Friday, May 31, 2013

Maybe I should clarify...


I have not received a lot of answers for the Five for Friday.

Maybe they're too hard.

But, also, maybe I should clarify.

The person with THE MOST correct answers will be named the winner!!!

So, even if you only got one or two ort of the five (and, yes, I cheated--9)--send 'em in, Perhapa-Dudes!

Send 'em in!



so we're makin' it real up in here now...
the five for friday is gonna have some prizes and so i'd like to state right now that we're kinda on the honor system here. any true trivia contest is one that tests YOUR knowledge of useless information...NOT your ability to look it up on the internet. i am hoping that you will participate in the spirit of fun competition and rely on your brain power rather than your google power.

we will be featuring a five for friday throughout the summer (excluding a couple weeks when i'll be on vacation or craig and i will be in new mexico--ALBUQUERQUE COMIC EXPO, y'all--june 21-23!!!) the prizes will be listed ahead of time and are drawn from our personal collection of wild and wacky curios, books and dvds--call it the perhapanaut archives. some are cool, some bizarre, some will make you not want to win again. i will ship them out asap after the winner each week is announced.
good luck!

as stated wednesday, there is a prize for the winner of today's quiz. along with a copy of marc sceurman and mark moran's WEIRD US, the first person to send in their submission of the answers correctly gets a copy of the dvd bigfoot: the mysterious monster, narrated by peter graves (mission: impossible). it's a treat!

(not actual cover)

this is being posted on friday, may 31, at 10:00 a.m.
please do not post your answers in the comments section.
answers are to be sent to me at
the first person to send in their list of the correct answers wins.
winner will be announced saturday morning.

 so let's get to it!


1. what cosmic event is named after the greek goddess of the dawn?

2. four presidents were assassinated in office; lincoln, garfield, mckinley, and kennedy. how many other presidents had attempts made on their lives while in office?

3. what state is known as "the show-me state"?

4. what classic television show theme song featured the line "i get allergic smelling hay"?

5. name the movies which featured the following stars;

a.  jack nicholson, sarah jessica parker (1996)

b.  tina fey, brad pitt (2010)

c. robert deniro, al pacino (1974)

d. helen mirren, john malkovich (2010)

e. ben stiller, william h. macy (1999)

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

some fascinating animals from rich~! and the return of "FIVE FOR FRIDAY!"


so, in an effort to recapture the golden age of the perhaps-blog, i thought it would be fun to post and talk a bit about some stuff that's not directly linked to the perhapanauts, but plays around the edges of what we find interesting. 
cryptozoology is the study of "hidden animals", ones who's existence has yet to be verified by modern science. we're all eagerly awaiting the day when solid, documented proof of bigfoot or the loch ness monster appears on the front page of the new york times or the wall street journal.
until then, let's take a look at some animals that are already here! i thought i'd seen just about every animal we've share this planet with until rich woodall sent me this link of these awesome--and strange--creatures that, frankly, i had never seen before. a long-legged wolf?! a deer with dracula fangs?!?!
here area  couple, but go to

to see a bunch more and find out where they live and what they're all about.



maned wolf

tufted deer


we will, once again, begin running the "FIVE FOR FRIDAY" trivia this friday, with a new added incentive...prizes!
yep, that's right--your knowledge of completely useless info could actually win you something.
for the past few months, i've been meeting up with a passel of old high school pals every tuesday night for some hard-hitting trivia and i've been accumulating questions for the express purpose of getting this joint jumping again.

it's called "five for friday" (though sometimes the questions are in parts, so it could be more...) and this week you could win yourself a very cool copy of "WEIRD US" vol.1 with your big smart brain!
the first person to send in an email with the correct answers gets the prize (along with a couple other weird, wacky, wild, and weird items from our cabinet of paranormal nonsense) to show off how brilliant you are!

since this will be a 'first sent in, first win' kinda contest, i will be posting the perhapablog at exactly 10:00 am eastern standard time, so that everyone has the same start time advantage.

don't let your brain let you down!
see ya friday!
smell ya later!

Monday, May 27, 2013

let's perhapanaut!!


well, let me tell you, the other day i came home from doing some errands to find, sitting on my front porch in a transparent garbage bag 'cause it just wouldn't stop raining around here but that's not the worst of it, it was COLD! i mean, we'd had a few days of temperatures in the 8os and then--boom!--drops right down to the 4os and even getting down into the 3os at night! what IS this?!?!? anyway...wait...where was i...? oh yeah, so i come home from errands to find this box on my porch and what should it be...? you guessed it perhaps-fans--a whole big box of perhapanauts: danger down under! no.5 featuring 3 gorgeous, glorious covers by the masters--walter simonson, michael golden, and craig rousseau!!! and INSIDE each issue--action-packed, power-punching artwork by craig and eric henson--with lyrical inks by christian d. leaf!

it's here! WILL be in about 10 days...

so to get everyone ready for the grand GRANDE Finale, we'll be here and on our facebook page reminding everybody what we've been building to and maybe encourage everyone to re-read issues 1 through 4 of this story arc to refresh your memories after this long 4 month delay.

one cool thing you can check out to get your perhapanauts on is the latest episode of THE FLOPCAST podcast featuring kevin and kornflake, where kornflake relates the tale of discovering the 'haps in a comic shop called the heroes legacy in connecticut. we'd like to thank kornflake, heroes legacy, and the state of connecticut for the very kind words and for supporting our little comic book. especially kornflake.

