Friday, February 29, 2008

lancelot links--


we'll call this, "the day of many links...

for those of you who've been reading the blog for some time now--well, first off, thank you.

second off, you know that, over the years, i have developed a pretty cool friendship with comics legend, nick cardy! nick has put up with my phone calls for years and we always enjoy our conversations (though lately i think he prefers talking to sharon...a sweet, sweet charmer, that nick...but i'm watchin' you, cardy!)
he's become my pal, my mentor, and my unofficial extra dad, and i love 'im!

and that's saying nothing of his wonderful artwork!

but this does.
though nick already has several books out showcasing his incredible talent and body of work--check out "the art of nick cardy" by john coates and "nick cardy: comic strips" by sean menard--he's putting together yet another one featuring many of his movie poster paintings and illustrations, as well as some of his gorgeous--and mostly unseen--oil, watercolor, and acrylic work! i'd go into it, but you can read a really great interview about it over on comic book resources!
take a look!


what's that you say...? you're still all jazzed up over the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL and are dying to read another review of the book?! that you wish you could read a well-written and carefully thought out treatise on the wonders of all things perhapanautical? that you're bored at work and wish there were something exciting to read on the internets?
look no further.
check out c harris lynn's take on the bookover on his awesome blog, "the rundown"!


for those of you ready to sharpen your wits on the "five for friday", take a moment and boil your brain with this little quiz that alison hooked me up with the other day. i'm sure those of you in the advertising industry will be able to get them all right...heh, guys'll let me know how you do, right?

go on. go check it out. i'll wait.

fun, right?
(i missed two.)

and if that wasn't fun enough...
here are your

"five for friday"

1. what popular mystery writer, who just published her 20th novel, titles her books alphabetically?

2. what comic book featured a dog and a rabbit who were private detectives and who occasionally forgot which was which?

3. what is the term used for the act of turning a liquid into a gas?

4. h2o is water. what is h3o better known as?

5. who was lancelot link?

special knock-yourself-out bonus

~ name any seven popular and/or recurring characters from any of saturday night live's 32 seasons.


have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

secret secrets


shay, jake, and i had an awesome--though woefully short--visit at the rousseaus this weekend. got to play with the kids and have our own belated christmas and experience the wonderful world through the questions and commentary of a three year old!
"jake is very smart."
"yes, he is."
"i think he could turn a light off and on."
"i bet he could."
"if he had a ladder."

and a comment so zen, so very very true, that i think big could very well use it in an upcoming issue--"today is today."

got to hang with craig a bit and watch the cover to perhapanauts 3 come alive under his gifted inks--as well as a couple of pages--and we discussed long into the night how to get more retailers to take a chance on our little book (something i'll discuss at greater length in the very near future...) sharon and i just don't know how he and trish do it. we only spent a few hours with the kids and were just exhausted. and then craig went to work after they were in bed!?! i was bushed!!

had a great time though.

but then we had to shoot right back home, making us all kinda sad and wishing that we lived closer.
or had a teleporter.
or a sweet pneumatic tube set-up between here and there just like they have in BEDLAM.

thanks for the great time, brother!
sharon and i still don't know how you do it...


it's been a few weeks now that the new site has been up and i ask you...have you looked around?

i mean, really?

i mean, i am STILL just amazed and hypnotized by all the wonderful things that kieran did with this place! the layout and design are just so pretty. and sure, there are many of the same old places; galleries and the store and the blog and whatnot, dressed up a lot nicer, a lot cleaner...

but have you REALLY looked around?

have you found any of...the secrets?

if so, no one's said anything about it.

and i guess that's all I'M gonna say...


we still have plenty of big things happenin' here at haps central and more cool things to announce over the next couple of weeks! we're just firming them up and making sure that we don't have TOO many cool things happening all at once. y'know...?

and because i always like to include a (wacky, crazy) picture or two, here are three that alison sent me a while back that i thought looked both creative and delicious...

