Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a beautiful tribute


i have talked a bit about my friend, rich case, before, and i will again in a week or so when perhapanauts 2 hits the stands and you all get a chance to see the wonderful illustrations he provided for our second back-up story, "the other arisa." rich was one of mike's studio mates back when they had this great workspace called artamus studios. they worked side-by-side as a matter of fact and it was fun to talk with both of them while we were doing sensational spider-man; mike pencilling, rich inking, and yours truly telling them what to draw.

a few weeks ago, rich shared his tribute piece with matt and i and we've spoken about it a couple of times. it is beautiful and glorious and captures mike in such an honest and intimate way.

this IS mike, this is his environment, this is his dream.

if i look at it too long, i do get sad. but then i keep looking at it, and it fills me with joy.
this is more than a tribute to mike and his work.
it's a reflection of who he was.
and is.

thanks, rich.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

dave tata and the screaming tiki!


to todd and craig's incredible cross-country all-new, all-different PERHAPANAUTS TOUR!
at the eastwood expo center in niles, ohio!
october 17-19!

i know it's a little early, but mark this on your calendars and get out those hawaiian shirts...

the perhapanauts are going tiki!

for more on the show, check out


i have great love for dave tata.

craig introduced me to his pal, dave, years ago when craig and i were working on the tellos romp called the last heist. dave, craig told me, was an animator with a company called soup to nuts in boston (i had seen their logo somewhere, but couldn't remember where...) and were currently doing a cartoon network adult swim show called home movies (slapping his forehead--that's where i'd seen it!)
dave, he said, was eager to do a little comic booking and if i ever needed someone to do one of those tellos back-ups or anything...
as it turned out, i needed him right away, and craig and i were thrilled to have dave's work in the same book as our adventure on a fun little story i called "6 1/2". dave did an awesome job and, in the process, turned out to be one of the nicest guys i've ever met.
so when we started thinking about filling out the remaining pages of the new perhapanauts on-going...
dave not only came through for us BIG TIME, but he tackled my little story with all the fun and humor i was looking for.
below, for your enjoyment, is the two page choopie goes to church.
inks by bob almond. colors by blake wilkie.

(i'll just note here; it is not meant to offend or be sacriligous in any way, just a confused little kid in church...)

thanks, dave, you're a wonderful artist and a true friend!
you rock the house!

and here, the answers to your
"five for friday"

1. who invented scissors?

leonardo da vinci

2. how many bones are there in the human head? 1 7 12 16 22


3. what is michael j. fox's middle name?


4. who invented the modern polygraph (lie detector)?

william moulton marston
(creator of wonder woman!)

5. phobias--match the phobia with it's name

a. logophobia is a fear of words

b. demophobia is a fear of crowds

c. bogyphobia is a fear of goblins, demons

d. samhainophobia is a fear of halloween

e. uranophobia is a fear of heaven

f. teratophobia is a fear of monsters

g. sciophobia is a fear of shadows

now ya know.
smell ya later!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

con coverage crazy!! pt 2


as if you're not sick enough of us talking about our stupid comic book...

while at the show, we sat down (well...we already WERE sitting down...) with russ burlingame of COMIC and chatted up the new series. he picked us as "hot shot of the week" and you can even see the whole interview--presented in parts 1 and 2!--either at their website

or on these marvy youtube posts!

craig, me, and russ burlingame of comic

also, at the show--


also, while you're s'posed to be doing work and
nobody's looking...
check out eric sunde's perhapanauts 1 review over at ign

and are you ready?
'cause here are your

"five for friday"

1. who invented scissors?

2. how many bones are there in the human head? 1 7 12 16 22

3. what is michael j. fox's middle name?

4. who invented the modern polygraph (lie detector)?

5. phobias--match the phobia with it's name

a. logophobia fear of heaven

b. demophobia fear of words

c. bogyphobia fear of monsters

d. samhainophobia (for matt) fear of shadows

e. uranophobia fear of halloween

f. teratophobia fear of goblins, demons

g. sciophobia fear of crowds

that's it!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

ps--for those of you who have been sending me so many wonderful e-mails about the t-shirts and the trading card one-sheets, we WILL have them up and available in the store section sometime next week! sorry for the delay!

