Wednesday, November 30, 2011

first class comic review no.7~!


while i was out (of it...), my two good friends over in the UK, ellie and lily egleton, produced and published the seventh issue of their increasingly popular FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW--this issue featuring a cover and interview with the talented terry beatty! the magazine, as i have said before, is the girls' love letter to everything they love about comics! other interviews include david hine, adi granov, j.h.williams--and for some reason i cannot fathom, another one with jeff parker! what are you paying these girls, parker...?!
most enchanting and exciting to me--frustrated and jaded by today's comics as i am--was ellie's wonderful celebration of one of her passions in her article, x-men: the early days! made me tear up a little bit, taking that walk down fandom lane...

you can order this issue or any of the back issues at


also on the 'i-don't-know-how-this-slipped-by' list--

a few months back i received a fun and fascinating dvd in the mail entitled the aswang phenomenon from the film's writer/director/producer, jordan clark. i was lucky enough to be on the comp list for this soon-to-be-released film since craig and i gave jordan permission to use images of the aswang--our aswang--in his documentary which investigates the legend of this filipino vampire and tracks the mythology centuries back to it's roots.
jordan used not only images of the aswang drawn by craig, but several shots done by our good pal jason copland from the back-up story in perhapanauts 5.

you can learn more about this film and find out how to get your own copy at;

that's all for now~!
see ya friday with more cool stuff to see!
smell ya later!

Monday, November 28, 2011

the lost 2 weeks


as the subject line reads, it has been a crazy 2 weeks.
i have, in the past two weeks:
gone to a great little comics show in portland, maine
made my pilgrimage to my own personal promised land the international cryptozoology museum
got to meet and hang out with one of my all time heroes, the renowned cryptozoologist, loren coleman
hung out with my friend, james, craig, trish and the kids, rich (woodall), melissa and their kids
agreed to jump in (at the last minute) to do a small part in my mentor/friend steve press' production of kiss me kate
got a miserable, miserable cold (that threatened to stop me from getting on stage)
made it anyway
had lunch and spent a nice afternoon with mike estelle and his lovely wife karen who just happened to be in the area
painted the bathroom
rode with my brother up to geneva ny to pick up my niece at college for thanksgiving break
ate 2--count 'em, TWO--complete thanksgiving dinners as sharon and i split the day with her family and then mine
wrote two short stories and lettered the first two and a half issues of the upcoming perhapanauts miniseries
stacked a cord and a half of firewood
restored greece's failing economy

oaky, maybe i didn't do that last one...
but it sure felt like i did a lot.
on screen here it doesn't actually look like much, but really that cold knocked me out--i mean spend the day in bed--for two and a half day--it was a monster!

anyway, i'm back.
with photos.
which i know are all you really care about anyway...

so here we go...

the first few are from the cryptozoology museum where, as craig posted, i was as excited as a schoolgirl.

loren let us in early for an exclusive tour of the facility. the gang included craig, trish, and the kids, rich woodall, james best, and myself. loren gave us the dollar-fifty tour and paid such wonderful attention to the kids and all their inquisitive questions. mine included. thank you, loren! here's craig and i with loren--and the tallest exhibit in the building--bigfoot!

loren pointing out some of the very unique elements that prove that the 1967 patterson film is authentic.

the museum is full of displays and artifacts from all over the world! i might be extremely biased here, but if you ever find yourself in the portland area, i cannot recommend a visit to the museum enough.

and don't hesitate to visit the museum's website at:

the museum is a non-profit and so both your visit and your donations are a huge help...


as for the convention, it was big fun and it was great to get a chance to meet and chat with so many new readers! everyone was very happy/friendly and i was thrilled to see so many people come in costume!

here are a few of the ones i had a chance to snap...

a super-cute zombie chick!

the red mist and kick-ass!

a star trek andorian...and a tribble...

an adorable death~!

a feisty steam-punk girl!

a stunning white queen! (...and new perhapanauts fan. hi, nicole~!)

so, sorry for the long wait between posts,
but i have a whole bunch of cool things to show you so check back soon~!
smell ya later~!

