Monday, June 30, 2008

skeksis, you say...?


so mike was the first to say skeksis from the dark crystal and many of you echoed that.
so here are a couple pics for your edification and amusement, to compare and contrast...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

looking for strange


man, things are really happening behind the scenes here at perhapanauts central, stuff that i haven't had a chance to mention due to everything that was going on with the convention and whatnot.

we have some crazy cool friends working on some crazy cool back-ups stories and it looks like our october issue is shaping up to be a very promising halloween issue! i hate to be the type to kinda drop a bomb like that and then not name names, but i don't wanna jinx anything that hasn't been finalized or confirmed, y'know...? i will names SOME names though and they are;

--our pals and brothers, matt wieringo and christian leaf, will be working on a back up story for us shortly--
--jamar nicholas, creator of the online phenomenon, detective boogaloo, will be contributing one of our halloween stories--
--jason armstrong from ferro city and lobster johnson will also be featured in the halloween extravaganza--
(actually, jason has already finished a story fro us that will appear in the very next issue! don't miss!)
--our own scott weinstein is currently plotting out his own haps back up!--
--good pal, roger ash, is in the midst of negotiating an awesome cover by and awesome comics legend! and i don't wanna jinx it yet...--
--and our buddy, john higashi, is also working on another big name artist to do a cover for our little book and again...--
--jason copland, who gave us a gorgeous pin-up at heroes which will appear in issue 4, will also be lending his artistic talents to something fun for us in the future!--

okay, maybe not a lot of names, but now you know that we are working on some really great things for you and for future issues of the all-new, all-different perhapanauts!


and now back to some of the strange, creepy stuff i love so much...
(and i hope you do too...!)


This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it’s the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow (Russia is huge). People don’t know what is it. According to the bones and teeth - it is not a fish. According to its skeleton - it’s not a crocodile or alligator. It has a skin with hair or fur. It has been said that it was taken by Russian special services for in-depth studies, and we are lucky that people who encountered it first made those photos before it was brought away.


this is a good one from our friends over a
(i like to read these late at night in the dark...)

Your True Tales
May 2008

Hopping Creature
by Danette

This occurred at approximately 11:00 p.m. on March 1, 2008. I had just turned out the lights to hit the sack. My border collie-Australian shepherd started barking. I thought maybe it was a raccoon or skunk in my backyard. I have 30 ducks, three hens, a goat, all in my back yard. So the ducks were quacking, too.

When I went to the living room and flipped on the outside deck light. I looked first back where my ducks were and all of a sudden there stood a strange creature on my second step coming up to the deck. My dog was going crazy and looking in the direction where it stood about four feet away. I stared at it, trying to make out what it was. It stared back at me as well. It had black eyes a real skinny face and it looked very old. It had black and silver long hair going down its back and I couldn't see the legs. It looked like a creature. Then after it stared at me for about 30 seconds, it moved back and it leapt backwards, like a kangaroo. The whole time it was looking at me as it hopped over to my northern fence. It then disappeared.

It did not frighten me, but I did not go outside because I didn't know what the heck it was. When it hopped backward starring at me, it seemed more like it was an intelligent being. Most animals run when you see them. It seemed like it was trying to watch out for itself. It didn't let you see its backside. I live in Gardnerville, Nevada.

that one creeped me out.


and that's all for today!
have a great day!
smell ya later!

Friday, June 27, 2008

more stuff from HEROESCON!


d'oh! i never got a picture of our pal, cooper!! and the crazy thing is--i've known him for years!!!
only all i ever knew was his first name and NEVER would have put the two together! so that was a wild and funny revelation--and then a bit sad when i realized that now, instead of two friends, i only had one... : (
great to know you now, cooper!
(or can i call you by your first name...)

here are some more pictures from heroescon, this batch mostly stolen from scott weinstein or from our new pal, con photographer to the stars, pat sun! thanks, pat! you really covered some ground!

gino and scott man the after school agent table.

scott, todd, matt, and craig.

gino and his lovely wife, jen, at the after school agent table.

jeff parker and matt

craig, todd, and erik larsen at an image panel.

todd and erik are amazed when craig actually speaks...

another shot of craig, rod and leanne hannah, and todd, with the ever-lurking prankster,nick cardy ...CAUGHT ON FILM!
(leanne was upset that she was that never happens to me...)