and here's a picture of a balloon that looks like the vader.

s'all for now!
smell ya later!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

comic commentary--spider-man family # 7!!


so i'm actually writing this on saturday as i will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning--sunday morning--yesterday--for craig's house. after months of trying to get out there, sharon and i (and most likely, the jake) will be driving out for a couple of days to finally have christmas with the rousseaus! so, though i will be posting this remotely from his house on monday--today--i won't actually be back home 'til tuesday which was one of my favorite bands back in the 80s.

in the meantime, whether you read it or not, go to augie de blieck's cool new commentary/interview column over at comic book resources and check out the nonsense that mark waid, karl kesel, nate cosby, and i threw out there over the fun of putting together the crazy "looter's quest" story in the most recent spider-man family! just like the story, it's a nutty, kooky romp of a round table and just might give you some insight into how insane comic book people can really be...


on the topic of appreciation, craig and i were just overwhelmed by the wonderful things that everyone said here and on the perhapanauts forum about the annual. thanks to everyone who left comments and messages and e-mails--it really means a lot to hear what you think--good or bad.

and while we don't wish to single anyone out in particular...well, we do.
i got this really wonderful letter from our pal, christian, and it summed up so much of what i've been feeling about craig's beautiful artwork and his ability to really make the characters "act" that i begged him to let me post it here.
he said, "aw, shucks...but okay"...


Just wanted to drop some well deserved kudos on you and Craig for your
Annual. First off, the art was top notch. Craig’s love of the
character shines through as he’s adding more and more to them from the
previous series. Their evolution imparts more “them” for lack of a
better word. Giving Arisa and the gang more life, if you will. And the Devil
really came off as The Devil. It was also nice to see Hammerskold’s
team in action, too. I’m sure Craig’s been chomping at the bit to
throw them in aside from backgrounds. The old timey/flashback scenes
with the Jersey Devil popped off the page to me. Probably some of my
favorite work in the Annual. A tip of the hat to Craig.

The story was excellent. No other word for it. Mainly because of its
coming full circle with the pregnant women and their abusive husbands.
Love stories like that. The character growth is another great plus. That
little snippet of intelligence and razor sharp snoot from Choopie adds
more mystery to his character. Then you’ve got his rather rude remark
to Molly, which I’m sure didn’t help her deal with being dead.
Poor Molls. The BEDLAM work force all talking about MG and his remark
about being in “hiding.” And finally the relationship revealed. BUM BUM
BAHM! No Mulder/Scully waiting for the kiss here.

Like I said before it was nice to have the two teams mingled. (Is there
a chance of breaking them up into two comics once Perhapamania takes
over the world? Kinda of an X-Men and X-Factor thing.) Merrow is a very
interesting character, probably because we don’t know that much about
her at this point. Anyway I’m rambling. (That and I’ve got to get
back to work.) Great action, great dialogue and great art (Rico, too!)
pretty much sums up my feelings. Looking forward to seeing how the
series continues. Cheers!


P.S. Angie hasn’t had a chance to read the book yet, but once she
does I’ll try to glean some comments from her, too.

thanks, christian!
my sentiments exactly.

see y'all on wednesday!
smell ya later!

"random calvin and hobbes of the week"

does this happen to you?
my brain is always trying to kill me!

Friday, February 22, 2008

ART ADAMS--Exclusive Cover to PERHAPANAUTS #1!!


art adams--
i've loved art's work since the longshot series when he drew one of the coolest looking new characters to come outta marvel in a long time, the wildest aliens, and a she-hulk that was sexier than she had ever been before!
then he was doing the x-men, the x-babies, and mojo! his "creature from the black lagoon" book from dark horse and godzilla! then monkeyman and o'brien! gumby and jonni future and all those awesome jlApes covers for dc!
(just to name a few...)
i have several of his sketchbooks--they are treasures!

when mike and i were dreaming of who we would love to have draw our tellos characters for a special cover, art's name was at the top of the list! and he did it! and it was...gorgeous.

