Monday, April 30, 2007

thank god it's friday...


so i didn't get to post a "five on friday" on saturday and even now, it's pretty late for a monday.

things have been hectic, but more than anything, thanks everyone for asking after jake. he is quite well now...actually, even better than before. seems he just had a virus, but they took blood anyway and tests showed he was a little anemic. so we have this cool new liquid iron shot to take in the morning with an eyedropper/syringe looking thing that the kid just loves. no trouble taking his iron medicine. and it's really perked him up too--i'm noticing a bit more energy and his tail seems to be wagging faster! or maybe that's the warmer weather...

working hard to hit deadlines with these two new writing projects and trying to get some furniture done at the same time made me late with this so i apologize. when it rains, it pours.

so here are your "five on friday" and i'll try to get back on track with a post on wednesday.

"five on friday"

1. starbuck's was originally owned by what famous olympic skater?

2. what is the brand of cigarettes featured in all quentin tarentino movies?

3. what were the names of the two gangsters that bugs bunny bamboozled into the oven in the classic looney tunes cartoon?

4. how did harvey dent become two face?

5. in the early 90's, what burger did mcdonald's offer where "the hot stayed hot and the cool stayed cool"...?

that's all!
smell ya later!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

in and out...


i had hoped that, once the play was over, i'd be able to relax a bit and let my life get back to normal.
unfortunately, that just ain't happenin'.

i had an important business meeting in nyc on tuesday only to have to rush back home and then up to albany to give a talk about comics and superheroes at the college of st. rose. lots of carpentry work piled up on my pal jeff while i was taking things easy for the play and so i've been trying to fit that in while also working on a few new writing projects, one for marvel, one for dc...
thought i was gonna have the day today to write uninterrupted and then jake got sick. real sick. my poor little guy.

anyway, what i'm saying is that there are lots of things going on--and some of them will be some BIG news revealed here when i can--but that's what made this blog entry either late or early, depending on whether you wanna count it as a late wednesday post or an early friday...

with no segue available, i move on...
i don't have as many friends on myspace as mike wieringo does (we always love the artists more...) but i do have quite a few. some befriend me because of tellos. some because of my runs on spectacular or sensational spider-man. or impulse. or x-factor. many, i'm happy to say, are HUGE perhapanauts fans.

many are also artists and i think it's so cool that i can browse through their posted artwork and see the incredible diversity of talent that's out there waiting to be discovered. or already has been discovered...

so below are some of the images that i've lifted (here without the artists permission) that i thought were cool or that moved me, that i might've used for a couple days as my desktop or sent along to craig and mike just to pass 'em on. if you dig 'em and wanna see more, i've included the names of the artists so you can google 'em, check out their websites and/or myspace pages.
again, i don't have their permission and i hope they don't get mad--i just really dig their stuff!

supergirl by dean trippe.
dean does this fun comic strip called "butterfly" about a superhero's sidekick's sidekick. check it!

rain by joe pekar.

mike corriero.

daddy's girl by michael hussar.

my favorite calvin and hobbes ever!
oh, by bill watterson.

that's all!
going on a field trip with my nephew tomorrow so i'll post a "five on friday" on saturday.
maybe next week we can get back to normal!

Monday, April 23, 2007

farewell, mssr. holmes...!


i said that i'd tell you more about the play, but of course, after reading fred's regalatory post from friday, you prob'ly don't wanna hear anymore about it from me.

but here goes...

while fred's enthusiastic praise is greatly appreciately, i can tell you--as can anyone whose ever tread the boards--that, though the audience might not have noticed the various and sundry mistakes, I sure did. i completely blanked on a huge block of dialogue toward the end of the show and improvised my ass off. i tripped over a few words here and there (i think i said, "gentlemen--i'll see you at stockland yard!" rather than "scotland yard!"...) and on that particular evening, the smoke machine, meant to elicit just a few small puffs of smoke to indicate that the downstairs kitchen was on fire, generated a wall of smoke so thick that i could barely keep from laughing when my pal, kevin--playing the menacing james larraby--and i had to have a stare-down, angry exchange but could barely see each other! fun too as that cloud wafted out over the audience...

so i had fun! met lots of really nice people and felt that i did a fairly decent job of playing at sherlock holmes.

here are some of the cast backstage which was the only place i could really get any pictures~!

watson and holmes
i shang-hai'd my friend j.d. lewis into auditioning--and playing watson. not only is j.d. a great actor, he's a huge comics fan to boot!