(...well, except for this one time...)

"the boys" in their matching hawaiian tiki shirts! craig, me, nick, and matt!

mark won't let me go at the heroes initiative, hiya, rico!

i always love to see people in costume at the shows and applaud EVERYONE who takes the time to design and construct the outfits of their favorite heroes or villains or characters from whatever. at every show there are at least two or three costumes that are really great, worth mentioning and worth a photo (and not just 'cause the girls are pretty and in a tight skimpy costume...although i AM a man a total comic book geek and...) i was too busy when this amazonia/elseworlds wonder woman came by the table and didn't get a pic. but i grabbed this one off-line. great costume, great detail! craig says that she also had on an "ice" costume the next day. i didn't see it.

and here, from scott's pics, a very, very impressive iron man (though as scott points out, a bit skinny in the legs...) great, great job!

a smokin' catwoman!

the two together...

and finally, though pat couldn't get any real good angle on her ice costume...look! there, in the background! i'm not kidding! it's cooper! ha! gotcha!

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

finally, some pics from HEROESCON!


finally got some pics to upload here...kinda frustrating that it's such a pain...
got to put some more faces to names at this show. it's always great to meet in person the "familY" from here at the blog or on the perhapanauts forums/message boards. here are our pals, emilio and jason copland.

and ed, aka dknobius, and daughter (i don't know which one...)

across the aisle, rich case...

craig, trish, and sharon at the table...

no, wait-
hey, trish, look this way!

that's better.

our mentor and head trouble maker, nick cardy, and his lovely niece, marian

myrna and karl kesel

sadly, something was wrong with cully's face this weekend. we never could figure it out. here he is with suzanne...

and with matt...

craig, rod and leanne hannah (leanne did a beautiful piece in the ringo tribute sketchbook!), me, and--i swear to you--nick cardy screwing around behind me!

...and here is our model, emilio, showing off the latest craze in paris and rome--the awesome-cool, perhapanauts choopie tee! don't you want one now...?

that's it for today!
i gotta get back to catching up.
smell ya later!

back from the show--heroescon 08!


well, we're back...
and we had a great time!
and i got some great pictures...if blogger would only let me upload them...!
sadly, they'll have to wait 'til later of tomorrow when blogger finally gets itself together (come on, blogger...!)

lots of fun, lots of friends, lots of family!
so good to see so many of you out there that, 'til now, i've only known as names on the message boards or here in the comments section! ed, dave, emilio, brian--always good to see karen and dave!
sharon and i got to spend LOTS of time with our "family"--matt and suzanne, christian, craig and trish, karl and myrna, nick and marian, mark...

lots of money was raised for three different causes--
the heroes initiative's what if? special!
our tribute to ringo sketchbook for the aspca!
and especially, matt and suzanne's ringo scholarship at scad!

lots of people gave lots of money in mike's memory and we all tried our best not to cry in front of each other.
though he was missed, he was also there, in every smile and every hug.
he was everywhere.

craig and i sold a lot of copies of the perhapanauts annual and issues 1 and 2 (we are now officially out of the trades) and a bunch of t-shirts to some of our favorite perhapa-fans! (i have pictures but, as i said, they'll have to wait...)
thanks to ALL of you who picked up some perhapanauts loot--and to all of you NEW perhapanauts readers who picked up the book for the first time at the show! we hope you liked it and will hang around to see what happens next to our favorite cryptids...!

there are still some a tribute to 'ringo sketchbooks available--i brought some home--and they can be yours for the cost of a $10 donation to the aspca and $2 for postage (domestic sales *). you can either use our paypal account or send a check or money order payable to me todd dezago to;

ringo sketchbook
52 calendar house rd
elizaville ny 12523

* international: please e-mail for shipping costs.

it's a gorgeous book (wish i could show you some more pictures) featuring the talents of these generous artists.