ten years later, as craig and i dreamed of who we'd love to have draw our perhapanauts, art's name was still at the top of the list.
and he did it.

man, did he do it!

just as with the tellos cover, this is so much more than craig and i could have ever dreamed of!
thanks, art! SO much!
for the stunning cover, for sharing your incredible talent, for being such a nice guy!

johanna draper carlson has this great website called "COMICS WORTH READING", and if you don't already frequent it, you should. i met johanna years ago, when i was just coming in to comics and she was reporting and cavorting at conventions, establishing a relationship with the industry and beginning her career as a comics reviewer and consumer advocate in a business that desperately needed both. she is fair and honest in her reviews and recommendations and always displays the sort of journalistic integrity that is oftimes lacking in the comics community.

johanna is also friend, a person i really enjoy speaking with at conventions and also happens to be married to my pal, kc carlson. but don't let that make you think that that sways her one bit in our favor. though a fan of the 'haps, one of the things i like most about johanna is how direct she will be with me if something falls flat or doesn't work for her. i trust her and consider her comments whenever she and i talk. she's great!

that said, please enjoy her glowing review of the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL #1! it's got a minor spoiler or two, so if you haven't read the book yet...WHAT THE HELL...?!

and while you're over there, check out johanna's other reviews and commentary on the site!
you should be checking it everyday!

and here is your

"five for friday"

1. according to legend, what was the name of the woman who originally summoned the Jersey Devil?

2. how many werewolves in the Art Adams cover to PERHAPANAUTS #1? (don't look, chump!)

3. big has a scar on his left forearm. how'd he get it?

4. what is the name of the nexus of all time and reality that karl took blue team into in PERHAPANAUTS: Second Chances #4?

5. name the 4 BEDLAM operatives on red team.

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BIG Day!


well, today's the day.

go get it.


and we're officially at IMAGE!--and all is right with the world...

having written it--and especially, having LIVED with it these past few months, putting it together and whatnot--i don't think i have the same anticipation as some of you have. at least, from what you've told me.
i'm very eager to have it out there, to see if it was thrilling. or funny. or scary. or slightly entertaining in any way.

i can't wait to give it to my dad.

and i can't wait to hear what my friends think.
(and, y'know--you are my friends.)


i guess that craig and i HAVE had a similar version of that kind of eager anticipation over the past few weeks though, as we've been waiting patiently for our pal and legend, ART ADAMS, to get a chance to finish his cover for perhapanauts #1! if you pay any attention to comics, you'll know that art is a very, very busy artist, as you can see by the number of covers he's been working on lately for marvel! (here's a gorgeous one that matt sent me the other day, just as an example...)

thanks, matt!

and while it's a true thrill for craig and i to see our "kids" drawn by so many talented artists--if you haven't already, check out the galleries to see what i talkin' about--to be able to see big and choopie, mg, arisa, and molly beautifully rendered by art...well, that's what dreams are made of.

so the other night, WE were on the edge of OUR seats when art's cover arrived and...

i'm still quite speechless.



> sigh <

stop back here--and/or over at craig's blog-- --on friday and see the...premiere?...debut...?...unveiling...? of the art adams perhapanauts cover!
also, on friday, johanna draper carlson's review of the annual!
and, hopefully, YOUR review as well!
(leave your comments here or over on the IMAGE boards Perhapanauts Forum...)

and, yes, the return of your "five for friday"...

that's gonna be quite a friday!
smell ya later!

oh, ps: i toldja that craig and i have been doing a LOT of interviews and promotion for the new book and here is yet another interview by calvin mofield over at comic geek news! (that is, if you're not completely sick of me by now...) i really had fun this one--calvin didn't ask me a lot of the same old, same old...

