Saturday, October 31, 2009

haps halloween contest: matt belskis' "haps zombies!"


hope you al have a tremendously fun and spooky day!
and night--!

our final entry for the perhapanauts scary halloween contest comes to us from my pal, matt belskis, who we will be seeing tomorrow at the show...! you ARE all coming to the albany comic con tomorrow, right...?!
matt's been kind enough to share his talents with us before and this time, i think, has outdone himself!
here is...

matt belskis' "haps zombies"


with the contest and halloween and everything else going on around here, i've been trying my darnedest to spotlight everything and everyone who has just gone above and beyond for us here in the perhapa-studios! if you got a copy of the perhapanauts halloween spooktacular--and if you haven't hey! what the hell...!--you got a chance to see the beautiful cover done for us by our australian pal, matt pott. i saw matt's wonderful work, wow!, almost two years ago now, on myspace and wrote to tell him how much i dug it! we chatted a bit and he was kind enough to offer to do a cover for us and, although we had crazy problems on this end getting that book together, it finally came out a fews weeks ago.
i wanted to thank matt again, for his fun and charming cover, and for being so patient waiting for it to finally come out!
oh, and also for this awesome choopie halloween piece!
looks like a fun halloween!
thanks, matt!

you can check out more of matt's stuff at:


and now finally, some more halloween pics to make your day spookier...!

for the others i did image searches on google under phrases like "scary halloween", "creepy halloween", halloween horror", "halloween terror", and for those girls for brian and matt, "sexy halloween". ; )
feeling a bit nostalgiac last night, i typed in "vintage halloween"...and that opened up a whole new door, some of iot interesting, some of it creepy.
check these out...

my mom--or maybe my grandmother--had this decoration that would go up on our front door every year when i was a kid. not scary--that cat looks like he wants a martini~~!

every year, my mom would buy a box of orange frosted cupcakes--from, i don't know, maybe entenmann's or freihofers--adorned with a few pieces of candy corn and topped with one of these plastic picks. does anyone else remember these...?

next year everybody carves their pumpkins in their underwear! i don't know why, i just heard they come out better that way...


the people in old pictures can sometimes look kinda creepy, right? but this one...holy crap!
really, enlarge this one, but don't look too long, else you'll fall in and we'll never hear from you again!
remember the photo at the end of the shining...?

have a wonderfully, frightful halloween!
smell ya later!

Friday, October 30, 2009

haps halloween contest: garry spoor's "horror in the pumpkin patch"


i only first saw garry's great work about a month ago when his sister handed me his portfolio and told me to take a look. i was blown away and told him that, at some point in the future, craig and i would love to have him do a cover for our little perhapanauts book. who knew that just weeks later, garry would rise to the occasion--that occasion being the perhapanauts scary halloween contest and send in this chilling piece below...

garry spoor's "horror in the pumpkin patch"


gosh--with all this contestin' goin' on, i almost forgot to tell you...
this sunday, november 1, the day after halloween, i'll be at the albany comic con at the holiday inn on wolf road in albany!!
my pals, fred hembeck, matthew dow smith, ron marz, joe sinnot, joe staton, and ramona fradon will be there and it promises to be big fun! if you're in the area come on down! show organizer/promoter, john belskis, has done a fantastic job of growing this comic book show for the capital region and has also kept the cover charge down to an affordable $3!! who could ask for more! you gotta come!
see ya there!


and speaking of pumpkins...
here's a pic of our pumpkins for this year...

and some more halloween pics to help you get in the spooky spirit...!

i dunno...whaddaya think?
is this last one cute...? or creepy?

our final halloween contest post tomorrow!
don't miss it!
smell ya later!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

haps halloween contest: wendy hof's "perhapanauts meet casper and friends!"


this is a perhapa-blog extra so that we can get in all of the remaining entries before halloween--so look for extra posts today and saturday!
and sorry for the late posting of this one--apparently they were servicing the system and my internet was down for an hour or so...