Jason Armstrong
James Bukauskas, Richard Case, Francesco Francavilla, Cully Hamner, Leanne Hannah, Mike Manley, Jonboy Meyers, Karl Kesel, Barry Kitson, Craig Rousseau, Walter Simonson, Andy Smith w/ Inks by Keith Champagne, Jim Starlin, Brian Stelfreeze, Rob Stull, Paul Swain, Neil Vokes, Matt Wieringo, Kelly Yates

and here are your
answers to the
"five for...thursday?"

1. at 300 pounds (and sometimes over) who was the fattest president?

william howard taft

2. what famous artist is credited with having invented scissors?

leonardo da vinci

3. what town is famous for the saloon in which wild bill hickok was killed in 1876?

deadwood, south dakota

4. snap, crackle, pop! which one wears a baker's hat?


5. okay, i'll name the actors, you name the movie.

a. colin farrell, max von sydow, tom cruise

minority report

b. jessica alba, rutger hauer, rosario dawson

sin city

c. john goodman, steve buscemi, billy crystal

monsters, inc.

d. gary oldman, kevin bacon, ed asner


e. kelsey grammer, tom hanks, don rickles

toy story 2

that's it for me!
i'll try to post pics from the con tomorrow!
smell ya later!

Thursday, June 19, 2008



well, we're off to HEROESCON in beautiful charlotte, nc! craig and i are gonna be doing our best to get the perhapanauts message out there and this time around we will be assisted by our better-looking other halves; trish and sharon! it's really gonna be a family affair as we'll be sitting next to matt and suzanne and christian and...nick!!
i'll have pictures to post next week and reports back from the fun! if you're in the charlotte neighborhood, be sure to stop in!


i've been wanting to post this for the past few weeks...jake turned 15 on memorial day and our pal, christian leaf, made his cats make this card...

jake would like to publicly thank the kittehs leaf and let everyone know that he had a wonderful birthday with family and steak!



just to give you a little bit more of what we got, here are a couple more gorgeous pin-ups from the "a tribute to ringo" sketchbook. enjoy!


and here are your
"five for...thursday?"

1. at 300 pounds (and sometimes over) who was the fattest president?

2. what famous artist is credited with having invented scissors?

3. what town is famous for the saloon in which wild bill hickok was killed in 1876?

4. snap, crackle, pop! which one wears a baker's hat?

5. okay, i'll name the actors, you name the movie.

a. colin farrell, max von sydow, tom cruise

b. jessica alba, rutger hauer, rosario dawson

c. john goodman, steve buscemi, billy crystal

d. gary oldman, kevin bacon, ed asner

e. kelsey grammer, tom hanks, don rickles

have a great weekend!
see ya at heroes!
smell ya later!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a tribute to ringo sketchbook at heroescon this weekend!


so crazy very late, last-minute shelton (drum, the man behind HEROESCON in charlotte this weekend and one of the nicest guys i know...!) and i realized that all the people who had planned to have a tribute sketchbook to honor/remember mike at heroescon--what we all refer to as "mike's hometown show"--had all hit roadblocks of one kind or another along the way and that there really wouldn't be something to collect many of those great pictures to have at the show.

and shelton said, "you could probably get that together in time, right?"

"uh...yeah, sure." i heard myself mutter.

really, it was mission:impossible, but because i happen to know two guys that pull off miracles all the time--rico and craig--somehow, with the hard work and best intentions of a group of phenomenal artists, it's done!

here is the list of all who came through for us at the last minute and a couple samples of what we've got in this awesome book!

The Line-Up

Jason Armstrong
James Bukauskas
Richard Case
Francesco Francavilla
Cully Hamner
Leanne Hannah
Mike Manley
Jonboy Meyers
Karl Kesel
Barry Kitson
Craig Rousseau
Walter Simonson
Andy Smith w/ Inks by Keith Champagne
Jim Starlin
Brian Stelfreeze
Rob Stull
Paul Swain
Neil Vokes
Matt Wieringo
Kelly Yates

all proceeds from this book will be donated in mike's name to the ASPCA.


hey! here's a cool interview i did with steven sykora over at project fanboy!


and it's true--we're charlotte bound for the weekend!
hope to see many of you there!

i'll have a post in tomorrow--an early "five for friday"--and then we'll see you back here on monday!
have a great day and
smell ya later!