risa petrone played billye, holmes's young assistant/eyes-on-the-street, one of the famed baker street irregulars. unfortunately for risa (and stefan/moriarity, pictured below) they both fell victim to the lure of the perhapanauts and had each purchased the first blood trade in the first couple weeks of rehearsal. i comped 'em the second chances run.

mary pasquale, renee credendino, emme knauss (in back) and nick capra.
mary played lady edwina leighton, one of the upper class dames who hire holmes onto the case. (she and her partner, linda roper as countess von stalburg stole the show every night just before the final scene...) renee, here in one of her many costumes, played eliza forman, holmes's other assistant and spy in the house where bad things were happening. (renee and i had a lot of fun figuring out holmes's relationship with this now-grown baker street irregular...). emma was terese, the french maid. and nick played lightfoot mcteague, one of the thugs sent out by moriarity to do in the irritating detective.

mary and linda.

kevin edwards, me, and stefan bozydaj.
out of the whole cast i think (and hope) that i'll stay in touch--and perform again!) with these two. kevin played james larraby and stefan, moriarity. i had a showdown scene with each of these guys and more fun with them during and after rehearsals than with anyone. these guys mean trouble! : )

actually, the person that i had the MOST fun with--and totally adore--is this girl, jeanne! or as i like to call her, crazy jeanne. since we live near one another and about 45 minutes away from the school, jeanne and i carpooled and there were many times, much as i love theater, that i had a lot more fun coming or going to rehearsal 'cause of this chick! our senses of humor and levels of insanity are completely in sync and i hope you know how much i love ya!
jeanne played leary, one of moriarity's crew and a spy for the devious professor.

and this is me with steve press, the director.
steve is my friend/teacher/mentor and way-back-when taught me more than i ever knew i knew.

okay, that's enough about me and alla my stuff--wednesday we'll get back to a normal post with some more perhapa-centric stuff.
see ya then!

Friday, April 20, 2007

the lovely and talented...FRED HEMBECK!!


i said that i'd fill you all in more about how the show--sherlock holmes--went, and i will...but not just yet.
first, being that i am still pretty tired from the whole thing--as well as spending time with my favorite 2 and a half year old, john conrad rousseau (i sdon't know how craig and trish--or any parents do it. i'm exhausted!)--my head is still spinning from the experience.
second, and even more importantly, i am lucky to be friends with a very talented and fun and funny fellow named fred hembeck.

now i have been a fan of fred's for close to 25 years now--his wonderful comic strips, books, commentaries, and interviews have always made me smile, laugh out loud, or wax nostalgic for the innocent days of comic books. i have been his friend for the past 14 years or so, many of those years spent talking to each other through a volleyball net during our tuesday night comic book guys volleyball games. fred has an awesome serve, an almost daredevil-esque radar sense, and the absolute best color commentary this side of fred willard! if you haven't checked out his site, run, don't walk over to and see what you're missing out on! fred's site--and especially his blog--are full of fun! (and don't miss the gallery of his excellent cover recreations!!)
i check out fred's blog every time he makes an entry. i used to only catch it now and then, but now, thanks to myspace, i am linked to his "fred sez" column/blog every time. in his post from last sunday however, i was amazed to see that the topic!?! sure, i had seen fred after the saturday night performance, but never thought that he would honor me with an entry. i, of course, blushed like a schoolgirl, but that won't stop me from reprinting the entry here. with fred's permission, also of course. (but don't let that stop you from checking out his siote like i toldja to at )

anyway, remember that this guy is a good friend and a little crazy.
heeeeeere's fred!

Clued in!
Current mood: chipper

It happened about seven or eight years ago.

I was home alone one day, sorting through some books and magazines on the living room floor and I had the TV on--I think it was tuned to a baseball game, but it could've been cable news. I had my back to the screen as I went about my paper shuffling, y'see, and was only dimly aware that a local commercial for an Albany based medical facility was playing. A series of heart felt testimonials from past patients droned on, barely making a dent on my otherwise engaged consciousness.

Then, without any warning, I stopped, stunned by what I was hearing!

I KNOW that voice!

And I don't mean I know that voice like it's some favorite celebrity trying to make a few extra bucks on the side by doing a sales pitch anonymously. No, this was the voice of someone who I'd actually spent time with in the same room! Believe me, the last thing you ever expect to hear when you're only paying half attention to the tube is the sound of an actual pal piping through the speakers!

I whirled around, to see if I was going batty, but sure enough, there he was, testifying earnestly for the Albany Medical Center--Todd Dezago!