this entry is from our wonderful friend, wendy! wendy and i go way back and she is so great and super-supportive of whatever i'm up to--as i said, a wonderful friend!
and an artist as well! and she's been so excited about the upcoming casper book that she thought it would make a nice little crossover here if the haps got dressed up as the caspers! love it!
and so here is...

wendy hof's "perhapanauts meet casper and friends "


some saucy halloween pics--for matt and brian!
enjoy, boys!

more tomorrow...!
...and on saturday!
which is also
smell ya later!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

haps halloween contest: christian d. leaf's "a tall drink of blood"


just a couple days to go and i still have entries coming in! so keep your eye on the perhapa-blog, folks, as i'll be posting tomorrow as well as friday this week and i may even have to post an afternoon edition once or twice--!
thanks to everyone who's sent stuff in and, remember, you can still get your submission in until midnight tonight!

so christian is here on the blog all the time. he is a personal friend, a close member of the family, and he is currently inking a two-part back-up story (over matt's fantastic pencils!). so christian sent this in, but immediately disqualified himself from the contest, saying that he's too close and, technically, an employee of "plays well with otters" productions.
craig and i said, you're not an employee if you don't get paid, and put him back in the contest. *

( * sadly, that means that neither craig or i are employees either...)

either way, we present to you...

christian's "a tall drink of blood"

A Tall Drink Of Blood
Christian D. Leaf

“No! No! No!”
Choopie slammed his fridge door closed only to throw the door back open — it was still empty. He rubbed his eyes. C’mon! C’mon! Let there be some blood!
He opened his peepers only to find disappointment: bare shelves and empty fruit pie wrappers. “This isn’t fair! I’m so thirsty. Lousy-no good-non-blood-making-fridgerator…”
He contemplated blasting the empty fridge with the Mess You Up Gun™, but knew it would only result in another lecture by the Chief and after falling asleep during the last lecture Choopie didn’t want to press his luck any further.
The fridge door slammed again, knocking off several Jonas Brothers magnets holding up a self-portrait of Choopie and Larry, which floated to the floor. “I’m sorry, Larry,” Choopie said, picking up the drawing. “Let me put you back up.”
Choopie stormed out of his room and into the hall. Great. Now I’m sad and thirsty. There’s gotta be a way to get some blood around here. He stopped dead in his tracks. Wait a minute! Big always finds stuff on the computer. Maybe it can help me out, too! Sprinting down the hall he nearly knocked over Hammerskold, who hugged the way to avoid the collision. “Slow down, ya maniac!” he yelled , shaking his fist, but Choopie was already out of earshot.
The computer room was empty, which was good since Choopie didn’t want to have to commandeer it from anyone. He typed frantically at the keyboard and hit enter. “C’mon, Google — show me the blood!

“Blood – Wikipedia —pah-leez! Blood Journal — nah. Let’s see…Bloody Mary…chant ‘Bloody Mary’ 13 times in front of a darkened mirror and a bloody — score!”
Back down the hallway sped Choopie. He could see Hammerskold up ahead shaking his fist and yelling. “Can’t talk, Hammie. Got date with Mary! Smell ya!” Choopie said as he buzzed by his teammate.
“Why you little —,” Hammerskold started. “Did he just say date?”
Choopie closed the door to his room and hit the lights. Off came his goggles and his eyes quickly adjusted to their enhanced night-vision. His licked his lips in anticipation, jumped up on his sink and stared as hard as he could at the mirror. “Bloody Mary…”
12 chants later and Choopie was drooling. “C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!” Seconds ticked by like hours. Nothing. “What gives?! If it’s on the internet it’s gotta be true. This is a total rip!” He thought back to what the Bloody Mary article said: chant 13 times in a darkened mirror…wait a minute! Darkened. Not totally dark! He put his goggles back on, fished a flashlight out of his pants pocket and turned back to the mirror.
“Hello, Mary,” he said, thumbing the flashlight to life. Behind him in the mirror stood a woman dressed in blood. The fluid rippled over her as if some unfelt breeze blew through the room. Milk white eyes stood out in her dripping, crimson face. A rictus grin parted her lips, sending mini-bloodfalls over her teeth as she reached out for Choopie.
Screams and moans filled the hallway as Molly was passing by Choopie’s room. Worried, she popped her head through the door, which she quickly pulled back out, blushing. “Molly girl, you’ve got to stop poking your head where it doesn’t belong,” she said, floating off.
The cacophony went silent a few minutes later and Choopie staggered out of his room. His belly was bloated and his face was covered in bloody kisses. A bloody arm snaked out of the dark room, leaving a claret caress on Choopie’s cheek. “Call me,” said a female voice.
“You bet, Mary!” he answered, ambling down the hall. “Smell ya later!”