Monday, June 16, 2008

extra!! matt's big news--The Mike Wieringo Scholarship Announcement

i forgot to include the awesome cool logo for the MWS!
rock on!

Mike Wieringo Scholarship “The ‘Ringo” Announced

Wieringo’s Friends and Family to Host Special Fundraising Booth at Heroes Con

CHARLOTTE, NC (June 6, 2008) When Mike Wieringo abruptly passed away last August, the comics industry lost more than a great artist and creator – it lost a friend. Now, Mike’s family has teamed with the Savannah College of Art and Design to create The Mike Wieringo Scholarship or “The ‘Ringo” to help keep his spirit of generosity alive.

Created by Mike’s brother Matt and his sister-in-law Suzanne, the ‘Ringo is designed to help provide similar help to artists at the Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD. Domestic and international students with have a minimum 3.0 grade point average who demonstrate financial need and display a serious interest in pursuing comics as a career are eligible. The scholarship will take effect in the artist’s second year of classes, and is renewable for up to two additional years, provided the student continues to meet the criteria.

The recipient will be chosen from three finalists determined by the college in a portfolio review by Matt and Suzanne Wieringo, along with a rotating group. The ultimate goal for the ‘Ringo is to raise enough funds so that it can cover a full year’s expenses at SCAD, approximately $30,000.

Toward this end, a table staffed by Mike’s family and friends will be set up in his traditional spot in Artists Alley at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. Heroes was a big part of Mike's life and career, and was the industry event he most looked forward to every year.

The table will raise funds through donations and the sale of remaining copies of Mike’s sketchbooks, copies of comics featuring Mike's work, selected pieces of Mike's original artwork, sketches by Mike's friends in the industry who will be appearing at the booth, and items donated by other comic professionals. Pros appearing include Jeff Parker, Rich Faber, Craig Rousseau, Todd Dezago, Mark Waid, Richard Case and more to be announced.

“SCAD is one of the most impressive programs in the world to focus on the medium of comics,” says Jeff Parker, creator of The Interman and Agents of Atlas, who worked with Mike at Artamus Studios. “I'm pretty sure Mike would have loved to have attended such a place in his student days. It would make an excellent legacy for him if we can grow the Ringo scholarship into a launch pad for the future greats of comics.”

Despite his success on such books as The Flash, Fantastic Four and his own creator-owned Tellos, Mike Wieringo never forgot what it was like to be a struggling creator. For many up-and-comers, Mike served as a mentor and friendly voice, whether it was providing free covers, advice, or just the encouragement to keep going.

With your help, the Mike Wieringo Scholarship can continue to grow and help a new generation of creators get the training and connections they need to start their careers. Mike’s talent, enthusiasm and generosity inspired many in the comics industry to be their best as both creators and as human beings. With your help, Mike will continue to be an inspiration for creators in decades to come.

thanks to andrew neal of chapel hill comics (mike's local--and favorite!--comic book store!) for getting this press release together!

what a wonderful gift, matt.
what a wonderful brother.

HEROESCON!!! ya goin'...?


well, first off, things have been slipping by me a bit, i've been kinda busy...
but we need to say that craig and i will be down in charlotte this coming weekend--june 20-22--at one of our absolutely FAVORITE comics convnetions, shelton drum's HEROESCON!! we're getting our stuff all packed up--t-shirts, trading cards, and of course, the latest issues of the all-new, all-different PERHAPANAUTS!! we're looking forward to getting a chance to hang out with all our friends from here at the blog--matt, suzanne, christian, scott, nic, the list goes on--and get to see some of our friends in the biz--nick cardy, cully hamner, jeff parker, karl kesel, and that list goes on and on...

i'm excited 'cause scott will have an ashcan type sketchbook with a preview of the next After School Agent (and i've already see some of it and it's freakin' awesome!!) and matt will be at the show to help promote the heroes initiative what if? a tribute to mike wieringo that will be premiered at the show to benefit the hero's well as have an announcement or two himself...!

shelton also asked me if i could set up a little something to remember--and most importantly CELEBRATE--mike as well so, with the generous help of craig and rico, we're putting together a (last minute) sketchbook featuring pieces from many of mike's friends and fans with proceeds going to mike's favorite cause, the ASPCA. it'll have great pieces in there by kelly yates, karl kesel, neil vokes, leah hannah, francesco francovilla, andy smith...oh, and craig...and many others! hopefully, we'll do mike proud.

