Tuesday, December 09, 2014



So, yes, it's been a looooong time since our last post, but
Craig and I have been working on some Haps-related stuff
that we'll be able to show you/tell you about in the early
days of 2015~!
In the meantime, please enjoy this lovely
with our thanks and best wishes for a
Wonderful Holiday Season!

And if, like me, you think that this is so freakin' awesome that you'd love to have a print of it,
well, think no more~! We've decided to make this Print No. 9 in our series of Perhapanauts One-Sheets~! Go to our Perhapanauts Store--by clicking the 'store' link up top--and you'll find yourself in the midst of AN INCREDIBLE WINTER BLOWOUT!! Prints, shirts, and all the Perhapanauts Merchandise is now on CRAZY SALE! If you act now, you can probably even get it for Christmas!! Looking for a gift for that hard to shop for relative or friend...? Give 'em some Perhapa-Loot and rest easy that they'll be happier than Choopie at the Blood Bank!!

Happy--and Safe--Holidays, Perhapa-Gang!
And all good things in 2015~!!

smell ya later~!