Monday, February 18, 2008

WEDNESDAY'S the day!!


so, in our trying to get everything done on time and create a schedule for the NOW MONTHLY perhapanauts and make sure that guest cover artists knew when we needed their covers in and make sure that we leave rico enough time to work his magic and get pin-ups and back-up stories running for future issues all running simultaneously...

somewhere the release date of PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL got shifted and craig and i could never figure out exactly how. or why.

there was some confusion up at quebecor (the canadian printing company that prints just about every comic book you read) when they had both a perhapanauts annual #1 and a perhapanauts #1 (that would be the monthly) on their schedule. (the monthly doesn't begin until april.) and there was also a decision somewhere that having the annual come out more toward the end of february would make the wait for the new regular series in april that much shorter.

we don't know.

all we know is--IT'S OUT THIS WEEK, BABY!

if you haven't had it burned into you retinas enough by now, this is what you're looking for:

or, like this...

IMAGE has blown out all the stops to promote our little book and get it out there and you can see it advertised all over the place! (i'll try to post a list of sites where you can catch sight of the 'haps on wednesday...)
we've already been reviewed by several on-line sites; i posted roger ash's westfield review the other day and will have johanna draper carlson's from comics worth reading on friday. (there was a spoiler or two and i know how you guys love to be surprised...)

if you're in the mood for an interview, you can find another one with me over at

and poke around a little bit when you're over there--they've got a lotta creepy things hidden away here and there...

also, this week--as scott so generously posted over on the perhapanauts forum, the latest issue of SPIDER-MAN FAMILY, that's #7 from marvel comics, features a crazy romp of a spidey/fantastic four/looter story that KARL KESEL, MARK WAID, and i did as a fun tribute to mike. it was a story that mike and i had dreamed of doing as a four-issue miniseries a few years ago and when the opportunity came up, i shot it past mark and karl and we laughed and laughed and compressed it into a wild 30-page adventure! get it! you'll like it! it looks like this (sorta...)!

and so, did anybody go and play samorost like i toldja to?
or were you so mad at me for not having a "five for friday" that you didn't go and have some fun out of spite?
if ya went, lemme know whatcha thought.
(and if not, you really should go and give it a look...)

anyway, i gotta get back to it...
have a great presidents day!
smell ya later!

Friday, February 15, 2008

... we interrupt this blog for an important announcement...

hey, folks!

craig here, hijacking todd's blog for a quick bit of news... looks like, according to a few sources, that TODD AND CRAIG'S PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL 2008 is actually scheduled to ship NEXT WEEK on feb 20th...

we now return you to todd's blog, already in progress...



i am not technologically inclined.
it took me YEARS to finally get a computer and even then it was at the constant urging of my spider-man compatriots, howard mackie and tom defalco, who then assigned larry hama to be my computer guru. (larry, of course, a comics legend, writer of g.i. joe, bucky o'hare, and all of the very best issues of wolverine! i haven't seen or talked to larry in years--such is the way things go in this business--but one thing i always loved about larry was his laugh; big and loud. and he is the only person i've ever met who, if he happens to be standing up when he laughs, will actually slap his upper thighs! also, he appeared on two different episodes of mash as a lousy north korean!)

so anyway, larry helped me get this great computer back about ten years ago and i've been hobbling along ever since. i've learned to navigate the internet without too much problem--finally got high-speed connection last summer!--and craig has taught me many of the things i've had to learn for work; graphics and lettering and such.

now that i do have the high-speed--and the commercial is right! how did i ever live without it?--i've been researching all sortsa reports on the paranormal and the unexplained, as well as finding all kindsa treasures among the websites and blogs.

anyway, to make a long story even longer, one of my favorite discoveries back when i first got all hooked up to the internet, was a myst-like game that my friend mike west sent to me; a weird, meditative, transendental, om-inducing flash-animation called samorost.
only i didn't know that at the time.

mike just sent me a link and being a novice on the computer (read; simple-minded) i just clicked it and was happily transported away to the peaceful tranquility of samorost, with it's driftwood-laced, roger dean-inspired landscapes and a hookah-smoking dude on a ski-lift.
i say tranquility but that's not really true.