con coverage crazy!! pt 1


so, the convention was awesome!
we sold out of both the annual and the first issue, as well as many of the dark horse trades--people were really getting into The PERHAPANAUTS!!
sold a few shirts, a few portfolios, a few trading card one-sheets...
saw ALL of our friends, many of whom you can see below courtesy of photos taken by scott (weinstein).
i got to SEE the pages for scott's upcoming AFTER SCHOOL AGENT #2 and was blown away! (chris is just amazing!)
brian was there most of the time, manning the booth. bill stopped by to keep us in the loop on all on-floor happenings.
saw pablo and joe and his twin brother, mike, and amy, the list just goes on...
my pals, kc carlson and johanna draper carlson came by to help out at the table and at some point that none of us can really say for sure, johanna took the whole thing away from us and became a selling machine, luring con-goers over to the table with her fetching beauty and super sales pitch!
we saw, and got to say hello to, saturday night live's bill hader and 30 rock's scott adsit--two of my favorite guys from two of my favorite shows!

craig and i were interviewed several times while at the show and i'll be dropping those links over the next couple of days--wouldn't want you to od on us all at once...

johanna and kc came back upstate with me sunday night and hung out with sharon and i for a couple days. i was really eager to get back to work too--and post some blogs--when my landlord decided to rip the phone-tv-internet cable up with his back-hoe yesterday morning and strand me incommunicado for a day and a half.

but i'm back and here are a couple pics--as i said, from scott. thanks, scott!

welcome to the new york comiccon!

craig, todd, and rico--the perhapa-boys!

scott and chris at the after school agent booth!

a sneak peak at after school agent #2!

gino and chris (see gino's pin-up of big, karl, and choopie over at the perhapanauts forum/drawing jam!)

me talking with my hands to wizard on-line reporter, kevin mahadeo (this is just the back of his head, but trust me, he's smiling on the other side...)

here, also, is a link to the interview kevin conducted with me for wizard on-line the week before the show.

great interview--lots of fun!
thanks, kev!
(but i think i DO sound stupid in phone interviews...)

and if you wanna see some really COOL perhapanauts coverage, check out how the guys from One Shot talk us up here on episode four--doo doo doo doo...

thanks, tagg! too much!

more con coverage and perhapa-news tomorrow!
(and if you're good, trivia...)

smell ya later!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



this just in from our (new) pal, patrick brower, at CHALLENGERS COMICS + CONVERSATION in chicago!

they're out there, baby!

thanks, patrick!
for the picture and the support!

smell ya later!

for those of you unable to attend...


as i said on wednesday--which it is as i happen to be writing this--craig and i, along with a great many of our friends, are at the NEW YORK CITY COMICCON this weekend, hawking the All-New, All-Different PERHAPANAUTS #1 and the Awesome New PERHAPANAUTS TRADING CARDS, and giving away Perhapanauts Postcards and the ever-popular Choopie Butt Cards!

but for those of you unable to attend simply due to geography and/or (stupid) work responsibilities, i offer you the following inspirational platitudes--with the fair warning that they are politically incorrect, in some cases a bit vulgar, and very possibly offensive. so now that you've put your psychic armor on...enjoy!


and you didn't think that i'd forget...

your "five for friday"
it's the "3" game!
i name three of something
(three movies, three songs, three tv shows, etc)
and you give me the common
actor, writer, singer, whatever.

1. the blob, the thomas crown affair, the great escape

2. fire and rain, your smiling face, you've got a friend

3. honey, i shrunk the kids, wonderfalls, firefly

4. the celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county, a connecticut yankee in king arthur's court, the mysterious stranger

5. where it's at, timebomb, the new pollution

hope YOU have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

what brian won...and PiQ magazine!


well, today's the day--and you'd think that i'd once again be splattering the cover(s) of The All-New, All-Different PERHAPANAUTS #1 all over the place...

...but if you're the type that likes to check out the COMMENTS section each day then you already know that i just couldn't.

i just hadda post the funniest, hands down, hilarious-est response to a post that i've ever seen, by our own boothboy and CRICKET squad commander, BRIAN MULCAHY!
brian got all the "five for friday" right and here's his response...

Brian said on April 15, 2008 1:27 PM:
Hey, lookie here, got all the Five for Friday right.

My prize, an all expenses paid by trip to New York City to meet the fabulous creative minds behind the Perhapanauts, Todd and Craig.

Winners of the Five For Friday contest will be whisked to New York City by "Thumbs Up" Transportation. When hitting the open road, remember, hitch a ride with "Thumbs Up."

While in New York, winners will sleep at the newly delivered Brown Box Hotel, located one block, or more, depending on the wind, from the Javitz Convention Center and will be dining al fresco at the recently refilled Dumpster Diner conveniently located in the alley right behind the Javitz.

Also, winners will receive a year's supply of Fan Boy Funk Deoderant. Remember, nothing covers con funk, like Fan Boy Funk, a product of Mother's Basement Industries.