our pal, tim o'shea over at CBR was nice enough to chat up the perhapanauts halloween spooktacular and, if you're not tired of hearing me talk by now, check out tim's awesome interview!

and make sure to leave some comments while you're over there! anything we can do to let people know that other people are reading this book helps out a lot! so let's see if we can't fill that comment board up, huh? there. that's your halloween challenge...!
go, perhapa-fans!

thanks, tim!
we really appreciate it!


some more halloween pics--PUMPKINS!!!

see ya friday!
smell ya later!

Monday, October 26, 2009

haps halloween contest: alexander hoey's "trick or treat!"


well, it's the final week of our perhapanauts scary halloween contest and just two more days until the contest's deadline! if you've got something that you'd like to send in, do it now, dude! we've had a really great run of wonderfully creative entries so far and i know that our judges are gonna have a hard time with this one!

i've re-posted the rules and grand prize below, just in case anybody needed any further incentive.
here they are...

the rules are simple--create a halloween-themed piece featuring one or more characters from the perhapanauts. it can be scary or funny, creepy or crazy, trick or treat. we will run entries as they arrive, deadline for contest is wednesday, october 28th. a panel of judges will choose a winner in each category, the winner will receive a signed copy of the perhapanauts : triangle trade, a perhapanauts t-shirt, and some other perhapanauts loot. all are welcome to participate. have fun.
there ya go! get out those pencils and imaginations!
let's make this a scary halloween

and now...

alexander hoey's "trick or treat!"

and here's an extra piece that alex did featuring big as a buddhist monk.
(or, as my friend, james pointed out, a jedi knight.)


for those of you asking, "hey!--where's casper? wasn't that s'posed to be a halloween book too?" well, yes it was...and still is! you should see casper and the spectrals #1 on stands this wednesday! (that's the cover to issue #2 below--don't let me fool you...!) casper was scheduled to be out a week ago, but some unforeseen technical difficulties at the printer bumped it back a week. but rest assured, it'll be out for halloween and the other two issues are right on schedule!


some more creepy, scary, spooky halloween pics to get you in the spirit...

vintage halloween


hey...halloween can be sexy...!

...although, this one...
i don't know if this is awesome or just plain disturbing. how freakin' creepy of a costume is this?
reminds me of both that horrific doll they had in that haunted house i worked in back in high school or all of those horrible, tasteless dead baby jokes they told back when i was in grade school...! either way--ick!

and now that it's finally crunch-time, i'll ask again...
whatcha gonna be for halloween...?
gotta go!
get spooky!
smell ya later!

Friday, October 23, 2009

haps halloween contest: uriel duran's "feliz dia de muertos!"


you will all remember, i'm sure, our winner from this summer's perhapanauts perfect cover contest, uriel a. duran. for this contest uriel sent me this tasty treat along with the following letter!

uriel a. duran's "feliz dia de muertos!"

Mr. Dezago,

Hi! Well,any excuse is good for depicting the Perhapanauts.Now,since chupacabras has a hispanic background I thought that it made some sense that Choopie knows the meaning of the Dia de Muertos celebration —even if only as a excuse for enjoying sugar frosted Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead).


over at cbr, reporter/reviewer doug zawisza gifted us with some very kind words about the perhapanauts halloween spooktacular. it's friday morning, your boss isn't looking, and you've got nothing important to do anyway--you should go read it! now!

thanks, doug~! glad ya liked it!


another batch of creepy pics i found online to get you in the mood for halloween!
it's just a week away, you know...