also we're gonna roast him!
that should be fun...

so hope to see ya there! if you're in the neighborhood, don't miss it!


you guys jumped the gun on me the other day with your comments featuring your summer song lists!
here are mine; songs that i either need to hear each summer or songs that make me think/dream of summer...

margaritaville by jimmy buffet--ain't that the summeriest it gets?
hot fun in the summertime by sly and the family stone--county fairs in the country sun...
sausalito sumer nights by diesel--early eighties thumper and it seemed like my car was always overheating back then...
silly love songs by paul mccartney and wings--one summer vacation my family would sing to this together everytime it came on the radio--which was every two or three minutes
just about anything by the beach boys, right?
got to give it up part 1 by marvin gaye--just remembering hearing this in the summertime when i was a kid and it stuck
baker street by gerry raffertyand
it must be summer by fountains of wayne--it MUST be summer!!




if you didn't see russ's post in the comments section on friday, there is a new column up at called "what's perhappenin'?" which is gonna be a monthly forum where russ and i tear up the most recent issue of The PERHAPANAUTS, ask questions, make fun of that! i will probably being lying a lot.
here's a link to the first one--bookmark it so you can check it every month!


and here are the answers to nic/portal comics'
All Slasher Film Five for Friday the 13th...

Q: What Golden Globe nominated actor appeared in the original 1980 Friday the 13th film?

A: Kevin Bacon

Q: Which film in the series did Jason Vorhees first don his trademark hockey mask?

A: Friday the 13th part 3

Q: What is the full name of Bruce Campbell's character Ash in the 1981 film Evil Dead? What was Ash's sister's name?

A: Ashley J. Williams, Cheryl Williams

Q: Wes Craven claims that the inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kreuger was based on a series of stories in the LA Times about young people who died in their sleep and a 1970's pop song. What was the song? Who was the artist?

A: Dream Weaver (1976) by Gary Wright

Q: Tommy Lee Wallace, the production designer for the 1978 John Carpenter film Halloween, created Michael Myers' mask by altering an actual Halloween mask of a famous actor. Who was it?

A: William Shatner

Q: How many times has Jason Vorhees appeared on film? Name them.

A: 11 times.
Friday the 13th (1980)
Friday the 13th part 2 (1981)
Friday the 13th part 3 (1982)
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives (1986)
Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood (1988)
Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
Jason X (2002)
Freddy vs Jason (2003)

and there ya have it!
thanks again, nic!
i'm out!
smell ya later!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

friday the 13th!!


running out to do a carpentry with my pal, jeff, this morning, so i'm posting this late last night!
thanks to kc and nic for all their help today!

but before we get into their offerings, here's a creepy post from our friends at paranormal@ about .com
head over there and check out some more of their...

Your True Tales
June 2008 -

Chanting Reaper
by Todd L.

As I begin to write this, I feel very uneasy. I have told very few people of these incidents and am skeptical of the response I'm going to get. You don't have to believe me, just read. These experiences have changed my life and I would never wish them even on my worst enemy. I logically sometimes think in my head that ghosts aren't real, but these experiences I've had always make me think the exact opposite. How are ghosts not real if I've seen them (or something of the sort; I'm not exactly sure what they were). First and foremost, I'm 17, and haven't had one of these experiences in a long time (thank God). And at the time of the first incident, I was very young (4-7 years of age; I can't really remember the exact age). The funny thing about the experiences is that they all happened in the middle of the night, and were all absolutely terrifying. I've looked them up countless number of times and have found out I'm not alone. Other people have experienced these things, too. That makes me feel really good because for the longest time I thought I was the only one.