like myst, it's a game of deduction and processes, of induction and cause and effect, and i'm not gonna deny that i got hung up on one or two of the "you-can't-do-this-until-you-do-this-and-this-and-this"s. but it was a lot of fun and, like trivia, a challenge to both your memory and your wits.

a short game really, samorost consisted of six separate screens. i finished four of them before i had to go and re-join life once again. when i finally got a chance to return, the link no longer worked. i asked my friend, mike, and he told me that the site that hosted the game was no longer valid. (this meant pretty much zero to me. i just knew that the game was gone.)

i searched for it for years, off and on, hoping that one day, someone would have hooked it up again.

and the other day i found it!
and what's more, learned all about who created it--aminita design, an independent game development studio in eastern europe! PLUS, there's a sequel!!

okay, so maybe this won't be everybody's bag, but i really dig it and i urge you to go and check it out!

you can play samorost 1 for absolutely free, as well as a selection from samorost 2! i loved it so much that i went and ordered the complete samorost 2 (via paypal!) and can't wait to sit down and figure the whole thing out!

that's your challenge for the weekend--in lieu of trivia questions, i give you samorost. see if you can navigate your way 'round this trippy world.

and we can talk about it on monday!

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

roger's review


so, here we are.
as we sit here, all of us, waiting anxiously, patiently for the annual to drop--i know that I can't wait--we have teased you and taunted you with the cover, of course, and a few preview pages and talk of some of the really exciting things we have planned for the 'haps in the very near future, i don't know whether this is good promotion or just more torment, but i should let you know that there are people out there--individuals quietly walking among us--who have actually READ the annual already!!

due entirely to the courageous actions of IMAGE Comics' own, joe keatinge, many retailers and comics-related news sources were treated to early preview copies of the book for the sole purpose of getting them onboard for the wave of perhapamania that is about to sweep the nation~!

the reviews have been very, VERY good.

of course, some of those people were our friends. and one of those friends in particular, our good pal, ROGER ASH, over at Westfield Comics, dropped us a letter that made c and i feel so good that we just had to share it with all of you.

NOTE: while there are no spoilers in roger's letter, he does make reference to the scene that i posted here just the other day, and even if you didn't read it, saving it for later, the letter still doesn't spill any beans. enjoy!

Hi Todd & Craig,

I just read the preview of the Perhapanauts Annual that Image sent. Holy crap! I feel exhausted, but in a good way. Very exciting, very scary, and very funny all in – what – 28 pages? The art was lovely, as always, (well, except for the gory bits, but they weren’t meant to be), and the Jersey Devil was really pretty frightening. But even with all the exciting stuff going on, my favorite scene was the one in Big’s room with Big, Molly & Choopie. It was a great character moment both in terms of writing and in the body language and facial expressions. And gave some interesting insights into both Big & Choopie. “I’m still stupid.” Hehehehehe! Actually, you planted a lot of seeds about the characters throughout the story that I’m interested in seeing where you go with them.
If you’ll allow me to get “preachy” for a moment, this is really the kind of comic I like and that I’ve been missing. You have both the big action stuff and the character moments - all at the same time!! If you needed to impart information, you did so in a very natural way and the story kept moving instead of stopping for a “we must tell you something important” moment. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed it. Have a good weekend!


Roger Ash
Content Editor, Worlds of Westfield

thanks, roger!
that made it all worth while!
if everyone enjoys the book half as much, we'll be delighted!

and here's a great winter-time calvin and hobbes

now get back to work!
smell ya later!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Special Announcement! plus preview in previews=SPOILERS!


so, i don't know if you're one of those people who has diamond distributor's monthly catalogue PREVIEWS on their pull list at their local comic book shop. i do and just assume that everyone else does as well.
and i'm wrong, of course.
(never assume)

so, if you, in fact, do NOT get previews then you did NOT see the solicit for PERHAPANAUTS #1 (Coming out in April--You should order yours NOW!) or the gorgeous three-page preview from the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL! (IMAGE showing us some big love--we love you too, IMAGE!!)