(i urge you to listen to the entire episode, but if you're in a hurry, kornflake starts talking about us around 13 minutes in...)

check it out!
smell ya later!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

steve gatrost's "the flower of yugao"


if you read the blog the other day then you'll know that we've been debuting two pages a day of steve gatrost's "The Flower of Yugao" over on our TALES FROM THE PERHAPS page.
to check it out, all ya gotta do is click the Tales link above--and, believe me, you'll be glad you did!

two more pages are up today with the final two to be posted tomorrow!
get on over and check it out!
and if you have your own Tale from the Perhaps that you would like to tell, we're always eager to see your take on our wacky world!

smell ya later!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coming Soon!--Watch This Space!


we've got a lot of cool things going on these next few weeks as we (try to ) build excitement and anticipation for the loooooong-awaited (please tell me you're awaiting...?) fifth and final issue of PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER!
we'll be playing some trivia, giving away prizes...

...and showing you some glimpses of upcoming Perhapanauts Projects!

so keep checking back--we're sure you're gonna like what you see!


and speaking of liking what you see, might i direct your kind attention to the top of this very page where you will find the long lost "TALES" button--your doorway to our Tales from the Perhaps page, where we invite YOU to tell us YOUR wild and wooly Perhapanauts stories, stories that might transcend time and space, that hammer on the walls of reality, that bend our now quite familiar characters to the whims of your imaginations. These are our Perhapanauts What If? and Elseworld stories, placing our gang in new and unusual situations.

one of the talented artists/storytellers who took up our challenge is our pal, tattoo artist, STEVE GATROST. we've known steve from conventions for a few years now and were delighted when he sent us a beautiful pin-up of molly as way of introduction. (i am looking all over for the jpg of that pin-up and will be posting it later.)
the next comic show i saw steve at and got a chance to chat with him and get to know him, he showed me more of his stunning tattoo designs and told me of his desire to draw a perhapanauts story--he even had an idea for the story! i realized very quickly that he had the WHOLE story and then encouraged him to do it himself, that once it was done, we would be thrilled to debut it on the Tales page.
he got to work.

starting today, we will be posting two pages a day of steve's own 8 page story, "The Flower of Yugao"
steve did it all and it turned out beautifully.

i urge you right now to click the link above and check out steve's masterpiece!

go--you'll be glad you did!

smell ya later!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Perhapanauts...!


the other day we received a letter from a brand new perhapanauts fan (we like those...) telling us that, while she was thrilled to happen upon a copy of our Perhapanauts: Triangle trade on a recent excursion to her local comic book store, she was a bit confused by the numbering (and even moreso by my mentioning other nonexistent issues in the letters columns...). i take full responsibility and apologize for the mess, a result of our switching companies and format as the industry continues to morph around us.

so here, for the sake of clarity, i give you the (publishing) story so far...
(if ya wanna read them in order, that is...)

Perhapanauts: Dark Days (no.0) 
collects Perhapanauts: First Blood and Perhapanauts: Second Chances originally published by Dark Horse Comics
plus some extras

Perhapanauts: Triangle (no.1)
collects Perhapanauts Annual no.1 and issues 1-5 of Perhapanauts: Triangle now published by Image Comics
plus some extras

Perhapanauts: Treasure Obscura (no.2)
collects various Perhapanauts one-shots; Perhapanauts no.6, Perhapanauts Halloween Spooktacular no.1, Molly's Story no.1, and 
Saints and Sinners and We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program...from the webcomic series,  Tales from the Perhaps

And, currently, the five issue mini-series Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! no.s 1-5, issue 5 on sale June 5th!


now let's talk about me...

or rather, let's talk about what i'm reading...

or listening to.

so, i love to listen to books. i live in a fairly rural area and just running out to the store to pick up milk or bread or something takes a good 15-20 minutes each time (yes, i try to do my shopping all at once. i love listening to books, but i don't make extra trips for myself just so i can listen to more of a story. often.) i love to read as well but, in that i'm in the car so much, it's nice to make the most of that drive-time in an entertaining and inspirational way.