have a great weekend~!
smell ya later~!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

haps halloween contest: jared ather's "spider-choopie!"


so technically, this is jared's second or third entry--see his first two pieces entered under the nom de plume hob goblin a week or so ago--but i wanted to add this to his gallery and for you all to see it!

spider-choopie! by jared

if you still haven't sent your entry in, there's still time! we've got right up until october 28th--a week from today--and i only have a couple entries left! so get going! you got some scary, perhapanaut-y, halloween-y story or pin-up in ya, don't ya?!
join the fun!


praise for the perhapanauts halloween spooktacular!

okay, so the praise is actually from our pal, rod hannah, who you all know as a regular member of our little perhapa-family and, some might say, also a member of the "inner circle." (though we're really not that snobby...!)
it's always nice to get letters from readers and nicer still when they've actually liked the book...! but i thought i'd post rod's letter today (with his permission, of course) because i was touched by how well-written it was. in this age of rapidly returned emails and texting at lightspeed, i'm sure we've all wondered at one time or another, what's become of real letter writing, of written correspondence, letter construction, and, yeah, spelling. are we losing those elements of communication as we race to have things go faster and faster...?
not only was i touched that rod took the time to sit down and write a letter, he crafted it. (one of my favorite words!) he opens with a personal and engaging introduction and then walks us through the issue/subject with an easy commentary.
again, it's always nice to hear nice things--but thank you, rod for taking the time in these fast-paced times.
it means a lot.

Hi Todd,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and say how much we enjoyed the Halloween Spooktacular! Perhapanauts was the first comic I read after the Baltimore show and I've been meaning to write to you and thank you for my latest Perhapafix. :-) My cryptozoology is really limited, as I've discovered from reading Perhapanauts and this issue has added the growtch, tatzelwurm, and mapinguary to my monster vocabulary. I need to dig out my old books on monsters of the world because you put my knowledge to shame.

The cover by Craig was perfectly in character with Molly trying and failing to be scary behind Arisa -- who looks way more endowed than I remember her, but kudos to Craig's style that gives her an "I've been up late, but I'm still sexy" look. I'm annoyed we didn't pick up the variant covers while we had the opportunity. In fact there was a bunch of stuff at the show that we completely blanked on and forgot to look for and pick up.

I know it must be something of a balancing act having multiple stories in an issue and by different artists, but I kind of like the variety and I thought the format worked really well. Having a story for Choopie and Big respectively, and a team story in the middle I thought was really well rounded. My only complaint is that by the end of the book I wanted more. Seriously, I wonder if you realize how painful it is having to wait! These characters, their world, and the unexpected randomness of their adventures has so far made every single issue fresh and exciting. As an aside from spandex heroes, the Perhapanauts has become my favorite 'indie' book.

Fred Hembeck did a great job on Choopie's Halloween. The chief was particularly amusing with his iconic noseless face and square head. I don't know why I picked up on him in particular in this story, but I am getting really curious about who he is and what's his story. I hope you will be able to reveal a little more about him in the future. Choopie looks hilarious with the human skin tone and his thick eyebrows. The diet Coca Cola trick was a brilliant idea right out of leftfield. :-)

My favorite story was "Nacht Des Tatzelwurm". I thought Rich did a great job with the art and I've already told him so, especially the flashback page. I think the mood helps thanks to the winter snow, it being night, and the creature stalking people in the alps-- it really helped draw me in, so by the time Choopie is literally dropped into the story I was really invested in it. You could have turned this story into full issue length easily and really milked it, but the fact it's compact and quick is also a strength and its very tight. The little moment towards the end between Peter and Arisa was subtle and brief, yet implies a lot about the direction and triangle/quadrangle that the potential romances in the book are heading. You're certainly keeping the story mixed and the options open.

I think you might have given me a trip with the Big story. Did Big really find the Mapinguary, was he hallucinating, was it part of his own spiritual journey as a result of the Ayahuasca?