; )

Leaf said on April 15, 2008 8:04 PM:
Best post of the year goes to our friend Brian...

hey, bri--
i know we don't pay all that well (at all), but i DO have your early sign up exhibitor guest badge right here in my hand as we speak...

can't wait to see ALL you guys at the show!

craig, rico, brian, bill, scott!

my pal, nick cardy, is coming up!

CRICKET commander, khial forges will be there too!

our friends, kc carlson and johanna draper carlson, are coming up to the con and will be coming back to the house for a visit following the show. we're gonna go see the comic art exhibit a the norman rockwell museum on monday. (if we're not totally exhausted...)

if you're in the city, come out to the show!


and speaking of johanna draper carlson--a three-namer i always like to say--joahnna, as you know, has a great site called, COMICS WORTH READING where she covers, along with comics, a wide variety of topics in pop culture and the outlying areas. she also does a ton of freelance writing for journals, other websites, magazines, etc.

...and she landed the gig covering The PERHAPANAUTS debut for the cool new, trendy mag you gotta have, PiQ magazine! their editor, scott howard, contacted me about the possibility of an interview for their big issue, and i said, "great!" he then told me that he'd given their reporter my number and that she'd contact me soon to set up a time. johanna and i laughed when we realized, and then had a really fun interview.
go check it out! it's got an awesome cover featuring my favorite dog and rabbit combo, sam and max, so go out and grab a copy! (after you pick up several copies of perhapanauts #1, of course... : )


and that's all i got!
i'm heading down to the big NYC convention tomorrow afternoon, so i won't be here this weekend. but the blog will go up as i've put friday's together and have shown sharon how to post it. so have a great weekend and go get your copy of The All-New, All-Different PERHAPANAUTS #1!
all the cool kids are doing it...!

smell ya later!

Friday, April 11, 2008

in case you forgot...!


just in case you forgot what you should be looking for come wednesday after noon, i've attached these two jpegs for you to print out, clip out, and pin to your chest. then, go to your nearest comic shop, and look for the comics on the rack that match these two pictures! pay for them and your done! it's THAT simple!


big week, this week, as craig and i prepare for the BIG, HUGE, COLOSSAL show in NEW YORK CITY this coming weekend!
we'll be there with all our PERHAPA-SHWAG; the t-shirts, the trading cards, and our #1, premiere issue (if shipping doesn't get screwed up...) of PERHAPANAUTS #1!
we'll be there, as will rico and scott, with his book, AFTER SCHOOL AGENT! if you don't already have a copy, pick one up! and take a look at a sneak preview of issue 2! sweet!
let us know if you're gonna be there!


hope you had a great weekend!
here are the answer to

your "five for friday!"

1. what actor/comedian has hosted saturday night live the most times?

steve martin

2. who, by his own count, has hosted saturday night live 100 times (because he counts re-runs?)

christopher walken

3. in the rime of the ancient mariner, what dead sea-bird does the mariner wear hung around his neck?

an albatross

4. what ominous public service announcement would begin "it's 10 o'clock, do you know _________ _______ __________ ______?"

"...where your children are?"

5. match the following states with their capitals

a. augusta, maine

b. carson city, nevada

c. olympia, washington

d. montgomery, alabama

e. salem, oregon

gotta run!
smell ya later!

if a bear is released in the forest...


so my friend, dave, sent this over to me the other day, and maybe it was because i had been having a sorta quiet, introspective, and reflective kinda day, but this just struck me so funny that i laughed so hard i cried.
what do you think...?

i always love it when the animal wins.
except in jaws.


craig, rico, and i are working late into the night this week to get perhapanauts 2 done and out!
but don't forget--perhapanauts 1 hits stands next wednesday!


and now, because you've been good,
here are your "five for friday!"

1. what actor/comedian has hosted saturday night live the most times?

2. who, by his own count, has hosted saturday night live 100 times (because he counts re-runs?)

3. in the rime of the ancient mariner, what dead sea-bird does the mariner wear hung around his neck?

4. what ominous public service announcement would begin "it's 10 o'clock, do you know _________ _______ __________ ______?"

