Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Derrick Fish, The Wellkeeper, and Zombies at the Gate~!


so here's something that we've been sitting on for so long that we're all about to bust!

last year, craig and i received this awesome Perhapa-Pin-Up from comic book writer/artist/creator
DERRICK FISH! it was a super-cool image of the Haps battling back some Zombies and we immediately made plans to include it as a supplement to Danger Down Under!

then we went to HeroesCon where we met the fun and fabulous Derrick himself...

... and got a chance to hang a bit and chat. there, he wowed us with copies of his wonderfully fantastic independent comic THE WELLKEEPER, a gorgeously illustrated journey of magical adventure!

somewhere along the line, i told derrick that i had actually plotted a short Perhapanauts vs. Zombies Tale  originally intended to appear in a upcoming volume of  Rich Woodall's thrilling Zombie Bomb anthology, but time and time weren't on our side, so the script got shelved.

before you could say " Nosmo King", derrick jumped up and offered to draw the zombie story and craig and i, in turn, jumped at the chance.

and now, after months of all of us getting things done in our--ha ha!--spare time (derrick on pencils and inks, craig and i on letters, the lovely rich woodall on formatting and such), we are all very proud to present...

A New Haps Digital
by Todd Dezago and Derrick Fish
Available EXCLUSIVELY at

here, of course, is the freakin' AWESOME cover that derrick whipped up for the tale...

and here, just to tease ya, is page one...

now you've seen it and now you have no excuse not to hustle on over to and plunk down your 99¢--yeah, that's right! it's only 99¢!!--and see what all happens next! we guarantee you're gonna like it!
c'mon--you've got a paypal account, right? it's just 99¢!

and while you're there at, check out derrick's very own The Wellkeeper issue 0! it's completely free and worth ten times that!! (that didn't come out right...)
and take a look around at some of the other great comics they've got there--you'll be glad you did!

do it!
smell ya later!

Monday, September 16, 2013

untranslateable words


so, as we take a week off from our very successful Ten Buck Bonanza! Summer Spectacular, I thought I'd post something I found online and see if it was as fascinating to you as it was to me...

here it is


anyway, more this week!
smell ya later!

Monday, September 09, 2013

TEN BUCK BONANZA!!!--Arisa and Molly Ts~!!


here's the big sale for this week...

while supplies last--ARISA and MOLLY T-Shirts!! $10 each!
get 'em while they last!

plus, did i mention, each order comes with this exclusive

Perhapanauts HAPS bumper sticker for your car or locker!!

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smell ya later!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

weird stuff~!


it's been quite a while since we've had a post relating to weird stuff out there in this strange world of ours. thanks to our pals WARREN NEWSOM and RICH WOODALL, we don't have to go surfing all over the web to find something bizarre.

though i think i've posted each of these on our Perhapanauts Facebook page, i wanted to touch on them once again, ', they are both so eerie. ( i like that word a lot for both of these. eerie. it fits the strange sounds to a 'T" and covers the tiny fence-webs as well.)

first up, here's the link that rich sent over from it's this very strange phenomenon that has turned up recently in peru. and i want to know more.

second--and this one creeps me out more than anything--is this link from warren from the

Strange Sounds Heard In Terrace, British Columbia, May Be Connected To Worldwide Phenomenon (VIDEO)

for those of you that follow coast to coast am as i do, you'll know that investigative journalist linda moulton-howe has been following these very strange, unsettling, omnipresent sounds for the past year or so. this phenomenon has been occurring all over the world and explanations range from the mundane to out-of-this-world. literally. is something trying to push it's way over from the other side? man, i can't wait to find out!

check 'em out!
lemme know whatcaha think.
smell ya later~!

Monday, September 02, 2013

$10 BONANZA!!--Danger Down Under! Variant Covers Bundle!!!


gotta be quick~!

here's the down-low on this week's deal~

All SIX Variant Covers from our latest Danger Down Under!

this includes such friends and legends as;







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smell ya later~!