Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ATLAS OBSCURA--saturday, April 28th

okay... This Saturday I'll be at the International Cryptozoological Museum in Portland Maine to hear a lecture by renowned Cryptozoologist LOREN COLEMAN as he recounts his original investigation into the cryptid known as The DOVER DEMON. This not only celebrates Atlas Obscura Day but marks the 35th anniversary of this bizarre creature's first sighting.
So...five years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the sighting of the Dover Demon, I was shocked and surprised that nothing was being done to commemorate this crypto-historic event. How could the small town of Dover, Massachusetts overlook an opportunity like this?! Where was the parade?! The festival?! The little Dover Demon plastic statuettes and t-shirts?! Didn't they know that Point Pleasant makes a killing every year with their Mothman Festival?!?!? Okay. So maybe I'm a little more excited about the Dover Demon than your average citizen. Maybe I dream a little bigger than John Q. Don't-Bother-Me.
So, obviously, I was THRILLED to hear of ATLAS OBSCURA Day. Not only does this fall on the 35th anniversary , but it gives us a chance to celebrate the odd and unusual ALL OVER THE WORLD! Unusual locations, unusual occasions, unusual events! Where will YOU be this Saturday? Is there someplace nearby where something strange has happened? Where something weird was seen? Do you know?
If you're in the New England/Maine area this weekend, come and join me in Portland to hear Loren recount the story of a couple of creepy nights back in 1977. I'll be on hand to talk a little about how Dover found his way into our comic book and how Loren and his work have inspired me over the years. Love to see ya there!
smell ya later! todd

Wednesday, April 18, 2012



for those of you who might've missed the blog the other day, craig and i--along with matt and rich and brian and a whole bunch of our other new england friends--will be attending the BOSTON COMIC CON this weekend in...well, in boston. craig and i will have shirts and trades and pins and prints and some of the artwork from the new PERHAPANAUTS mini, Danger Down Under--due out later this year--to taunt, tease, and tantalize you!
stop by--it's gonna be fun!


My buddy Tommy Lee Edwards, artist extraordinaire, has just completed the first chapter of an incredibly innovative and enticing new project called The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator! Along with writer Edgar Wright and a team of talented artists and animators, they have launched an exciting new interactive on-line adventure that you gotta see to believe! Actually, just seeing Tommy's gorgeous artwork is enough for me, but then these guys work their magic to make it all move and draw you into a dark, rich world of possibility.

The Random Adventures of BRANDON GENERATOR

written by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Shaun of the Dead)

storyboarded, designed, illustrated, and directed by Tommy Lee Edwards (Turf, Star Wars)

animated by Scott Benson & Tommy Lee Edwards

cg modeling by Don Cameron, Daryl Bartley, & Rodolfo Damaggio

music by David Holmes (Ocean's 11, Haywire)

narrated by Julian Barratt (the Mighty Boosh)

check it out for yourself at

that's it for me~!
see ya in boston!
smell ya later!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

boston bound~!


to reiterate, we will be setting up shop at the

...and we hope you'll swing by to see us! it's bound to be a great show and craig and i will have some great deals at the table!
more as we get closer, but hope to see you there!


and here are a few cool jpgs that i have accumulated over the past few weeks; the first one is a super-cute one from dani (her words, not mine...) and the others i grabbed from monday morning randomness over at

and this one...i don't know what it is about photos like this that get me going. mostly, i think it's the innocence of the kid who's wearing the shirt. or the expression on his face. yeah, he's so badass!

smell ya later~!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

some dates to save on your calendar...


just to give you all a head's up on appearances and stuff--

craig and i--as well as a whole buncha friends like rich and matt and david petersen and norman, the list goes on and on--will be at the boston comic con in a few weeks! it's gonna be a big deal and craig and i are gonna have lotsa great bargains on lotsa great perhapa-shwag, so if you're in the area and got nothin' to do that weekend, make sure to come on down and see us!


the saturday after that--april 28th--our pal loren coleman and the international cryptozoology museum will be participating in atlas obscura day featuring a lecture presentation by loren himself about his original investigation of (our other pal) the dover demon, on the 35th anniversary of these landmark events!
(if i'm not too exhausted from the previous weekend's con,
i'm planning on doing my best to get up to portland to see this.)

This year’s global celebration of odd places to visit, Atlas Obscura Day, is occurring on Saturday, April 28, 2012. The International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, has been invited to be one of the spots.
Our special event is being headlined on the Atlas Obscura site as “The Dover Demon at the International Cryptozoology Museum” and “The Dover Demon: 35 Years Later.”
The museum will be open for regular hours with regular fees, from 11 am to 4 pm on that day. Then during the early evening, a special event will occur.

Here is the AO’s site description:
11am-4pm: Obscura Day Orientation with Loren Coleman
Come to the International Cryptozoology Museum for a special expanded Obscura Day orientation with extra docents on duty to help with tours and questions. Loren Coleman, Cryptozoologist and founder of the Museum, will be there too, so all Obscura Day guests can chat with him, ask him questions, and get autographs, if they wish.
Beginning at 4pm: “The Dover Demon: 35 Years Later” – Night at the Museum
April 28th marks the 35th anniversary of Loren Coleman’s investigation and naming of the “Dover Demon”, a mysterious creature first sighted around Dover, Massachusetts in 1977. Everyone will get to tour the museum and the new special Dover Demon exhibition, and then at 5:30pm, Coleman will give a special presentation the “Dover Demon: 35 Years Later” full of unique slides and diagrams about the 1977 Massachusetts events.
For more information on tickets to the lecture, see ”The Dover Demon: 35 Years Later.”

John Baxter shows his drawing of the Dover Demon (above) and Loren Coleman is photographed by Walt Webb at the exact site where Baxter last saw the Dover Demon (below).

The lecture will include rare photographs taken by Walter N. Webb, who at the time was the Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston’s assistant director and senior lecturer. This group photograph by Walt was taken in front of the main house of the Walker School in Needham, just across the Charles River from Dover, Massachusetts. I was working there and meet the assembled team I invited into the investigation early in May 1977. I’m shown to the left; in the middle is (the late) Ed Fogg; and to the right Joe Nyman. They, along with the photographer Walt Webb, were highly qualified ufological investigators from various national organizations.

A figurine of the Dover Demon (created by Steve Goodwin) is displayed at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland. The strange creature was spotted in Dover, Massachusetts, in 1977 and Loren Coleman coined the name after investigating the sightings. Photo Credit: Amber Waterman/Sun Journal.

hope to see you all at both awesome events!
smell ya later!