You may know Todd for his Spider-Man and X-Men scripts, or maybe for his two fine creator-owned series, TELLOS and THE PERHAPANAUTS? Me, I'd known Todd since he was one of the clerks at A Strange Land (along with Tom "Hutch Owens" Hart), a long-shuttered Kingston Comics shop. And over the intervening years, I had encountered Todd at many a local party, and--up until it's untimely demise about three years back--on the courts during our decades spanning weekly volleyball game. But because of where Todd lives--pretty darn far away from yours truly--we generally tend to meet up somewhere in the middle. Fact is, in the ten years we've been happily ensconced in this house, Todd's only made out here once.

Well, twice, if you count that commercial.

(Which I never saw again, incidentally. And when I quizzed him about it at a subsequent volleyball gathering, turns out he was never a patient at said hospital at all! It was--to borrow a phrase from Jon Lovitz--acting!....)

Which brings me to last night....

Lynn, Julie and I drove over to Hyde Park to meet Terry Austin for dinner at the Everready Diner, a nifty fiftiesesque eatery, after which we headed out to the Dutchess Community College campus to catch a performance of "Sherlock Holmes, or The Strange Case of Alice Faukner", a play written back in 1899 by William Gillette based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and later made into a 1981 HBO telefim starring Frank Langella, following a Broadway production headlining same that Terry recalls seeing on The Great White Way back in his younger days).

The big attraction here? The star.

Forget Basil Rathbone! Disregard Peter Cushing! Dismiss Frank Langella--for now and evermore, after last night, for me anyway, Todd Dezago IS Sherlock Holmes!!

(And THIS time, I made a specific point of not turning my back on him!)

As odd a sensation as it was seeing his head pop up, unannounced, on my television set years back, it was nearly as peculiar watching someone I knew reasonably well (we don't see each other nearly as often as we may like these days.) up on stage for nearly two-and-a-half hours, portraying one of the most iconic characters in fiction--and doing a damn fine job of it, to boot!!

I'd been aware of Todd's thespian proclivities in the past, but I'd never quite gotten the opportunity to witness them. He really was quite good, and I'm not just saying that because he's a friend. The rest of the cast nearly matched him as well, I hasten to add. Oh sure, there were a few flubs along the way, but nothing worthy of a blooper reel. The play took a while to start cooking, storywise--no fault of the cast--but as soon as Todd showed up, deducing the bejeezus out of every little thing, we were well on our way! I wish you could all make it down to DCC for the show's final pair of performance's tonight and tomorrow, but as that isn't very likely, allow me, in my guise as Mr. Second-Nighter, to shower the productions with kudos. particularly the star, Todd "I-was-sick-but-Albany-Medical-Center-made-me-better" Dezago!

(I admit to chuckling out loud when Mr. D uttered the immortal line, "Elementary, my dear Watson", but waited in vain for that OTHER famous quote associated with the master detective, "No sh*t, Sherlock!". And, as I told Todd afterwards in the hallway, I was moderately disappointed that he regularly doffed his headgear as soon as he walked into a scene each and every time. I for one thought the show would've been even better if Sherlock had kept his coonskin cap on throughout! Well, maybe NEXT time...)

Summing up, a fine time was had by all (except maybe Julie--there were certain aspects of the mystery that confused her), and I even scored a nifty little Nick Cardy illustrated postcard promoting the play for my trouble (on view over at Fred Sez, natch)!

(And here's an article about the play from a local paper, featuring a photo of Todd alongside Sherlock's lady-love. No truth, however, to the rumor that the great sleuth wed the beauteous Alice and later fathered a baby girl named Katie. That, my friends, would be just Cruising for trouble!...)

thanks, fred! i am honored, flattered, and totally in love with you now!

have a great weekend everybody!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

space and time travel


i'm on the phone with mike and sitting here in my office/studio/underwear (mike added that underwear part...) with craig and his baby daughter (my goddaughter) catherine, and that's the blog for today...
hope you like very much.

more on friday--back to normal with trivia, some interesting stuff and more.
mike is now singing the theme song to 30 rock for us. nert, nert, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nert, dobie do dobie do...

'cause this blog is so wacky today, here's a couple a' sketches from mike that no one's ever seen before...

and here's one from craig...

that's all!
smell ya later!

Friday, April 13, 2007

amelia earhart


once again, buying me some time and showing me how a real blog is done, my good friend, scott weinstein...
(thanks, scott!)