Francesco's back cover is great by the way. :-)

So, when do I get to tune in to Perhapanauts on Saturday morning television... or late night Adult Swim? Seriously, it's got to be worth a shot pitching this to a studio! :-)

I attached a photo I took of Leanne's three stooges in 'alien' form. I thought you might get a kick out of it like I did. :-)



and while we're talking about rod; i was also touched that, along with the wonderful choopie birthday pin-up by leanne that they gave me, rod and leanne also gifted me with copies of their new comics projects.
rod's exciting new book, sovena red, with art by john amor...

...and leanne's new lava-roid with writer/creator kevin conn!

and though i posted this a little while back, at the show lauren monardo gave me copies of the book she and writer stephen lindsay have just completed, the slightly askew adventures of inspector ham and eggs!

because i am running late and have to go to both the dentist and the dmv today, i'm going to hope that rod, leanne, and lauren will all post the links to where you can get these wonderful comics in the comment section below.

gotta go!
smell ya later!

Monday, October 19, 2009

haps halloween contest: ernie cooper's "perhap-o-ween!"


i loved ernie cooper's scary story last year about a group of kids daring to venture into a haunted house! LOVED it!
this year, ernie brought some of that same fun and magic with his latest entry...

ernie cooper's "perhap-o-ween!"


Peter Hammerskold leaned back from the table. He stubbornly rubbed at his jaw line, and then hunched forward and growled out, “So, just so I know we’re on the same crazy page here…”
Arisa Hines sat across from him, one eyebrow raised at the leader of the Red Team.
“…You think this is a good idea…”
“…Because it’s his favorite scene…”
“That’s right.”
“…From a movie?”
Arisa’s gaze never wavered. Hammerskold would test her at any opportunity, and this was not a time to back down. “Absolutely.”
“E.T. throws on a blanket and goes trick-or-treating, so the little furball thinks he can wander around in a town and not have the locals come after him with pitchforks…Or whatever passes for pitchforks these days?”
“Listen, Peter. With the way things have been around here lately, don’t you think Choopie deserves one little night? Especially after the Chief…Larry..?”
“Right, things are bad enough right now without adding to it.”
Arisa smiled. “How about a compromise, then?”
“Choopie doesn’t leave. He and the Gremlins and the other Bedlam kids get to go door-to-door…In the base.”
Hammerskold sighed, and Arisa could see his features softening. She reached out across the table and touched his hand. “Let them have their Halloween. Let them do something normal.”
Peter stared down at her hand, blinking. He didn’t meet her eyes. “Hines, there isn’t gonna’ be anything normal about this.”
“You won’t regret this.”
“Ha! I regret it already! And any Gremlin that gets underfoot gets carved into a pumpkin…”
News traveled fast, and most of the agents of Bedlam got into the spirit of the season. However, no one was quite as enthusiastic as the resident Chupacabra. While the Bedlam agents that had children in the daycare were busy helping their kids into costumes, Choopie was assembling…His army.
He squinted up through his tinted goggles as black and orange bats were festooned down the hallway, and gave the two intrepid agents doing the hanging a clawed “thumbs up.” Turning into a small room, he proudly surveyed the seven Gremlins that would each be leading their own roving pack.
“Awright, everyone, front and center!”
Choopie was beaming as his minions snapped to attention. Big was looming in the background. He leaned casually against a wall, his massive arms crossed.
“Remember, everyone! The most important thing is that any candy you get comes back to me first!” He puffed out his chest. “After I…er…scrutinate…all of the goods, everything that’s safe goes back to you.”
Big cleared his throat gently. “Choopie…We talked about this. No matter how many pieces of chocolate you happen to bite into…You won’t find one with a bloody center.”
“Ha! Whatever! They wrap everything else up in chocolate. Nougat! What the heck is nougat, anyway?!”
Big grinned, and Choopie continued to teach the Gremn the finer points of Halloween. “Okay, so now that we’ve, ya’ know, established all yer bags are big enough, the next step is to know yer targets. Fer instance, if it ain’t at least made up o’ 75% sugar and 20% things that I can’t pronounce…It. Does. Not. Go. In. The. Bag…”
The small assemblage nodded enthusiastically.
“Just drop it in the hall. Or throw it at each other. Or at Big, that’s even better.”
Choopie’s eyes narrowed. “And what is the enemy?”
