Friday, December 30, 2005

hey, everybody! it's the perhapanauts #2!!

hey, gang!
the new issue of the perhapanauts is here! and if you're like most people (and who ISN'T?!*) you love an exciting preview of your favorite comics as much as the next long as they don't give away too much. well, we here at "plays well with otters" productions don't like giving away too much either, but, for your enjoyment, over on the main page of, we've posted the first few pages of the latest issue (ON SALE NOW!) to taunt and tantalize you!
in the weeks, months, whatever ahead, we'll be posting preview pages, some of craig's awesome cool character concept sketches, and tales of some really weird, creepy stuff! we'll also be posting some of YOUR stories of strange sightings, bizarre occurances, and unexplained phenomena! (um, well, only if you send 'em in...)

send your tales of the unknown and unexplained to so we can put 'em up!

in the meantime, here's some original 'haps sketches for you to enjoy...

an early arisa...

here's mg, before i told craig all his secrets...
we didn't even have a name for him at this point.

molly, always cute.

Friday, December 23, 2005

wishing you...

without a proper message board yet, this blog is the only way to communicate (by freely adding your comments at the end), and so i just thought that i'd offer again a chance for anyone who reads this to post anything they might want to say, about the perhapanauts, about the blog, about whatever!
with that in mind i'd also like to wish everyone a merry christmas, a happy hannukah, an awesome kwanza, a fantastic festivus, and whatever else we all celebrate! bring the people you love close and make sure to tell them how you feel. my family, close before, has now drawn even closer together because my mom is very sick and this is quite possibly her last christmas with us. don't wait! let them know!
sorry for the buzzkill--didn't mean to bring it down...
so bring it UP! get the spirit! spread it around! anyone have anything to say? post it! anybody have a good christmas joke? post it! wanna shout out some holiday greetings to the other (3) people reading this blog? : )
thanks for reading--the new perhapanauts will be in stores next week. don't miss it. and then don't forget to check back here for more news, notes, and nonsense in 2K6!

see you in the new year!

this is entry #3.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

the national star

as a kid growing up, way back in the dark, energy-conscious '70's, i can remember pretty much right around when it was that i became hooked on...other-worldy things. the supernatural, the extraterrestrial, the extra-dimensional. i don't think the phrase 'paranormal' had been made a part of the everyday lexicon yet, but that's exactly what i'm talking about. weird stuff.

i say "the dark...'70's" because that's how i remember them. we were in the midst of an energy crisis and the president had come on tv several times telling every conscientious american that it was his/her duty to save energy. in our house that meant shorter showers, turning down the heat and wearing sweaters (and even hats and mittens to bed), and turning lights on only when absolutely necessary. so, yes, it was darker. and it was very easy for an adolescent kid with a bent toward the unnatural to imagine what be lurking out there, watching from the dark.

summer was easy. daylight savings. the sun stayed out longer. no monsters there.

but the winters...

so it must've been the winter of 73/74. living in a small farm town in upstate new york, and this was pre-cable days, of course, our tv networks were the four out of new york city and reception was crappy at best. but, after chores (splitting firewood) and playing outside with the only friend/adversary i could find within a one mile radius, my brother, i would eventually gravitate back inside and glom onto that softly glowing box for the rest of the evening. late afternoons channel 5 (wnew) would feature bugs bunny, woody woodpecker, spider-man, and the flintstones before suppertime. jeff and i would see commercials for stuff in the city that we would never see or care about. but at some point during this enchanted winter, a new newspaper devoted to articles of the unexplained decided that they would best reach their market by advertising on channel 5 out of new york. the national star did their first spot hyping a cover story on "the devil's triangle" (missing planes! missing people! what is the secret behind this unanswered mystery? is it a ufo landing area?) with back up features on a 'documented haunting' and bigfoot (with photos!). their commercial was meant to tantalize, meant to scare, and it definitely did it's job on this 12 year old. i was in! mom, i need a copy of this thing!

and i got one. i had to do extra chores for it, but i got it.
and i scoured it, practically memorizing it cover to cover. it was awesome.

i picked up a few more issues over that year, but eventually the national star was joined by other 'tabloids' like the national enquirer, and eventually began gearing it's focus more toward hollywood gossip and less on solving the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. the closest thing we have now is the weekly world news which, for my money, is worth picking up at least two or three times a year just to read dear dottie.

but that's where i got hooked. i had, of course, been fascinated (and a little afraid) of ghosts and ufos before then, of course. and had heard of bigfoot and the loch ness monster. but discovering that there was a whole world of bizarre, unexplained, could-be-watching-you-through-the window-right-now kinda stuff out there...well, i hadda get me some of that!

i've done my homework, i've talked to people, and i've even seen a few interesting things myself...and i've loved every minute of it. and hopefully, craig and i will be able to bring a lot of those mysteries and secrets to life for ya in the pages of the perhapanauts.

and while we have yet to procure a message board, there is a place to post your comments here, so please write back. maybe YOU'VE seen something weird and wanna share it. i certainly wanna hear about it!

i'll end the way mike does and say;
this is entry number 2.