Alright, here it goes: When I was around the age of 7, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. The night seemed like any other night from what I remember. Nothing seemed unusual. In fact, I wasn't even scared to get up in the dark. Upon finishing nature's call, I turned off the bathroom light and and walked into my room (which is right next to the bathroom), but as I walked into the room I saw what appeared to be a hooded figure in the corner, and the only reason I saw it amidst the darkness was because there was a faint glow of light coming through the windows from the outside (it had to have been streetlights, or the moonlight). Tricking myself into thinking it was only my window curtain, I walked toward my bed and laid down. While I lay there, I heard something, almost like a chant, coming from the corner where I saw that thing. When I looked up, I saw it. It was a cloaked figure (almost resembling a Christian monk, or the Grim Reaper) coming toward me, chanting. Now, don't ask me what it was saying because I couldn't understand it; it was speaking in tongues. At this point I was panicking. I was so scared. I covered up under my blankets the best I could and tried to ignore it, but I left my foot sticking out at the bottom.

Now, this is the one thing I absolutely remember it did. While my foot was sticking out, it said aloud, "I will grab your foot, Todd." Quickly, I yanked my foot under my blanket and started to scream. During this time, I felt as if I was screaming for an eternity, and I had a feeling of doom (from what I remember). Just then my mom burst in the door and flicked on the lights, and as she did I was looking at the creature. As soon as she turned on the lights, it vanished with the darkness.

The second experience happened just as strangely as the first. I can't remember how old I was but I was staying at my Grandma's and, once again, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. After going, I turned off the light and stared into the living room (where I was sleeping). When I did, I saw an old woman in a blue robe, back to me with her head down. At first I thought it was my grandma and I said aloud, "Grandma?" Just then, it turned around and it had these eyes that are beyond description. They glowed and were... beyond words. I do remember seeing the color red for some reason, though. I don't know why. After seeing that it was an entity, I gasped and flicked on the light and it vanished. And after words, I went to check on my grandma. She was in bed asleep.

And for the last experience, I was watching a movie in the living room and my brother had fallen asleep in my room. I let him sleep in there and finished watching my movie. As I walked toward my room to get him, I was looking down at the floor (I was tired). Upon entering my room, I looked up and saw the same hooded creature standing right in front of me. And when I turned to my left, I saw about five of them standing around my bed where my brother slept. Out of instinct, I booked. But when I entered the dining room, I thought to myself, "This is my brother!" I turned around and went back... and they were gone. I picked him up and left.

These are my experiences and they are all 100% true, to the best of my remembrance. I don't know what I'm going to gain posting this, but I hope people will be respectful. These are very real and very terrifying.


second in a series of kc carlson's gallery of weird and wacky archie covers!
(how could you go wrong with betty and veronica as mermaids...?)


"...His eyes narrowed to icy slits of determination, Choopie pulled the switch."


and here is a very special edition of
"five for friday"--it's
"five for friday the 13th!!"
sent in to me the other day by our
pal, nic--better known on the
comments and message boards as
portal comics!
so here i give you...nic!

Hey Todd,

I know from time to time you have posted various guest Five for Fridays. Well with this week being Friday the 13th, I put together an All Slasher Film Five for Friday the 13th for you.
Here you go:

Q: What Golden Globe nominated actor appeared in the original 1980 Friday the 13th film?

Q: Which film in the series did Jason Vorhees first don his trademark hockey mask?

Q: What is the full name of Bruce Campbell's character Ash in the 1981 film Evil Dead? What was Ash's sister's name?

Q: Wes Craven claims that the inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kreuger was based on a series of stories in the LA Times about young people who died in their sleep and a 1970's pop song. What was the song? Who was the artist?

Q: Tommy Lee Wallace, the production designer for the 1978 John Carpenter film Halloween, created Michael Myers' mask by altering an actual Halloween mask of a famous actor. Who was it?

Q: How many times has Jason Vorhees appeared on film? Name them.

take care!

thanks, nic!
you're a life saver!
oh, and by the way, happy birthday, dude!
that's right everybody, nic's birthday is today--friday the 13th!!
(go get 'im, gang!)

i'm out!
have a great weekend!
smell ya monday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

wacky wednesday!


