Friday, September 21, 2012

the other cover to danger down under! no.2...


so, as you can see, craig and i have really gone out of our way to make sure that our upcoming perhapanauts series, DANGER DOWN UNDER!, is graced with some rockin' covers from some of the industry's most talented artists--covers i'll keep highlighting here on the blog as they're solicited.

the prime cover--craig's cover--for issue 2 was also in the latest previews and looks like this...

um, obviously, those aren't our usual perhapanauts.
and from the slip of dialogue from that big, blonde guy in the middle, you can prob'ly put together that this is the team of agents from BEDLAM'S sister facility in the australian outback.
and that they are not particularly happy to have been invaded by the american contingent.
and i really don't want to give any more away...

but we're not just making sure that the outside of the comics are beautiful; we are jam-packing the interiors with a full 28 pages of pulse-pounding action each and every issue of this 5 part epic!! we've got back-up stories featuring gorgeous artwork by lauren monardo-gramprey, matt wieringo, christian leaf, eric henson, matthew dow smith, with colors by nate lovett, dean triple, and mike thomas! really, gang--it looks terrific!

more next week!
have a great weekend!
here's a champions sketch craig did at the baltimore comic con last week which i love~

smell ya later!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PERHAPANAUTS: Danger Down Under! no. 2~!


so now that issue 2 of PERHAPANAUTS: Danger Down Under! has been solicited in Previews, we can reveal to you here the super-freakin' awesome cover that our pal, JOE STATON, was kind enough to do for us!

i've been friends with joe for a number of years now--he and his enchanting wife, Hilarie, live nearby and are part of our "family" get-togethers every couple of months up here in the mid-hudson valley. as with many of my friends, i have to bite my tongue before becoming a complete slobbering fanboy, gushing about this comic book cover or that story. joe has created SO MANY iconic and well-loved covers over the years, that craig and i feel especially honored that he would spend some time with our 'haps!

joe has worked on so many of your favorites, that it'd make your head explode just to think about it!
e-man, the hulk, the justice society, green lantern, batman, scooby-doo...the list goes on...!

and joe is currently gracing the pages of that legendary comic strip character, DICK TRACY, available in many newspapers across the country..and available to YOU as a daily subscription--there's nothing cooler than having a dose of crime busters show up in your email every morning!--through!

thanks so much, joe~!
you've made a dream of ours come true!

more on friday!
smell ya later!

PS--man, i was so stoked to present the great joe cover--and so very tired--i wrote this in the middle of the night--that i completely forgot to give credit to the wonderful colorist on this gorgeous piece--our own NATE LOVETT!!!
so SO sorry, nate---you did a phenomenal job and i can't believe i dropped the ball here!
thank you so much!
nate is also coloring the stories by lauren monad-gramprey and eric henson throughout the series and doing an amazing job with it!
thanks again, nate--and sorry...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

costumes at the baltimore comic con pt 2


so, as promised, here are some more wonderful costumes from the floor of this past weekend's BALTIMORE COMIC CON.

           this lovely amazon princess,     
ready to play some bullets and bracelets

         (i curse my poor camera skills for
                       you not being able to see her
                                           awesome red contacts--)

    when i was younger, i had such a huge crush on rogue...
    and this stunning x-man made all those feelings come rushing back...

                                                                                    some really great
                                                                                                costumes by saturn girl and cosmic boy!

...and as i was about to snap the above picture (saturn girl and cosmic boy), i saw someone in the background trying to photobomb the picture and--though i think photobombing is funny--i sarcastically
quipped, "really?!?"...
only to look up to see that it was my pal, walt simonson, passing by with an advance copy of his incredible new book, The JUDAS COIN!! 

out this week from DC, 
The JUDAS COIN is a story walter has been working on for some time and,
 having seen much of it in it's various stages, i can say without a doubt, 
the artwork is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, 
the story is epic, and i guarantee it's the big thing
that everyone will be talking about! 

oh, okay...we now return to your regularly scheduled con costumes...

a lady joker

and, it was very quickly apparent in the early hours of the show on saturday, that the most popular costume of this year's con was the lovely jean grey...

there was a whole 
lotta phoenixin' going on...