Amelia Earhart is an OTHER

It's one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the last century. What happened to Amelia Earhart? She was officially declared dead in 1939. But, like all celebrities who die young, her legend lives on.

On July 1, 1937, Amelia Earhart, along with her navigator Fred Noonan, took off from Lae, New Guinea in her Lockheed Electra 10E. Their destination was Howland Island 2550 miles away. They would never arrive. The Coast Guard cutter Itasca was assigned to wait for them near the island, stay in communication, and when they arrive help them find the island. But, what no one at the time knew was that her plane's radio-reception antenna had been ripped away during take-off. People could hear her, but she was unable to hear anything.

In the early hours of July 2, the Itasca received a transmission from Earhart saying that she was running low on fuel. A second message said that she was on "line of position 157 dash 337." That was the last they heard. The ship then began a search northwest of Howland Island. They found nothing. As news of the missing plane spread, the Navy ordered six ships to join the search. A pilot flying over Gardner Island, an uninhabited atoll in the Phoenix Islands hundreds of miles to the south, reported seeing "signs of recent habitation." But, no people were spotted. It was assumed no one was there and they moved on.

But, you know what they say about assume?

What happened to her? Well, clearly she crashed. That's pretty obvious. Many theories have surfaced over the years. Alien abduction is among them. But, we determined in the last post that while aliens exist, they haven't been to Earth yet. So, rule that one out.

Many people have speculated that she was captured by the Japanese, who executed her for spying. Other stories claim that she was forced to make broadcasts as one of many women known as Tokyo Rose. All those theories have been disproved. And some researchers think that for wartime propaganda purposes, the US government may have spread those false rumors.

There is also the claim that she survived the flight, moved to New Jersey, changed her name, remarried and became Irene Bolam. But, the real Irene Bolam refuted this. And even sued the author of a book pushing that theory. When they actually looked into her life, they realized this poor woman could in no way be Earhart.

So, what happened? A newly discovered dairy, kept by an AP reported aboard the Itasca, has awakened interest. The diary itself offers no new clues. However, it does provide an account of the search and rescue efforts. And of her last transmissions.

According to the current theory, that pilot flying over Gardner Island may have been too hasty. In 1940, a British overseer on Gardner recovered a partial human skeleton, a woman's shoe and an empty sextant box at a former campsite. The initial examination of the bones claimed they belonged to a stocky European male. Of course, the original bones were lost. But, modern supercomputer forensic scientific examinations say that the measurements of the bones are consistent with a woman of Earhart's age and height. In addition the shoe matches those she wore in photos before she left for her trip.

Currently, The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (or TIGHAR, seriously, that's what they call themselves) is planning a ninth trip to Gardner Island. It is safe to assume that any remains have been devoured by the surroundings by now. But, there is a little insight into what her final hours may have been like. Thanks to short-wave radio. Harmonic frequencies in the middle of the ocean can often be heard thousands of miles away. And that July night Betty, a 15 year-old girl in Florida, was listening. She heard Earhart's final transmissions and took notes in her school notebook. The woman on the radio was with a man, who was "coherent at times, then would go out of his head." Earhart was trying to keep Noonan from leaving the plane, and kept telling him to come back to his seat, because she needed to stay near the radio. And as the transmissions faded, she heard her say that they "were leaving the plane, because the water was knee-deep on her side." Betty's father notified the Coast Guard, but they dismissed him. There had been several hoax transmissions that night.

So, who knows how things really ended. Maybe they made it off the reef onto the island. Built some form of shelter. Eventually, they started exploring. Earhart probably had to smack Noonan around some, since he was clearly loosing it. And eventually, she had to "take care of him."

But, that doesn't mean her adventures were over. Maybe there were other inhabitants. Maybe a smoke monster. And hatches. Hey, is that a Dharma logo on the side of her plane. Did she become an Other? Is she really Ben's mom? Of course, her bones mean those adventures ended pretty quickly. But, it's fun to imagine.

And don't forget, check out my comic...
After School Agent

Thanks for listening,


Thursday, April 12, 2007

rush, rush, rush--


as i have very little time today--the play opens tonight and i really want to spend the day studying my lines some more--i will be very brief and erratic.

warning first--at the bottom of this blog is a somewhat disturbing picture that i got offa yahoo. apparently, this vet at a zoo in taiwan was examining a crocodile and...well, he bit the arm that feeds him. and walked away with it. now me, i'm both freaked out and fascinated by this--i love a good horror movie, but i don't want anyone to be either offended or traumatized, so here's your warning...
for everyone else, holy crap, right?!?!?!?

anyway, to make up for it, here are a few pics of nice things.

i gotta go.

wish me luck!

smell ya later!