One of his students quickly held up a small placard with a crudely sketched piece of candy on it.
“That’s right! Candy corn! No candy corn in the bags! That ain’t real candy, it’s a trick that some stingy old folks came up with! Candy corn givers get to eat hot mess-you-up gun!”
“I happen to like candy corn,” Big muttered softly.
“Okay, so I can’t turn you loose without approving of yer costumes. Let’s see…”
Choopie nodded at the first two Gremlins, dressed as a tiny cowboy and a tiny Frankenstein’s monster, respectively. The monster’s fake undead forehead almost doubled the little creature’s size.
He then wrinkled his nose at his next pupil. “Okay, I dig the princess thing. However…Too little fairy tale, too much Slave Leia, ya’ know?” He produced a small red pair of goggles and four pointy feathers from behind his back and affixed them to the princess’s head.
“Now you look totally hot…And awesome!” He then leaned in and whispered, “I’ll talk to ya’ about gender roles later.”
The next Gremlin had a white sheet thrown over his little furry head, and looked plaintively up at him through jagged eyeholes. “Hmmm…E.T. would be proud. Molly…Not so much. Here.”
Out came another set of goggles and feathers.
“Now you look totally spooky. And totally awesome!”
The last of the Gremn were…painted brown.
“What the heck are you three supposed to be?”
They grinned at each other, and the one on the left jumped nimbly onto his neighbor’s shoulders. The last brown Gremlin clambered up on top of the first two. The tower of Gremn swayed slightly and the one on top growled fiercely and beat his chest.
“Um. I don’t get it.”
The topmost brown Gremlin stopped growling and pointed at Big with a grin.
Big chuckled heartily. “Choopie…I think they’re…me.”
The Chupacabra’s furry little jaw dropped slightly as the leaning tower of Gremn stomped about the room. Finally he snapped, “It’s lousy! That costume completely sucks!”
He rushed at the trio. “Everyone down. Everybody out o’ the pool! Here!”
Choopie doled out more goggles and feathers. “Put these on. You’ll look non-sucky. And non-smelly. And non-“
“I get it, Choopie. You can stop.”
“Well…And just plain awesome!”
“Where did you get all of these feathers and goggles?”
“No questions!”
Potential costume crisis averted, Choopie led his team out into the hallway, a bemused Big bringing up the rear.
“Awright, now that ya’ have the proper equipment, yer ready ta’ jump right into it. So let’s figure out what’s behind…Door number one!”
The Chupacabra stopped in front of a closed door. While a lot of the other doors they’d passed were covered in skeletons, goblins, and other miscellaneous creatures of the night, this one was bare. He spun around in place three times and then pounded mightily on the door.
“Proper etiquette says that if they don’t answer on the first knock, you can knock up to three more times.”
Three series of blows to the door later, followed by some impatient foot tapping, led Choopie to quickly revise his statement. “What I meant to say was three more times…Each.”
As he pushed the first Gremlin to the door, Big shook his head. “Choopie, this is probably not the best idea you’ve ever – Oh, never mind. If I had a dime, etc., etc.”
All seven of Choopie’s acolytes tried their best at the door. They turned to him in failure, a gaggle of unhappy goggles and drooping feathers.
“Don’t worry, kids! Plan B! See?”
He pointed at the buzzer next to the door. “Go ahead and press that a few times.”
A still-dejected Gremlin half-heartedly stabbed at the buzzer. Choopie brushed him to one side. “No, no, no. Like this.”
He leaned on the buzzer with a big, toothy grin. “Hold it down. In fact, just pretend you fell asleep on it.”
After two minutes, the door exploded open and a livid Peter Hammerskold erupted from the room.
He did not have any candy.
Hammerskold looked down at Choopie and the Gremlins, fists clenching and unclenching at his side. His hairy visitors stared back up at him. The Gremlins held up their large bags in unison.
“Gim mec andy,” they all chanted solemnly.
Peter ignored them, and looked stonily down at the Chupacabra. “I. Will. End. You.”
With that, he abruptly vanished back into his room. Choopie’s smile actually widened.
“Awright, treat soldiers…Time for your final lesson…”
From somewhere unknown, he began to produce large brown eggs. With a dramatic flourish, he placed each one on the ground until there was enough for each Gremlin. After gingerly rolling all seven eggs to their recipients, he also whisked out a can of shaving cream and a roll of toilet paper.
Choopie’s eyes lit up with a sinister glow behind his red-tinted goggles. “No candy, eh, Mr. Crabbypants?”
Big shook his head, retreating back up the hallway and calling out, “Plausible deniability!”
“Punishment,” Choopie hissed happily.