that's it for today~!
smell ya later!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

costumes at the baltimore comic con pt 1


so, as usual, we had an AWESOME time at the BALTIMORE COMIC CON this past weekend and, as usual, the biggest complaint was that we didn't get a chance to hang out with friends for as long as we woulda liked. even people we wed sitting right next to!! my pal cully hamner and i sat right across the aisle from one another, exchanging winks and obscene gestures in between the continuous parade of people that were constantly streaming by. our newest perhapanauts art monkey, eric henson and i sat shoulder to shoulder, but nary exchanged a word--well, that was mostly 'cause all of eric's time was being taken up by a film crew from the U.S. Air Force documenting the comic book success of one of it's own staff sergeants! 
craig and i sat next to one another, as usual, and grumbled things to each other like an old married couple...
but matt was just on the other side of him and i didn't get to chat with you half as much as i wanted to, brother! we saw rod and leanne hannah briefly and scott, gino, and jose were only in town for saturday and seemed to blow in and outta there like the wind...
but we did get to at least say hello to a LOT of perhapanauts fans and let them know that, easily, the new PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! is going to be the most exciting story yet! iCAN'T WAIT until november when you can all finally get to see it! 
and pretty...? it's gorgeous! we've got some great artists doing some great stuff--on both the inside and the outside of this book!

but enough about alla that.
i know what kinda convention coverage you're looking for...! and, while i am notoriously bad at the old photography (how can you mess up with a digital camera, you might ask. to which i respond; watch me.), here are a few of the colorful cosplayers i was able to catch in the aisles at the show.

a capable cap and sensational supes

a cute and curvy mera
sometimes the poison doesn't look so bad
                                                                                                   this incredibly impressive red tornado
               a pair of lethal ladies
                                                                   a diminutive wasp
                   girls; super and marvel
i think maybe my favorite costume of the show,
starro and the cover to brave and the bold 28!

and finally, for brian, this stunning power girl. 
                                                                                        you're welcome.

more news from the con--and pictures!!--tomorrow!
have a great tuesday!
 smell ya later!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

is that you, karl~? and some tellos news


so, craig was here last week for a little get-together we had to celebrate our pal, terry austin's birthday, which was a lotta fun. he was also here, however, as my computer troubleshooter, me being totally clueless when it comes to the tech stuff, craig came in and cleaned things up for me, got rid of a lot of unnecessary programs and junk...and then helped me make the decision to just go ahead and buy a new computer.
we went to get it that day, but the best buy i go to was out of that model, so i went to the next nearest one the next day and picked up my new iMac.
i am in heaven. thank you, craig.

i had no idea how rough i'd had it, how bad things had gotten on my old computer, a mac mini with an external hard drive to give me little extra room and storage space. it was running so slow and choppy, taking so long to simply upload a page, constantly buffering anything i might try to watch...
the new computer has, like, a a-billion times the memory and storage that i had before. it runs so fast and smoothly that sometimes i feel like it's reading my mind and anticipating what page i want to go to next. (it isn't, is it?!)
the speed is incredible.

so that's been my thrill for the past week. getting used to the newness and the speed and transferring files, learning all the wondrous cool, new stuff i can do, exploring a bit.
hopefully, it'll make things faster here as well...

anyway, enough about me and my computer.
craig and i also were getting together to take care of a lot of what you will be seeing in another month or so when PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! hits the stands and the awesomeness that we have so anxiously been keeping a lid on can finally be shown to the world!!
(we agreed that it's time to start showing it off, so watch this space for some more previews and pin-ups--and for those of you who can be patient, i'll make sure that there are no spoilers without plenty of advance warning--i hate when they don't do that...)

in the meantime, here's an awesome pic that matt found and immediately identified it as our pal, karl (the moth man!)*. apparently, this is a venezuelan poodle moth and it has the internet abuzz! (it says so right in the headline if you go to the grind tv blog at the address below...)

you can read all about this adorable little fella, as well as see some photos of some other very cool, very unique moths form all around the world.

* and matt happens to know a little something about karl as evidenced below.
art from "choopie and karl in the wild wild west" pencils by matt wieringo. 
inks by the lovely christian leaf.

another cool thing that's got the internet abuzz (well, maybe not the entire internet. mostly, i mean, just my new computer...) is the (FINALLY!!) release of the long-awaited, laboriously languished upon, TELLOS COLOSSAL Vol. 2!! After years of false-starts and delays, of missing artwork and re-constructed files, I--and IMAGE COMICS--am pleased and proud to present the second part of the Tellos Collection! Featuring artwork by KELLY YATES, CARLO BARBERI, HOWARD PORTER, THOR BADENDYCK, ERIC WOLFE-HANSON, DIDIER 'CRISSE' CRISPEELS, ALAIN 'MOMO' MAURICET, CIRO TOTA, BRUNO BESSADI...and...oh, yeah, craig is just a gorgeous book! High praise and enormous thanks to VINCENT KUKUA, designer extraordinaire at Image, who, patiently suffered through the highs and lows of finding and putting together this terrific collection. Vince, you did a magnificent job!!

my advance copies arrived the other day, so this should be in stores in the next few weeks.

anyway, that's it for this saturday.
i'll be posting some cool new stuff from the brand new series on monday morning, so meet me back here then, 'kay?
have a great weekend!
 smell ya later!