Saturday, June 29, 2013

Albuquerque Comic Expo Costume Cavalcade~!


here is a collection of some of the magnificent costumes craig and i were fortunate enough to see at last weekend's albuquerque comic expo!
i KNOW you're gonna dig 'em!

an adorable poison ivy

a fierce and fiery hawkgirl

a majestic aquaman

another proud and powerful hawk girl
(hawkgirl was big this year...)

a sleek and sultry black cat

this dashing and debonair tony stark

also adorable, princess peach

a smiling scarlet witch

my new pal, gina, as dr. who

i had to get a pic of this guy's awesome
    bigfoot tat~!

not really sure who this character is, but i DO know that it was created and modeled by the ever-charming Hana Cosplay~!

more on monday~!
have a great weekend!
 smell ya later! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Trip to New Mexico~!


as regular readers of this blog already know, craig and i had a great time this past weekend at the Albuquerque Comic Expo; saw lots of friends, ate some incredible food, and, hopefully, added some new perhapa-fans to our already large and loyal family!
not wanting to pass up an opportunity to get out and see some of the wonderful southwest, craig and i rented a car and took a road trip to Roswell to check out the museum and see some of that enchanted countryside on the way.
it was a FANTASTIC trip.
here are a few pictures from our time outside the convention; some cool rock formations and us with a couple of new friends at the roswell ufo museum.
stay tuned to this blog for the comic expo costume cavalcade in a day or two--

smell ya later~!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Missing You~


so, yesterday was mike's birthday.
craig and i were en route back from a fantastic five days in albuquerque at the Albuquerque Comic Expo, so i wasn't able to post this until now.

as has been the case for the past five years, craig and i toasted, missed, and told stories about our missing third musketeer, letting curious fans and friends know what a wonderful guy he was and hearing his laugh whenever something struck us funny. when we're together, mike is always with us.

on the way back home yesterday, i shared breakfast and a plane ride with my pal (and comics legend) Michael Golden, who, when i told him it was mike's birthday, told me what a fan he is of mike's and how sad it wax that we wouldn't get to see mike continue to grow and make an even bigger mark on the world of comics "He gave us so much, but I would've loved to see more."

knowing mike and his love of michael's work and his admiration of the man, i think that just those words would've been a great birthday present.


i miss you so much.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



so craig and i are packing our bags and heading out wests where we'll be guests this coming weekend--june 21rd-23rd--at the ALBUQUERQUE COMIC EXPO in beautiful Albuquerque New Mexico! we'll be staying with some old friends of ours--walter and jesse...bazinga! that'd be cool though...
but we are heading out a day early to try to take in some of the sights and soak up some of that awesome southwest vibe! 

if you're in the area, of course, we hope you'll stop by and see us! we'll have all the trades and packages of all five DANGER DOWN UNDER!s and assorted other Perhapa-shwag--as well as some all-new HAPS bumper stickers for you to slap on your car and let everyone know you support the paranormal!

i'm really looking forward to meeting and getting a chance to chat with folks from the new mexico/arizona area. aside from a few shows years ago in texas, i really haven't spent much time in the southwest. craig and i are hoping that maybe we can find a few new perhapa-fans to add to our ever-growing family. so come on out and say hey!

hope to see ya there!


though i try not to mention sad things too much here on the blog, we lost my dad about this time last year. and, though it has made this past year a little lonelier, i know that he was itchin' to meet up with my mom, who had taken the journey 6 years before him.

and while i was somewhat pre-occupied this past weekend with the albany comic con, it still made father's day an extra sad event for me and my brother. we miss him. dad is on our minds a lot.

but it's my mother who has been in my mind these past few weeks even moreso.  

my mom was a wonderful person; just a very positive, very loving, very friendly person. she was a warm and compassionate mom--truly, my best friend and supporter growing up--an active member of her community, and a school teacher whose former students remember her with happy smiles and stories.

so you wouldn't think that sweet, silver-haired sandy dezago would have a dark secret...but she did.

