do it while the sprinklers are going.

Don’t question him about his actions. It is a waste of your time and energy. Half the time even he doesn’t know why he does the things he does and the rest of the time, well let’s just say it the same reason that dogs lick themselves.

Finally, if your husband hands you “The Good Wife’s Guide” from 1958, by all means make him comfortable. Have him lie down on the bed, arrange his pillow, and speak to him in a low, soothing and pleasant voice while applying firm and even pressure to both sides of the pillow to ensure that no air is getting through to his lungs.

todd said...


those are great!
i especially like the last one--"firm and even pressure..." ha!!
i didn't know that your wife did this--what a fun job!
thanks for the list!

Brian said...

You know me, very low key, not the type to hype someone's artistic talents or business.

Brian "Did you get your Choopie Butt Card" Mulcahy

P.S. Thanks for the positive feed back.