Friday, June 29, 2012

More from the floor of HeroesCon~!


as we continue our coverage of our wild and wacky weekend at Heroescon, please allow me a moment to introduce our crazy clan...

for the first time ever, 
the latest addition to our ever-growing perhapa-family.
who has helped craig and me out immeasurably with
some of the art chores on our upcoming miniseries and who
flew all the way from germany
--where he is currently stationed with the united states air force--
to join us at, what i feel, is the absolute best comicon
in the world!
eric being there just
made it all the better...!

and speaking of the upcoming series,
(out in october from Image Comics--
order yours today!)
here are a few--but not all--
of the messengers of that mayhem;
left to right
matt wieringo, eric henson, me, and the craig.
(apparently christian is above posing silly...)

but here's one where i got him--
albeit in the background of a shot of an arm wrestling brawl--
craig, inker extraordinaire christian leaf, matt, winning the battle sharon, and matt's lovely bride, suzanne

i don't know whether the word is finally starting to spread about the perhapanauts or
if craig's awesome designs of our characters is that appealing to other artists, but LOTS of people have been eager to draw the 'haps lately. i was presented this gorgeous piece by the lovely and talented eleni ladd (of the wonderful, world-famous ladd family, who come to see us in charlotte every year!) eleni and i are in the early stages of putting together a 'haps story for her to illustrate for a future edition of our humble little mag...

and while we're on the subject of future projects, 
here are a couple of christian's warm-up sketches for a little non-perhapanauts somethin' somethin' we're working. stay tuned to this blog for more details...

another glimpse at a future project
i'm working on with the beautiful and vivacious izzy renzi--
daughter of 'haps colorist rico renzi.
this one is top secret, so i really can't tell you more. 
if i did, i'd have to send ladder-bear here to come and get ya...!
and he is deadly...
(oops--i may have said too much already...)

every year at heroescon,
our gracious host and
one of the nicest guys i've ever met,
holds an art auction to raise some monies to off-set the cost of this enormous show and
make it possible for shelton to bring in so many big-name and independent artists alike.
in the past, incredible pieces by artists like
 adam hughes, phil noto, frank cho, and andrew robinson
have brought in thousands of dollars. 
this year, this fantastic mark brooks 
dark phoenix went for a stunning $10,000!
before you get too impressed though...'s mark makin' a face for me 
when i went to take his picture!
(fantastic job, mark!)

overall, we had a stellar weekend and craig and i were able to hang out with old friends, connect with some new ones, and most importantly for you, our dear perhapa-gang, line up some great covers and pin-ups from some of the industry's best and brightest talents! we're really excited about the package we're putting together for you for our new series in october!
spread the word--you won't be disappointed!

okay, gotta go!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



so i finally found a moment to upload/download the pictures offa my camera from this past weekend, where we all had an AMAZING time at HEROESCON in charlotte!

easily my favorite show to attend, this year was no disappointment and we saw many of our friends from years past, got to hang out with new ones, and, overall, really spread the news about the perhapanauts in ways we hadn't dreamed of before!
more about that later...

i know what you really wanna see~!

i LOVE cosplay! LOVE it! as matt and i commented, yeah, for the obvious reasons--some of these costumes are just so damn sexy!--but also 'cause the people who do it, who take the time to make such awesome costumes and go through sometimes hours of make-up to look just right, they just LOVE this! it is creative expression, personal freedom, a chance to act and play all in one! God bless you, cosplayers! if i wasn't stuck behind a table, i'd be right there with ya! (dressed probably as aunt may or willie lumpkin, most likely...)

let the parade begin~!

a diabolical female

a sexy, silvestri-era

"who knows what evil...
The SHADOW knows...

my favorite,
(again, obvious reasons)
a very cute


insensate evil!

another favorite
('cause we know her...)
an enchanting
(hi, megan!)

i had to ask eric 
to step away from the Amazon...
to get a solo shot of this

a curvaceous

and the deadly

stop by friday for more blab from the fabulous HEROSCON~!
smell ya later!

Monday, June 18, 2012

HEROESCON '12!! Come and See Us in Charlotte~!


so we are packing our bags and boxes and books and things to head out for HEROESCON in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend--June 24 and 25th! craig and i will be there with trades and t-shirts, postcards and prints, the new-for-2012 choopie butt card and, mostly importantly, we'll be joined by several of the gang that helped us put together the upcoming new miniseries, PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER!--artists Eric Henson, Matt Wieringo, and Christian Leaf!!

we'll be featuring an exclusive ashcan here in charlotte previewing some of the awesome work these guys have done for us and giving everyone a quick glimpse at the excitement that will be coming your way in october! christian, matt, and eric will be on-hand to autograph 'em--oh, and me and craig will sign it for ya too!

if you're looking for us at the show, i don't think you're gonna be able to miss us;

                                                                this is eric's banner--

                                                                 this is our new one--

here's the new butt card--

and here is the gorgeous new postcard-prints set that craig has made into my new obsession! 

so, see--you can't miss us!
but we'll miss YOU if you don't stop by to say hi!
see you in charlotte!
smell ya later!

Monday, June 11, 2012



so rich sent this one over to me and we were both surprised that we had never heard of this creature before!
here's the abc news coverage of the recent flap--

 and here's more of the story/history of the legend for those of you curious and eager to know more...

happy monday!
 smell ya later!

Monday, June 04, 2012

albany comic con~!

okay... due to a death in the family, i, regretfully, will not be attending the Albany Comic Con this weekend. but YOU should go! it's a great little show and there will be great guests there and great vendors with boxes and boxes full of comics and toys! craig and i will still be attending heroescon in charlotte in three weeks and will be joined by the star of the morgan spurlock film, Comic Con: A Fan's Hope and upcoming perhapanauts artist, ERIC HENSON! we'll have all the usual--and unusual--perhapanauts shwag as well as a cool ashcan previewing the new seeries that will be out this fall! and speaking of ashcans...craig will also have an ashcan previewing the all-new, all-cool ARTIST ALLEY COMICS--the coming soon digital, online web comic site created by craig and our pals, rich woodall and kelly yates! you won't wanna miss this! see ya in charlotte! smell ya later~ todd happy trails, rodeo frank! rest in peace--you earned it. love you, dad.