5. match the following states with their capitals

a. maine montgomery

b. nevada salem

c. washington augusta

d. alabama carson city

e. oregon olympia

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

searching for proof of the perhapanauts...


so, for weeks, nay, MONTHS, craig and i have been banging our heads together trying to find ways to get the word out there about The PERHAPANAUTS...we are, basically, just a couple of storytellers trying to do some fun, exciting, suspenseful comics with a bunch of characters that we've come to care for. but in this current comics market, it's really tough. did i italicize really...? really. really tough.
it seems that anything that doesn't have marvel or dc on it needs to flounder and flail and wave it's arms just to be seen or else be dragged down by the undertow in a sea of independents just begging for your attention. and support.

so far, we've been fairly lucky and it doesn't hurt that we got our pal, art adams, to grace our first issue with a knockout 50/50 cover. we have postcards and choopie cards to hand out at conventions and soon t-shirts that might get people wondering what the heck that word is...
but what we're hearing most is that the big two still have a stranglehold on the independent market and that retailers just won't order extra copies of any non-mainstream book to try to attract new readers. a lot of YOU have told us that your local comic book shop ordered YOUR copy of the annual, but that there weren't any other copies on the racks to catch the eye of potential new readers.

so that's what we're working on.
and what we're looking to YOU, our favorite perhapa-fans, for, for ideas or suggestions that might help us get copies of the perhapanauts into the hands of people who haven't seen it before...

in the meantime, it's us and you and word of mouth, so thanks for all you do! but keep talking us up. perhapa-mania IS about to sweep the nation and you can be a big part of it!

also in this same "how-do-we-get-seen" predicament, are our pals in the paranormal, alex grecian and riley rossmo, who publish the image book, PROOF
talking on the phone a month or so back, alex and i were brainstorming as to how to appeal to the retailers, how to attract more readers, just to stay afloat. (we actually came up with a cool idea that we'll be able to tell you a little bit more about in a week or so.)
we also realized that maybe we should try a little cross-promotion and make sure that our readers are aware of their book and versa vice. and so, here are a few pages from the upcoming PROOF #6 in our attempt to give you a taste of what you're missing if you aren't already picking up this compelling book!

that's it for me!
see ya friday!
smell ya later!

Monday, April 07, 2008

the MORE i promised you!


hope y'all had a great weekend!

mine was good, but mostly busy lettering up some sweet, sweet perhapanauts pages! i don't know if i've actually said this publicly but, while we will be taking advantage of the ON-GOING aspects of the all-new, all-different PERHAPANUTS, this first story line builds to an (i think...) exciting climax in issue five! everything leads to there and i hope you're gonna be surprised!


okay, so i toldja that we had more!

sure, the first issue of the new series hits stands next wednesday! (and, they tell me, is already sold out...! yeah, i don't get that either...)

and sure, we'll be debuting the awesome, cool PERHAPANAUTS T-Shirts at the new york comiccon! (considering the number of people who've 'e'd me to tell me to save one for them, maybe craig and i should give up this comic thing and go into the shirt business...?)

NOW––also BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!––we present to you...


here's the full set of six--ARISA! BIG! CHOOPIE! KARL! MG! and MOLLY!--crafted for YOU by the talented CRAIG ROUSSEAU, in vibrant trading card color by the esteemed mr. RICO RENZI! here's your chance to collect all six in one fell swoop! gorgeously detailed with character bios on the back––you won't want to miss out! be the first on your block to have a full set! frame them and hang them! flip them or trade them with your friends! give them as gifts! put them in the spokes of your bike!

these trading cards will also be debuted at the new york comiccon and be available here in the perhapanauts store beginning wednesday, april 23rd!

send for yours TODAY!
(well...not today, in two weeks...)


oh, and here are the
answers to your

"five for friday"
--special double-sized extravaganza edition!

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?

116 years

2) Which country makes Panama hats?


3) From which animal do we get cat gut?

Sheep and Horses

4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?


5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?

Squirrel fur

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?


7) What was King George VI's first name?


8) What color is a purple finch?


9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

New Zealand

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

Orange (of course)

i dunno!
that sounds crazy!
smell ya later!

Friday, April 04, 2008



so craig says to me, "hey! whaddawe wanna do for the cover to the all-new, all-different PERHAPANAUTS #4? i mean, there's so much happening in that issue, but i don't really wanna put any of it on the cover 'cause it'll give all the secrets away!"
which we hate...when the cover features the big reveal that doesn't happen in the book until page 22. or the appearance of a character whose fate was previously hanging in the balance. or a shot of the hero saving the day when there are six pages inside where he or she just can't figure out what to do...(look at the cover, dummy!)

so i say, "well, one thing that we can tell them is that BEDLAM is being shut down. that might make a good cover." my mind, not quite on the level of mark waid's or kurt busiek's or tom brevoort's immediately calls up two WONDERFUL images from my childhood--two gorgeous covers that were so well done, that you couldn't NOT want to open them and read them and find out WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!--and though i try to stay away from homages (or else i would have craig do one EVERY ISSUE...!) i tell him what i'm thinking.
and we both go after it.

here is the cover that i begged/forced craig to draw.

and here are the two that inspired it...

and it's true!
BEDLAM is being evacuated!
i'd tell you more, but then you wouldn't want to read the issue...