kid's joke

a duck walks into a bar.
jumps up on a barstool and asks, "got any grapes?"
bartender says, "no, i don't got any grapes. get outta here."
next day, the duck comes in, jumps up on the barstool and asks, "got any grapes?"
bartender says, "no, i don't got any grapes. get outta here."
the next day, the duck comes in, jumps up on the barstool and asks, "got any grapes?"
the bartender says, "i told you, we don't got any grapes. now if you come in here askin' if we got any grapes again, i'm gonna nail your feet to the bar! now get outta here!"
the next day, the duck comes in, jumps up on the barstool and asks, "got any nails?"
the bartender says, "look! I– what? no, i don't got any nails!."
duck says, "got any hammers?"
bartender says, "no, i don't got any hammers!!"

duck says..."got any grapes?"


the other day i mentioned some of the books i have lined up for my summer reading, well...the graphic books, anyway and it made me think of that phrase, "summer reading." when i was a kid it meant all the books i wanted to read that hadn't been assigned to me during the school year. it was literary freedom, what I, it's more of a vibe, a relaxed, laid back, summery kinda vibe, it conjures images of laying on the beach or sitting in the shade in a lawn chair. all good.
but the book--or books--have to be good.
last summer it was the final chapter of the harry potter saga, super cool and compelling and, sadly, i ate it up in about three days. this summer i need something like that; fast-paced and fantastic! fun and exciting! in other words, the literary equivalent of the summer blockbuster!
any suggestions...?


i'm putting together a list of my "songs of summer", my summertime groove, the tunes that get me to that summer place in my mind. i'll have mine on friday.
start thinking about yours...


movie-wise, i don't have a list of gotta-sees to get me in the summertime mood, but--and this might seem a bit off--but about this time of year i get the jonesin' to watch "jaws". and especially that very 70's looking beach scene, y'know, just before the shark shows up.


i was going to include some more of kc carlson's gallery of wacky archie covers, but blogger is being temperamental today...

so see ya friday!
smell ya later!

Monday, June 09, 2008

summertime groove!


maybe i'm two weeks early, but i say summer is here!
(after such a long, cold winter i want to count as many summer days as i can...!)
and i'm gearing up for summer; makin' some plans to get out and enjoy the weather more, we've already had the grill out a few times, just put the air conditioner in yesterday...
and i'm lining up the books i want to read this summer. last year i was looking forward to settling in with the showcase presents house of mystery and brave and the bold--love that early 70's dc vibe!--whereas this year, i can't wait to get to two totally different, totally awesome collections; fred hembeck's phone book-sized tome, The ESSENTIAL HEMBECK and the trades of grant morrison and rich case's weird and wacky DOOM PATROL!

fred's book i don't really hafta tell ya much about except...

look how THICK it is...!!

and doesn't that handsome man look scholarly...?
this collection has been a long time coming and showcases the uproariously funny fred at his very, very best!i can't wait to eat it up!
you can get fred's hilarious compendium of all that's funny in comic books through amazon, at barnes and noble and borders, and, if your local comic shop is cool, there.

as for the doom patrol, well...
when these comics were originally coming out back in the early nineties from dc's very nouveau vertigo line, i didn't know rich from adam. (i also didn't know adam rich, arrest prone former child star from abc's eight is enough...) (and before you ask, nicholas) when, in '96, i found myself working with rich on sensational spider-man, i tried my best not to gush too much about how much i had loved that series. recently, while working on our perhapanauts back-up story (well, it was actually driving around raleigh/durham), the subject came up and off i went, telling rich that i needed to dig those babies out and read through them again. shortly thereafter, a box showed up at my house with the trades and bearing sketches and dedications from rich on the inside covers. (honestly, how do i deserve friends like this...?!)
so i'm settling in this summer for some of the wildest, wonkiest stories ever told in comics and, rich, i can't thank you enough! i'm not usually a "gotta have the trades" guy, but these are treasures!

how 'boutchoo?
what's on YOUR summer reading list...?


and here are the
answers to the
"five for friday"...

1. who was the second animated character to receive a star on hollywood boulevard?

bugs bunny

2. in what current u.s. state is the site of custer's last stand?


3. if a centipede has a hundred legs and a millipede has a thousand legs, what does a velocipede have?


4. what was the name of the hotel john lennon was living in and was shot to death in front of?

the dakota

5. ha! a fiver! name the members of the electric mayhem!

a. dr. teeth
b. floyd
c. zoot
d. janice
e. animal

that's it!
smell ya later!