mom loved true crime. a voracious reader, mom would buzz through three books a week, easy. and while she'd enjoy various bestsellers and works of fiction from time to time, her deepest passion was for true crime, namely the factual accounts of murders and murder investigations. years before CSI and the nationwide fascination with forensics and crime scene investigations came into vogue, my mom already knew how to do all of that stuff. she was on the cutting edge of the latest evidence gathering techniques when the oj trial was in full swing. me, my brother and my dad would turn to look at this strange woman who was sitting in our living room, rattling off names of chemicals and scientific procedures as she 'solved' the case ahead of time. i truly believe in an after-life and i believe that, in it, we are free to pursue the things we are passionate about. if that is the case, i'm sure that my mom's solving crimes in heaven. *   (*yes, i know that brings up some interesting questions, but lemme go with this.)

in the past few weeks, however, my mom has been 'possessing' me--the good kind, i mean. like when molly takes over some unconscious person. my mom's been tweaking my own fascination with true crime and mystery, steering me towards some unsettling tv shows and documentaries, making me want to watch the biography channel a lot. 

like most people, mom was horrified by the crimes, astounded by the techniques that talented police and law enforcement officials used to track down and capture these disturbed individuals...but also, fascinated and intrigued by what led these deviants to carry out their twisted nightmares. isn't that what we all wonder when we read these reports; where is that line and what made them cross it...?

lately i've dvr'd and watched reports on;

ed gein
ted bundy
the green river killer
the btw killer

and found myself on the edge of my seat with each of these chilling documentaries.

and it's all mom's fault.

i love her for it, of course, and feel her watching with me. weird topic to be bonding with my mom over, i know. and, naturally, i have a ka-billion other memories of my mother that are nothing but bright happy days of laughter and love. but whenever i get that urge to look in on the dark side of humanity, i know that my curious mom is right there with me.

'kay--i gotta go pack for the trip!

as that super-70s poet, keith partridge once sang; "point me in the direction of albuquerque..."

have a great weekend!
 smell ya later!

Monday, June 10, 2013

the results are in...!


our winner this week, with a perfect score, is our pal, BRIAN MULCAHY!
brian was down in charlotte this past weekend enjoying HeroesCon and so i waited 'til this morning to make the announcement.
brian's prizes are on their way to him already. they include the wonderful WEIRD LAS VEGAS and Nevada as well as a copy of karl p.n. shukar's The Search for the Last Undiscovered Animals, the beasts that hide from man.
congratulations, brian--Hope you dig 'em!

and, oh are the answers...


1. irwin hasen, the creator of the original green lantern, was also (co-)responsible for a newspaper strip featuring the adventures of a young boy which ran in papers nationwide from 1955 to 1986. what was the boy's name (and title of the comic strip)?


2. what is the name of the last letter of the greek alphabet?


3. who wrote such literary masterpieces as sirens of titan, galapagos, and cat's cradle?

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

4. what band had hits with songs wild horses, paint it black, and gimme shelter?

The Rolling Stones

5. match the creature with the town, country, or region it is associated with;

a. point pleasant, west virginia                        g. mothman

b. bluff creek, california                                  i. bigfoot

c. dover, massachusetts                                   f. dover demon    

d. capiz, the philippines                                   j. the aswang

e. canovanas, puerto rico                                h. chupacabra 

be here next time for more trivia fun and perhaps-news!
smell ya later!

Friday, June 07, 2013

"five for friday~!"


first and foremost, a big HELLO to everyone heading out this weekend to the big HEROESCON in beautiful Charlotte NC! sorry i can't make it this time, but be sure to stop by and see craig who will be surrounded by all kindsa cool perhapa-shwag!! he'll be doing sketches and signing copies of DANGER DOWN UNDER! and having all sorts fun! don't miss it!

so...sorry for the delay in getting the five for friday out this morning--much to do around here today for some reason...

anyway, the questions are below and i ask you to please, please, please DON'T post your answers in the comments section provided, but MAIL them to me at

thank you.

the first person to send in the most correct answers wins this week's prize!
what is it, jay?

from the weird new jersey guys it's

let's get to it!


1. irwin hasen, the creator of the original green lantern, was also (co-)responsible for a newspaper strip featuring the adventures of a young boy which ran in papers nationwide from 1955 to 1986. what was the boy's name (and title of the comic strip)?

