Monday, May 07, 2012

Perhapanauts on Tour~!

okay... so, as convention season now begins, craig and i will be taking the perhapanauts on the road! here is a list of the shows we'll be at throughout the summer and we hope to see you there!
craig and i both will be guests at the motor city comic con, may 18, 19, and 20
i will be hanging out with all my cronies at the twice-annually albany comic con, sunday, june 10...
craig and matt and i will be at heroescon in charlotte, north carolina, june 22, 23, 24 along with our special guest, eric henson! we'll also have an exclusive ashcan/sketchbook of selections from the upcoming perhapanauts adventure Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under on hand!
eric will also be joining us in september at the baltimore comicon--that's september 8 and 9! if you live near any of these great comic shows, we'd love ya to come around and say hello! we'll have all kindsa cool perhapanauts shwag and deals on deals on shirts and prints and other junk!
see ya there and smell ya later! todd * thanks to our pal, rich woodall, for his expertise in photoshopping our van~!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Free Comic Book Day~!

okay... as many of you already know, this saturday, may 5th is~
i, and several of my buddies who frequent the ALBANY COMIC CON--held bi-annually...(...that's twice a year, right? or is that every other year? i mean the first one, check your local listings...) have banded together with Kristi Carrara at The COMIC DEPOT in Saratoga Springs and John Belskis at EXCELLENT ADVENTURES in Ballston Spa to form the first ever FREE COMIC BOOK DAY CREATORS ROAD SHOW!! here's the skinny: Excellent Adventures will start the day with Mark McKenna, Christian St Pierre, and Todd Dezago. They will be having a Sale with the " Spin the Wheel of Discount" game, and both shops will be offering limited edition creator cards for free, that can be signed by the creators that are visiting the shops that day. Both shops will have plenty of Free comics on hand as well. Here is Excellent Adventures flyer. For more info click on:
if you're in the area, we would love to see you at either or BOTH shops! it's gonna be FUN!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and speaking of fun, here are a couple pictures of our awesome perhapanauts by my friend from across the pond, lily egleton, reporter and co-editor of FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW!
by the way, the girls have a new issue of FCCR out on the stands right now! and it looks like this~
it's jam-packed with some amazing articles and fun facts and you'd be a fool to miss it! also, we had a great time at the Boston Comic Con last week and it was great to get to chat a bit with our pal alex and his dad! alex is an aspiring artist who is a bit timid with his work. but i told him he's got to get it out there and show people what he's got so he can get some feedback and grow! whaddaya think...? not bad, right...? : )
that's it for now~! smell ya later! todd