well, if you don't get previews and you didn't get to see them, i thought that i should post them here as well, for those of you interested in seeing them a week or so early. for those of you who don't want to see them--and i'm with you, brothers and sisters! say the word spoiler and i head in the other direction! i love surprises...!
so i posted the three pages way down as the bottom. scroll no farther if you'd rather not see--though the pages don't really reveal all too much about the story or anything, but you decide for yourself what you want to do...

in the meantime, hope y'all had a great weekend and craig and i thought we'd let you know that--and here's that special announcement i was hinting at on friday--very shortly we will be offering, both in the comic and here on the website, these very nice, very affordable


we just thought you'd wanna know so you can start saving your money and getting your relatives shirt sizes from them. you're gonna want a lot of these!

okay, so here's the answers
to the "five for friday"

and then the preview pages from PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL...!

1. what was the wrecking ball for the brady's house of cards?

the dog, tiger, actually knocked the house down, but the girls won the contest

2. in the who's 1975, tommy, who played the specialist brought in to cure tommy's afflictions?

jack nicholson

3. how many days in a leap year?


4. what breed of dog is snoopy?

5. stephen king section
give the title of the stephen king novel or short story from the following descriptions:

a. a hotel with a haunted history possesses a man to murder his family

the shining

b. the end of the world comes not with a bang but a bad cell phone message


c. a car that isn't a car but may be a portal to another dimension

from a buick 8

d. the end of the world comes not with a bang but a bad case of the flu

the stand and night surf

e. four young boys go on an adventure to see a dead body

the body

gotta run!
smell ya later!

Friday, February 08, 2008

cold as ice


cold here the past three days. gray and freezing rain and ice.

for me, that's great writing weather! no bright sunshine and green grass to lure me outside and away from the keyboard. jake, of course, insists on at least one good long walk a day, so i get out...

but i've been having a great time playing with the perhapanauts and i can't wait until we can get that annual out and this monthly gig goin'!! (as craig mentioned in the comments section the other day, due to a mix up at image, the annual, which was scheduled for the beginning of this month, is now coming out at the end. the bad news is...well, that was the bad news. the good news is that the wait for issue one to come out will be that much shorter! sweet!

gotta go and get back to it!
we'll have yet another special announcement right here next monday as we build to the launch of the all new PERHAPANAUTS!

and here are your

"five for friday"

1. what was the wrecking ball for the brady's house of cards?

2. in the who's 1975, tommy, who played the specialist brought in to cure tommy's afflictions?

3. how many days in a leap year?

4. what breed of dog is snoopy?

5. stephen king section
give the title of the stephen king novel or short story from the following descriptions:

a. a hotel with a haunted history possesses a man to murder his family

b. the end of the world comes not with a bang but a bad cell phone message

c. a car that isn't a car but may be a portal to another dimension

d. the end of the world comes not with a bang but a bad case of the flu

e. four young boys go on an adventure to see a dead body

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008



so, i still can't get over how really great this site looks. kieran did a phenomenal job!
i love it! hope you've taken some time to check it out...

we told IMAGE that we were hoping for a little publicity, well...

as we continue to build toward the release of our first image issue--The PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL #1--craig and i find ourselves in a veritable whirlwind of publicity!! joe keatinge at image has arranged for the perhapanauts to be seen in so many places on so many levels that we are really left wondering how he does it?! (we think that he is a robot, a living computer capable of accessing countless comic book news feeds and bending them to his mighty will...) (but that's just us; there could be another explanation...) we couldn't be happier with the coverage our little book has been getting!

craig and i have been besieged by people seeking interviews about the book, some of them by long time friends in the industry, some arranged by joe, and others from people who have just heard about the book and are keen to find out more! seriously--it seems we been inundated with hundreds--no, thousands, of interview requests in the past two months.
i have responded to them all.
craig has

no, i'm joking.
he's done two.