the other day i was bitchin' about how it seemed that our pal kelly yates neede to be in every picture on our night out at the baltimore comiccon, matt did a little digging and found that this is something kelly's made a habit of...!

freakin' kelly~~!

dammit! he's EVERYWHERE!!

(thanks, matt!)
: )
2 funny.

smell ya later~!

Friday, October 16, 2009

haps halloween contest: warren newsom's "alternate you"


we now return you to your regularly scheduled perhapanauts scary halloween contest...

so here's the deal. today's entry was sent in by last years "halloween scary story contest" winner, warren newsom.
you might remember warren's chilling tale, "daisy was a good dog," about a strange...thing in the bushes surrounding the author's home and the loyal dog that put her life on the line to protect her family.
this time warren put both his writing and artistic talents to work with this one...

warren newsom's "alternate you"


so craig says to me the other day--"hey! you never announced that the perhapanauts went up on the comixology app on itunes last week! everybody can download the annual for free and the following issues are only a meager 99¢ per issue!"
yeah, really?!? maybe 'cause i didn't know! maybe 'cause YOU'RE the one with the fancy-pants iphone, mr. i-got-a-fancy-pants-iphone-and-you-don't! maybe if enough people buy the app, i'll be able to get one!
so check out both the perhapanauts--and TELLOS--on itunes!
'cause i know you wanna carry these guys around!

oh, and you can also pick up the first issue of the sci-fi hi-adventure, AMBER ATOMS, by our pal, kelly yates on comixology too!


so i had some low-battery problems with my camera at the show last weekend and not enough time in between to go get some new ones, so i'm relying on the pics craig and matt took to give you a look at the baltimore comiccon.
not a lot of shots from the convention floor--though there were a lot of great costumes...
these are a little more intimate.
these are some shots from our big, extended family dinner on saturday night. trish, sharon, and suzanne made plans for us to go out "someplace nice" for dinner on saturday (for my birthday) and, as is usually the case at conventions, the reservation number just grew and grew. what a great night, with great friends. thanks, everybody!

matt and suzanne. i don't know whether matt's drinking my martini or trish's, but they were good...!

suzanne, leanne and rod hannah.

matt and suzanne.

rod, rich woodall, and kelly yates.
(rich drew the spooky "night of the tatzelwurm" story in the halloween spooktacular--check it out!)

tim and lauren monardo. (tim's last name isn't monardo, but i had a couple martinis and don't remember it...) lauren is the fantastic artist on the slightly askew adventures of inspector ham and eggs--featured previously on this blog...
and future back-up artist on a haps tale in the new upcoming miniseries...! yay!

rod, kelly, and craig.
man--it's like kelly had to be in every picture...

craig and trish.
and, sonuvabitch! kelly!

sharon and me...and i think that's karl watching us in the background...

i got some great birthday gifts at the show--and when i got home.
leanne drew me this awesome choopie birthday piece which is just fruit pie-tastic!!

and lauren gave me the original to her halloween spooktacular unprecedented double-page pin-up. thanks to both of you lovely--and talented!--ladies--they're going in frames and up in the studio next week!
when i got home, matt and suzanne sent me the calvin and hobbes library which, if you haven't seen it is massively huge and complete and full of wonderful bill watterson gorgeousness and heavy and such a wonderful gift! thanks, you guys! i can't wait to dive into that!

okay, gotta go! work to do!
for those of you still working on your
perhapanauts scary halloween contest entries--get 'em in!
we all can't wait to be scared!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!