2. what is the name of the last letter of the greek alphabet?

3. who wrote such literary masterpieces as sirens of titan, galapagos, and cat's cradle?

4. what band had hits with songs wild horses, paint it black, and gimme shelter?

5. match the creature with the town, country, or region it is associated with;

a. point pleasant, west virginia                        f. dover demon

b. bluff creek, california                                  g. mothman

c. dover, massachusetts                                   h. chupacabra    

d. capiz, the philippines                                   i. bigfoot

e. canovanas, puerto rico                                j. the aswang

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

singing eric's praises~!


i've written this several times before, but when i say that we just can't thank him enough, i am not kidding.

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

to eric henson, who graciously and generously came in an offered his talents, support, and enthusiasm to help us make Danger Down Under! come out sooner and look sharper than we ever could've hoped for! eric's dedication and productivity were highly inspiration to both craig and i and we count ourselves very lucky to have him on the team and in the 'family'.

thank you, eric.
fantastic job!

and so, now that the final issue has finally hit the stands, i can post here eric's both beautiful and hilarious back cover. since we had been posting all the other covers online and with the solicitations, i wanted desperately to have something be a surprise (i love surprises!) and so i held onto these various and very cool back covers which, i think, are some of the most exciting and creative pieces we have!
lauren monardo-gramprey's 1930s pulp style "Famous Perhapanauts Mysteries" cover--
matt wieringo and christian d. leaf's wanted poster for "Choopie and Karl in the Wild Wild West" cover (colors by dean trippe)--
daniel warren's lushy painted family portrait, "The Perhapanauts"--
and matt tyree's hollywood-ready "Perhapanauts Montage" (colors by andrew cramer)--

love 'em all!

so it is with great excitement and pride that i present to you eric's awesome piece, simply entitled...

with colors by the very talented alex sollazzo, i can't tell you how hard i laughed when eric sent this over, complete and ready for publication. i love, Love, LOVE a good homage--or parody--and this absolutely nails the texture and terror of the original poster (now somewhat passé after years of being a cultural reference point) and the humorous timbre of a mad magazine.
i couldn't love it more!

so, thanks, eric--and alex--for a great final image for our fantastic final issue.

there'll be more trivia here tomorrow--a bit more manageable than last week's, i assure you.
and prizes. and some talk about our very unexpected conclusion.
smell ya later!

Monday, June 03, 2013

The Answers... and the Winner!


so, i guess, after being away (from the "five for friday") for a while--and playing some serious trivia each week for the past few months--i came back a little too hard core. sorry gang--i didn't mean to make the questions that hard...i'll do better next time...

that said, the person with the most answers correct was our pal, warren newsom! warren sent his answers in certain that he wouldn't make the cut, but that's how it works sometimes., so always stick with it! warren's prizes are on their way to him as we speak and we'll have more great stuff to give away from the perhapanauts archives in upcoming weeks!

here are the answers;


1. what cosmic event is named after the greek goddess of the dawn?

aurora borealis

2. four presidents were assassinated in office; lincoln, garfield, mckinley, and kennedy. how many other presidents had attempts made on their lives while in office?

the answer is four

andrew jackson

harry s. truman
gerald ford

ronald reagan

both theodore roosevelt and franklin d. roosevelt had attempts made on their lives, but not while in office. (teddy while campaigning for president and then later as a former president and franklin while he was still president-elect)

3. what state is known as "the show-me state"?


4. what classic television show theme song featured the line "i get allergic smelling hay"?

green acres

5. name the movies which featured the following stars;

a.  jack nicholson, sarah jessica parker (1996)

mars attacks!

b.  tina fey, brad pitt (2010)


c. robert deniro, al pacino (1974)

the godfather part 2

d. helen mirren, john malkovich (2010)


e. ben stiller, william h. macy (1999)

mystery men


as you undoubtedly know, The PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! no.5 hits stores THIS WEDNESDAY, so we're telling everyone to get out their books and re-read Issues 1 through 4, just to refresh themselves (after that loooong, unfortunate break).
read 1 and 2 tonight, 3 and 4 tomorrow...!

stay tuned for more updates...and more trivia!
smell ya later!