Monday, April 09, 2007

the french files


In exchange for using the Perhapablog to further my own comic book, After School Agent I told Todd I would write an entry for the Perhapablog. So, today's entry is about the UFO files that the French government published last week.

France, AKA those "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys," became the first country in the world to make public their files on all of their UFO reports. Now, most major countries in the world, including the US and Great Britain, have similar files. But, they're kept classified. Or dismissed as "weather balloons." Supposedly these files can be obtained on a case-by-case basis through the Freedom of Information Act. (Try telling that to Mulder)

Since 1954, France's space agency, the Centre National d'√Čtudes Spatiales , has registered over 1600 cases of UFOs. Or as they call them OVNIs, or Objet Volant Non Identifi√©. (Which is French for "non-identified aerospatial phenomena.") The French UFO offices, which were initially created by President Charles de Gaulle, have documented more than 6000 reports from various witnesses. In it's heyday in the 1970s, the SERPA office, then known as GEIPAN (Groupe d'Etude des Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non-ldentifies,) investigated over 100 sightings a year. That's more than 100,000 pages of documents that you can peruse. Nearly a quarter of these cases are classified "Category D," meaning that in spite of witnesses and good data, the sightings remains inexplicable.

However, as Scully will be happy to point out, some of these can be explained away. For example, in 1990, when over 1000 people reported seeing a flashing light in the sky one November night. Researchers determined it was actually rocket fragments falling back into the atmosphere. In fact, only 9 percent of the cases have ever been fully explained.

But, this blog isn't about the explained. One of the more famous cases is the Trans-en Provence Case. In 1981 a farmer heard a strange whistling sound while working on his property. He then saw a saucer land about 50 yards away from him.

Here is how he describes it:
"The device had the shape of two saucers, one inverted on top of the other. It must have measured about 1.5 meters in height. It was the color of lead. This device had a ridge all the way around its circumference. Under the machine I saw two kinds of pieces as it was lifting off. They could be reactors or feet. There were also two other circles which looked like trapdoors. The two reactors, or feet, extended about 20 cm below the body of the machine."

The mysterious object then immediately took of, leaving burn marks on the ground where it had been. The farmer called the police, who turned the case over to GEIPAN. They investigated for over 2 years, looking for an atmospheric reason. In the end they found no plausible explanation.

All of this leads to the larger question of whether we have been visited by aliens or not. I'm going to start off our Perhapablog discussion with my own stance. Are we alone in the universe? I say no. With billions upon trillions of stars in the galaxy, it’s the height of hubris to say that Earth is the only planet that has developed life. We're not even alone in our own solar system. There is possibly bacteria on Mars. Jupiter's moon Io may have single celled organisms also. We are probably the only intelligent life in our solar system. But, the idea that other life forms could exist so close to us indicates strongly that it could happen elsewhere in the universe.

Now, have these other life forms visited us. I say no. Any intelligent species that has the ability to travel the millions of light years to Earth, is not going to get here, and go visit a farm in France, then leave. Sure, that's what they'd do on Star Trek. But, what would be the point. We'd know if they've been here. I mean, us primitive Earthlings can barely get out of Earth's atmosphere, and we tried contacting other life forms with Voyager.

What do you think? Have any of you seen a UFO? Know any abductees? Are an abductee? Are any of you aliens?

If you happen to be able to read French, you can check out the GEIPAN records yourself.

Catch you later,


Friday, April 06, 2007



as i am in full-tilt, crazy hell week with the play--sherlock holmes for those of you who don't know--my best pal, scott, offered to step in and give me some time off by writing a guest blog. i told him that he'd have to write about his new comic book, AFTER SCHOOL AGENT, but he was really psyched to do one on a more paranormal subject. so he'll be doing two. or three. or...

anyway, here's scott.
thanks, man!

Hey There Perhapabloggers,

Todd was kind enough to let me use his site to announce my new comic book, "After School Agent'." I wrote the book and it was illustrated by Chris Zaccone. Here's a little summary:

As Gordon Levitch's parents watched their 13 year-old son dying from cancer, they made a fateful decision and allowed the government to test an experimental drug on him. It worked. Gordon recovered. That's all his parents ever knew. They never learned how strong it made him. How fast it made him. Or how tough it made him. But, the government knows. And they have plans for Gordon.