a year or so ago i raved about a book called ready player one by ernest cline. i still say that if you haven't read this gem your doing yourself a disservice. i read it first then listened to it a few months later. read by wil wheaton, it made it new and unique and i highly recommend it.

so, out to capture that same fun, fast-paced, sometimes humorous type of adventure, i let amazon suggest some similar titles and happened upon john scalzi's redshirts, also read by wil wheaton. again, lots of fun and whether you're a star trek fan or not, a solid story with lots of fun and lots of heart built right in. check it out.

which then led me to one of scalzi's other books (he is quite prolific) called fuzzy nation. having already read h. beam piper's fuzzy trilogy back in the early eighties (they were written in the early sixties), i was quite familiar with the concept of a race of cute, furry creatures discovered on a far-off planet that were fighting to be recognized as sentient. it had been some good, solid science fiction back then. i loved them. apparently, john loved these books too and went ahead and wrote a re-boot that i can't listen to fast enough! suspenseful and unpredictable, i'm all over this book! also, read by wil wheaton (and yes, maybe it's wil who makes these books come alive so well!) i say take any one of these great adventures as the soundtrack to your next great adventure, in the car, on the beach--fantastic summer reading...or listening!

what i'm actually reading...?

it's an eclectic bunch

double feature by owen king--haven't finished it yet, but really enjoying it. owen easily shucks the yoke of being steve's son and has a voice and a rhythm all his own. 

the hidden persuaders by vance packard--a book from 1957 written as a warning to the public regarding the use of psychology and manipulation into the world of advertising.

weird u.s. vol.2--the weird new jersey guys give us a second helping of strangeness across the lands. i love the weird books and saw this at b&n for $6 and couldn't resist.

mark (waid) and walter's (simonson's) hulk. along with mark's daredevil, the only comics i read these days...(mostly 'cause they stand alone and you don't hafta read five other comics to get the whole story...)

okay, that's it for me. whadda YOU reading?

we'll be ramping up for the arrival of PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! no.5 over the next few weeks so don't miss out! there'll be trivia, prizes, and all kindsa fun! tell your friends!

smell ya later!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

the state of the bedlam address


with twitter and facebook and whatever else is the social media du jour these days it has felt to me for quite a while now that blogs are deader than disco. never to pass this way again--so long blog, s'been good knowin' ya.
of course, i have stated many times that i believe in never say never; in my considerable years on this little blue ball i've seen stranger things and we all know that disco has made a very healthy comeback.


i titled this little love letter the state of the bedlam address for a reason. mostly to bring you up to speed on the doings and goings on here at Perhapanauts Central.

we are now, finally, less than a month away from the long-awaited (hopefully not long-forgotten...) final issue of our australian adventure Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! i have voiced my frustrations and disappointments at the circumstances that led to this delay before, so i won't bore you with any more of that. but know this--yeah, i'm disappointed by the delay...but overwhelmed at how truly AWESOME i feel this action-packed conclusion is!! the book looks damn good and i CAN'T WAIT for all of you to see it!
craig, eric henson, christian d. leaf, and mike thomas (in the role he was born to color!) did an INCREDIBLE job on making this issue sing and i can't thank each of them enough! wait'll ya see it--you'll know what i'm talkin' about...!

the book finally hits stand on june 5 featuring covers by craig, the incomparable Walter Simonson and the incontrovertible Michael Golden! and a stunning back cover by eric that you'll wanna blow up and hang on your walls!!  (wait'll ya see...   : )

other news on the perhapanauts front includes several Tales From The Perhaps stories in the works with artwork by the likes of Derrick Fish (check out his book, The Wellkeeper), Dave Tata, and Antonio Mastria all to be posted here and/or as extras in the Danger Down Under! trade, due this autumn!

the perhapanauts are going audio! craig and i have been talking with The Audio Comics Company about recording a Perhapanauts Radio Adventure! Audio Comics are some very (very!) talented people who have already produced some amazing audio programs--check out their Starstruck, Honey West, and Titanium Rain selections on iTunes or through Amazon! craig and i are a bit torn, not knowing if there'd be a market for audio 'haps, so if you think you'd be keen to hear the gang come to life, let us know...

of course, craig and i have lotsa other stuff in store--we're ALWAYS thinking of new perhapanauts stuff to waste our time on--and we'll keep ya up to the minute with it here.

so the state of the bedlam is...well enough. sorry for the hiatus between posts; just hadn't had very much to say.


and here with a video that induced a chill to run down my spine, rich woodall sent me this just a little while ago and i thought i'd share. though rich usually has his finger right on the pulse of all things weird, this video first made it's debut a couple of years back, but we didn't come across it 'til just now. either way, i dig it.
thanks, rich!!

and so that's it for now
take care!
smell ya later!