Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute Sketchbook and other Awesome Shwag~!


our debut of the Mike Wieringo TELLOS Tribute Sketchbook at HeroesCon this past weekend was, to say the least, a little overwhelming. thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out to pick up a copy of this--if i do say so myself--gorgeous collection of simply stunning artwork from some of the industry's most talented talents~! all proceeds go to the Mike Wieringo 'RINGO Scholarship at SCAD and matt and suzanne told me that this proved to be their best convention so far~!

of course, many people who couldn't attend this weekend were wondering if the books would be made available outside the convention and i'm here to tell you that they are. though numbers are limited, the sketchbook is now available for order through our perhapa-store listed above...

the book is available for a $20 donation to the scholarship fund as well as $2.00 for shipping.

it features the artwork of such talents as Frank Cho, Brandon Petersen, Gabriel Hardman, Eric Canete, Craig Rousseau, Denis Medri, Ryan Ottley, Rich Case, JM Ken Niimura, Michel Fiffe, and many more...

also new in the perhapa-store are the 2014 Perhapanauts t's--a design i loved so much that i insisted we put it on a t (craig was, like, it's one of my all-time favorite craig pieces and it's really looks fantastic on a shirt! look fantastic in one--order yours today!

and last but not least, also new in the shop, is the CD version of our award-winning audio play, AudioComics, The PERHAPANAUTS: Monsters Among Us! starring Christopher Price, Robin Miles, Paul Drinan, Jamie Andrews, Joshua Hughes, Lance Roger Axt, Brent Askari, William Dufris, and me. now you can own your very own copy with a cover featuring cool craig art! it's an hour long adventure for your ears...and your imagination! (these make great gifts...!)

so click on the store right now and place your order. all are in limited supply, so it's while supplies last!
get 'em now!

smell ya later!

Monday, June 23, 2014



in my attempt to try to post on here a bit more than i have in the recent past, here are some more photos from this past weekend's always-awesome HeroesCon in charlotte~

more to come...

smell ya later~

Tuesday, June 17, 2014



So, apparently it had been so long since I'd posted a new Perhapa-Blog, that I forgot how to do it.
Really. I had to stop and remember the steps.

Anyway, here I am...finally...with something to post about!

Craig and I, as usual, are headed to HeroesCon in Charlotte North Carolina this weekend where we'll have alla the Haps Trades and some other shaggy-shwag. We can't wait to see the always happy and, now, familiar faces of our friends and extended Perhapa-Family; hope to see YOU there too~!

One of the big things that Craig and I will have at the show that is NOT Perhapa-oriented is something we're really proud of nonetheless.

When our pal Mike passed away suddenly seven years ago, the internet swelled with works of gorgeous artworks by artists and friends expressing their sadness and sympathies. While a good number of them contained characters from many of the Marvel and DC titles Mike had worked on over the years, a select few featured the characters that Mike loved the most; the ones we had created in TELLOS.

Now, finally, all these years later, Craig and I have put together a gallery of some of the finest pieces by some of the industry's finest artists in the MIKE WIERINGO TELLOS Tribute Sketchbook.
All proceeds from this collection will go to the RINGO Scholarship at SCAD, the Sketchbook will be exclusively available at the Matt and Suzanne's table, (which, hopefully, will be right next to ours...)

The book features pieces by illustrators like Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson, Ryan Ottely, Denis Medri, David LaFuente, James Harrren, Andie Tong, Richard Case, Richard Pace, Karl Kesel, Paul Mounts, Rob Stull, Paul Renaud, Jim Valentino, J Ken Niimura, and many more...!

We couldn't be happier with the way the book turned out and we hope that you'll think so too!

Swing by the booth and take a look!
Can't wait to see ya there!

smell ya later~