Monday, November 28, 2005

be gentle...

hey, gang! todd here.

welcome to our perhapanauts blog!

i'm assuming, of course, that if you're here you've already read
the first issue of our new comic, the perhapanauts, and were pokin'
around looking for more info, background, fun, facts, lies,
recipes, stories, sketches, anecdotes, scoops, and gossip about
your favorite new paranormal comic book team.

well, that's what we wanna do here.
i'll be posting here several times a week with new dirt on the team,
what we've got coming up, and insights into some of the weird stuff
i found out doing research for this crazy book. let me tell you, there
is some really bizarre stuff out there. i hope you'll stop by and check
it out from time to time.

and, until we can get a message board up and running, i guess we
can have some kind of interactionin the comments section below.

as you will prob'ly notice very shortly, i've never done a blog before
so i ask that you be a bit patient with me while i get this thing going.

thanks for checking this out.
and for taking a chance on the perhapanauts.
and for telling your friends. oh yeah, did i say that? no.
please tell all your friends about the perhapanauts too!
we can't keep makin' 'em if we aren't sellin' 'em.

thanks. see ya next time.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

issue 4 solicit

todd and craig’s
the perhapanauts # 4
(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(b) rico renzi

On sale February 15, FC 32pg. $2.99

A chupacabra, a sasquatch, and a ghost walk into a bar…

Okay, maybe not…

Hey, Perhapa-Pals! Todd and Craig here.
As we strive valiantly to continue NOT telling
you what’s coming up in upcoming issues, we
will say this about the perhapanauts #4.

It’s very good.


Trust us.

We’ve seen it and we think it’s one of the
most thrilling, pulse-pounding, senses-shattering,
low-in-calories, action-packed, sci-fi-slash-
adventure comics being offered this month,
from Dark Horse, on this page, by us.

Check it out and see if you don’t agree!

Order a perhapanauts #4 today--you’ll be glad you did!

FC 32pp $2.99

issue 3 solicit

todd and craig’s
the perhapanauts # 3
(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(b) rico renzi

In our continuing effort to NOT tell you what happens
in upcoming issues, today we field a letter from
one of our avid Readers.

Dear Perhapa-dudes,
Since the chupacabra originally
comes out of Latin-American folklore, shouldn’t
Choopie speak with an outrageous Mexican accent
like Speedy Gonzales?
“He like my seester, I theenk.”
It would be so much funnier like that.
Your numero uno amigo--
Davy Glasmer
Dengen’s Creek, Iowa

Dear Davy~
Good question.
But no.
While the legend of the goatsucker
does have it’s origins in Central American culture,
Choopie was just a blood-sucking beast when he was first
captured. It wasn’t until he was exposed to the Evolvo-Ray
that Choopie began to develop basic language skills.
He was then exposed to countless hours of American television.
That’s where he learned to talk.

Thanks for writing and don’t forget to order the perhapanauts #3.
It will be much better than this solicit.
And it’ll have pictures.
todd and craig

FC 32pp $2.99

issue 2 solicit

todd and craig’s
the perhapanauts #2
(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(c) rico renzi

Hey, perhapa-pals!--Todd Dezago here.
I really don’t want to date myself
but, y’know, I can remember a time
when there wasn’t any PREVIEWS. No solicitations,
no cover image, no three sentence encapsulation that
sorta dilutes the thrills of an upcoming story. Back then
the only way you knew what your hero was in store
for next month was on the last panel of this month’s
issue! Like; Next Issue: The Rhino!
It was enticing! It was exciting!
Don’t get me wrong--I love PREVIEWS--it’s wonderful
publication.However, in honor of those bygone days, we here
at the perhapanauts will be using this space to introduce ourselves,
preview some awesome artwork, and maybe tell a few jokes.
Check back here next month for some of that kind of fun.

Oh, and please check out the perhapanauts #2 for a comic
that’s packed with adventure, chills, and excitement!
After all, we do it for you.

FC 32 pp $2.99