With the government threatening to deport his immigrant, Russian parents and older sister if he doesn't cooperate, Gordon is forced to work with an elite, top-secret team of soldiers assigned to the President. Their job is to go on every illegal, politically-motivated, ethically questionable mission the President needs done, so he can avoid embarrassment and further his personal agenda. Everyone has seen those news stories that make them say, "I bet the government blew up that oil pipe line, just so their cronies could raise the price of gas." Well, they're right. And Gordon's team did it.

So, go check out the After School Agent site:

You can download a 5 page preview. And learn all about Chris and I.

And join Gordon's MySpace page:

In upcoming weeks, I will launch Gordon's own blog, which will feature his mini-adventures and thoughts on his life. And hopefully, sooner than that, you will be able to order your own copy of After School Agent from Ka-Blam printing.

And thanks again to Todd for letting me use the page.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

help from dana...


i'll admit it--sometimes i really do think that there are only three or four of you out there reading this--and usually it's the three or four that i know, my pals scott, brian, kojee, bill, who post comments and are always so supportive. and i thank you all for that. and for reading!
but it's nice once in a while to hear from someone else, a friend or a friend of a friend or an old friend or an ex-girlfriend, who says that they read the blog but they just don't post. and that's cool.

after my post the other day, craig got an 'e' from his friend--and now mine, i hope--dana moreshead, art director extraordinaire, former exec director of creative services at marvel and stan lee ent, currently a senior partner at fishbrain graphic design (, linking me to some awesome websites, most notably, this one at diamond galleries

featuring the entire array of marvel blacklight posters printed back in the early 70's by the third eye company in new york.

as dana said, some of them, especially the herb trimpe hulk's "are cr-aaaa-Z!!"

these things were more than likely HUGE hits at all the head shops across the country and the doctor strange one could easily pass as a doorway into the next dimension. i'm sure many made that trip.

and this one i've seen in person at various conventions and such going from anywhere between $75 to $175!

also available at the time,dana tells me, were a series of greeting cards taken mostly from panels or pages of jazzy john romita's work and "flourescentized".

alas, for all of dana's expert sleuthing, none of these are the spider-man poster i miss. the search continues...
i'll keep y'all posted.
i can't thank dana enough for all his help--and vast knowledge on the subject (i suspect that dana knows a LOT more about a LOT more! he also sent me a link to a great site featuring lots of ads from lots of 70's comics...more on that later, maybe.)

as i've said, i've been so cought up in this play lately that it's been hard to reply to the comments and stuff, but thanks brian and scott and bill and kojee for listing your favorite toys and posters and stuff. i loved reading them and hope that more of you will post and tell me what toys YOU had and cherished as a kid! or still cherish now!
if you can't or don't wanna post in the comments, send your reminiscences in an 'e' to!

have a great day!
to help me out we will have a guest blog here on friday, so don't miss out!
smell ya later!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

the other treasure...


last week--or two weeks ago...i can't really keep track these days--i commented that, though i've been able to find, mostly just to take a look at, just about everything i can remember from my childhood, i have never been able to hunt down a copy of one of my most treasured posters, an enormous neal adams superman wallbuster (from around 1977 or so...) they're just not around. maybe because they were so big and difficult to store. but, man, i'd love to have one of those again...

but, actually, that statement isn't really true.
and the other missing artifact from my four-color adolescence just happens to be a poster as well, this one a normal sized (24" x 36") spider-man, this one drawn by, i believe, the great jazzy john romita. i got it around the same time, i remember, but here's the twist--this one was a blacklight poster!!! and not just a flat blacklight poster, but the fuzzy, black velvet kind of blacklight poster!!! man, i loved that thing! i can't even find a picture of this on google, which seems amazing to me! wish i could show you. it was great!

though i can't show you that one, here's a pic of another john romita spider-man that was posterized and all the rage back around 1974! man, that guy can draw spidey!

so, maybe i'm just way too nostalgic or trying desperately to cling to a wonderful childhood, but what were the things that you had--posters, books, toys, 'tever--that you'd love to have again...?



i've gotta go--gettin' really sleepy

but before i go, here are
the answers to the
"five on friday"

name the star

1. american graffiti, the frisco kid, frantic

harrison ford

2. death wish, into the night, the adventures
of buckaroo banzai across the eighth dimension

jeff goldblum

3. goin' south, continental divide, neighbors

john belushi

4. silkwood, mask, moonstruck


5. the adventures of baron munchausen,
dead again, what dreams may come

robin williams

that's all.
smell ya later.