(great job, c!)


and now in our

you say you love the perhapanauts?!
you say you can't wait until you can show the world how much you dig your cryptozoological cronies?!
you say you wish there were some way to wear the perhapanauts right upon your body like a banner to let others know how super-cool and awesome these guys really are?!

are you ready for the t-shirts...?!
'cause the t-shirts are ready for you!

debuting in two weeks at the new york city comiccon,
in two mighty styles!

they're already going fast and we haven't even got 'em back from the printer yet!
so meet us at the show and pick up yours today! (well, i mean in two weeks...)

not going to the show?
no probelo!

these nifty PERHAPANAUTS T-SHIRTS will be available
to everyone following the show! just look for the ad in the
back of the all-new, all-different PERHAPANAUTS #2!


and you think THAT"S cool...?!
be here monday for even more awesome news!!


until then, here are your

"five for friday"
--special double-sized bonus edition!
my uncle sent me these the other day, an email that
has been forwarded more times than i'm sure anyone
could count...but i missed a few and thought i'd throw
them up here for all of you to take a swing at...

1) How long did the Hundred Years' War last?

2) Which country makes Panama hats?

3) From which animal do we get cat gut?

4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

7) What was King George VI's first name?

8) What color is a purple finch?

9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

that's it!
i'm exhausted!
smell ya later!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

brian's letter and the lost wednesday!


my plan for yesterday was this. get up early--well, earlier than usual--take the car in for an alignment --some ice chunk or pothole or crazy "dukes of hazard" thing i did this winter had thrown it a little outta whack--do a couple quick errands and then come back home and post the blog.

what i was told would take "a little over and hour" took about three and a half. the cd that my nephew wanted for his birthday--yesterday, we're celebrating it tonight--which he guaranteed me he saw in best buy...not really. lines at the post office, lines at the bank, line at the really scary diner next to the shop i took my car to (have you ever gone someplace and thought "someone's been stabbed here"...?)

not complaining--i tend to take things as they come and figure everything happens for a reason...

but i just didn't get back in time.
and i really didn't need to do anything.
in answer to my plea last week for volunteer guest bloggers to jump in and allow me to get ahead on other perhapanauts-related projects, our pal, brian mulcahy, was quick to send in this very early letter for an issue of the PERHAPANAUTS that we never published! (yet.)

(in past issues i would write the letter columns myself, having the various "readers' relate to a non-existent issue of the perhapanauts and a story that never was. dunno if we'll resume that practice on our all-new, all-different IMAGE series, but it was fun to get brian's for an issue we call "big top terror"...)

here, then, is brian's letter to the 'haps...

Hi Todd,

Tried to come up with a blog column and the idea for another letter column letter hit me. It's loosely based on that Molly pin-up that Craig did. You'll know the one once you read it.

Cheers, Brian.

Dear Perhap-A-Pals, a.k.a. Todd, Craig and Rico,

Just when you think that the whole Zombie thing has been played out, you guys come up with a new twist in Issue No. 21 that will scare the "bejebus" out of any right thinking adult or child . . .


Todd, I don't recall ever mentioning to you what happened to me when my parents took me to the circus for my 7th birthday, but if did tell you about what is still only referred to in my family as "The Incident," and you wrote "Big Top Terror" anyway, than rest assured that my psychiatric bills will be headed your way, Sir.

Craig, do not think that you are off the hook as those horrific visuals you supplied to Todd's terrible typings have had me sleeping with the lights on for the past week, so expect my four page electric bill to be landing on your door step shortly.

Clowns, in and of themselves are frightening enough, but to make them Zombie Clowns and to then show them tumbling out of their tiny Zombie Clown Car in a sickening cascade of dismembered body parts only to than make me watch in retching horror as they reassemble themselves, slapping mismatched body parts on to each other in a macabre mockery of the macarana was really too much for my mind to take.

And Rico, please know that green USED to be my favorite color, but after seeing what you did with it in this issue, well let's just say that when next we meet, I'll be expecting you to replace the closet of clothing I just had to throw out.

Please forgive any spelling errors in this missive as it is awfully hard to type while keeping a firm grip on the fire ax that I picked up just as soon as I put down this phantasm you call a comic.

Damn you, damn you all to Hades.

Your Pal


P.S. If you are coming over to the house, the secret knock is three quick, two slow and three quick. Make sure you knock really loud, as it is awfully hard for me to hear anything from under my bed.

thanks so much, brian!
really enjoyed that!
and thanks, everyone, for being so patient!
back tomorrow with some more stuff and trivia.
smell ya later!