Friday, November 11, 2011

off to portland~!

dover demon


by the time you read this, i'll be on my way.
my itinerary goes like this...
pick up my pal (and fellow crypto-fanatic!) james best at the dunkin donuts in valatie at 9.
hit the mass pike for a couple hours, talking, probably, about all kindsa crazy creatures and ghost stories and junk like that.
hook up with craig and family somewhere near worchester at around 2.
then rich somewhere around the mass/maine border.
...and we got a big ol' convoy rockin' through the night...
well...maybe just the afternoon as we head up to portland maine for the COAST CITY COMICON!
check in, hang out, go have dinner.
10 am tomorrow morning, meet up with and get a guided tour of the INTERNATIONAL CRYPTOZOOLOGICAL MUSEUM by none other than crypto-hunting legend LOREN COLEMAN himself!!
mosey on over to the convention (a little late...?) and, if i'm not still in total fanboy mode, set up and say hello to everyone in the northern new england states who make it out!
if YOU'RE in the northern new england area and got nothing to do saturday or sunday, come and see us at the eastland park hotel in portland! you'll be glad you did!!


national geographic/yahoo

last week rich sent me a link to these awesome and awe-inspiring photos posted by national geographic and yahoo.
here are just four of my favorites, but you can view the entire incredible gallery at the link posted below...

the volcano cordon del caulle erupts in chile

snake on the tiles/photograph by alexandria dixon

beautiful sunset over the wheat fields of saskatchewan

tornado in southeast colorado

that's it!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Monday, November 07, 2011

coast city comic con~!


well, if i haven't said it enough, i'm gonna say it again...

craig and rich woodall and jamie best and i are heading up to portland maine this weekend for the COAST CITY COMIC CON!!
if you're in the new englan are and are wondering what to do this week, come and see us at the eastland park hotel in portland!
the show is saturday and sunday, november 12 and 13 from 10 am until...well, it honestly looks like it goes on all night!! there will be parties and screenings of some awesome movies, so come on out and have a great time! we will!

my biggest thrill about the show is that we'll get a chance to meet and chat a bit with world-renowned cryptozoologist LOREN COLEMAN and get a chance to take a tour through his INTERNATIONAL CRYPTOZOOLOGY MUSEUM, something i've been wanting to do for a LOOOOOONG time!! loren has written countless books and articles on the subject of the strange and unusual creatures that manage to evade us at every turn including mysterious america, the unidentified/creatures on the outer edge, the field guide to bigfoot and other mystery primates, mothman and other curious encounters, the field guide to lake monsters, sea serpents and other mystery denizens of the deep, and many more.
craig and i will actually be moderating a panel with loren and i'm even now working on a series of questions to ask him. (really--i've had this list for YEARS!! : )

gotta go!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

new for november~!


so here are a few images that i've had on my desktop for a couple days and felt like sharing...

first of all, while i generally try to keep the camera handy and take pictures at conventions to share with you here on the perhapa-blog, mostly of people in cool costumes, despite the fact that there were lots of people in some great costumes this past sunday at the albany comic con, the only picture i took was this AWESOME shaun from shaun of the dead!! talk about nailing it when it comes to 'right costume for the right person', this guy--i shoulda gotten his name--told me that it only took him a few days to grow the mustache, spatter his shirt and cricket bat with blood and he was done!


i don't really know dana black--i mean, know him in real life. i guess we're facebook friends and i think that's what you're gonna hafta become to view even more of his crazy, awesome work in his album there. here are two perhapanaut-related pieces that he did that just rock the house! a haps homage to Fantastic Four no.1 and a big/hellboy team-up from back during our dark horse days...


and under the heading of "who knew...?!", rich sent this over the other day and we were both astounded! the mysterious heads on easter island have long been a fascination for both of us, but each of us had always assumed that what we saw above the surface was all there was. as a matter of fact, we're sure that we've seen a couple of these monoliths toppled over so that they just appeared to be huge, head-shaped rocks just plunked on the ground. but here we see a recent excavation that might begin telling us a little more about these enigmatic sculptures...

that's all i got!
happy wednesday!
smell ya later!