well, one and a half...

actually, i'm no dummy. i try as hard as i can to field these questions and interviews, to shield craig from that part of the process, because craig does ALL of the heavy lifting on this book.
oh, it's not all fun and games coming up with these little stories for him to draw--and it can be REAL WORK to get the characters to do what you want and make it all come together--but craig's the one that makes it all come to life! he's the one that brings the magic! (and, of course, rico comes in with his own bit of magic to charge it all up a little more...!) and so i don't want to let anything interrupt him in that, don't want to take him away from makin' that magic.

so, lots of interviews.
and i'm not complaining. man, we are so lucky to have so many reporters interested in what we're doing and who we are and--and this is what i was getting at...or trying to--who the PERHAPANAUTS are... every interview invariably starts with the question; "for readers who don't know, who are the perhapanauts?"
oh, its a great question. and the one any good journalist would and should start with. and, really, its a wonderful opportunity for me to be creative and give the reader an exciting look at who are characters are and what they as a team are all about.
but after responding to that question for the, i think, twentieth time, you start to look at it differently. "wow. what would be a new way to describe this team, these characters, this book?" i try desperately not to be repetitious. should i try to be more literal? more mysterious and vague? more tantalizing? funnier?

whichever way i go now, it really doesn't matter. as with the book itself, i try to give as much as i can to each question. i give it my full attention and do my best. i look at each and every story on us and interview and review as a chance to reach some new readers with our crew of crazy, creepy cryptids and try to let them know that each and every issue will be full of surprises.

hey, "crew of crazy, creepy cryptids"!? maybe that should be my new answer for that question...? maybe a little too "stan" on the alliteration, but...

gotta go!
smell ya later!

Sunday, February 03, 2008



well, welcome!

if you are new to the site--and maybe even new to the perhapanauts--then please let me welcome you in to our all-new, newly-re-designed PERHAPANAUTS website! we're glad you're here! we hope you'll check us out from time to time!

here you'll find galleries and character bios, back issues and prints and original art for sale, a forum where you can chat about the paranormal or cryptids or just about anything, and a blog--this blog--where i regularly run-off-at-the-keyboard about some nonsense or other. and there is, of course, a place for you to contact us should you feel the need to drop us a line telling us what you dig or don't dig about our little book!

so welcome!

for those of you who've been here before, maybe a visit or two at some point in the past, thanks for stopping by again! we hope you'll stop by more often as we have a whole lot going on all of a sudden! most importantly, the PERHAPANAUTS is now a new monthly series that will be hitting your favorite comic shop later this month! we're ready to go and we have all kindsa crazy things planned for our team and you won't want to miss an issue! and we wouldn't want to miss you!

we'll also be announcing some other cool perhapanauts shwag and contests and prizes over the next few months as we celebrate the new series and the beginning of the perhapa-mania that is bound to start sweeping the country...any minute now...


and for those of you who count yourself as regulars around here, members of the perhapa-family, you employees of bedlam...

pretty nice, huh?

kieran did a PHENOMENAL job on the website--big props to kieran!!--so what are ya doin' readin my stupid babble...?

take a tour! get yourself acquanted!


smell ya soon!

ps. oh, here are the answers to your
"five for friday"

"five for friday"

1. considered one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated, what towering figure was commissioned of chicago sculptors and buried in a field in upstate new york?

the cardiff giant
(rich--google "cardiff giant" and check out for the full story on this great hoax!)

2. which friend learned to ride a bike as an adult?


3. the u.s. military's alleged project to turn a battleship invisible was known by what name...?

the philadelphia experiment

4. speaking of jokers, in steve miller's the joker, some people call him maurice, 'cause he speaks of what...?

the pompatus of love

5. name three actors who have portrayed the joker.

cesar romero, jack nicholson, heath ledger, and mark hammill on batman: the animated series