Monday, March 14, 2016

More reports from INTO HOLLOW EARTH...

Hi, Perhapa-Pals~!!

Hope all is well topside~!

Down here in the Hollow Earth our team--and our adventure--are deep into the action, deep into the fantastic, and deep into the mystery that has brought them here in the first place~!

Craig is cranking out some truly gorgeous pages and we're all very eager to get this done and into your hands~!

Here's a page to whet your respective appetites and to let you know that this will truly be an adventure to remember~!

Also here is another of the Amazing Stories cover I sent to Craig to suggest the tone of our retro-future graphic novel--

Smell ya later~!

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Status Report-- The Perhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth

Hi, Perhapa-Pals~!

Todd here.

So, as I'm sure many of you have heard by now, Craig and I are running a bit later than expected in the production of our all-new original graphic novel, Into Hollow Earth...

I am here to, among other things, bring you up to speed on our progress and, for the most part, to take the hit.

When we first set out to create what we decided would be a brand new, full-length Perhapanauts adventure, Craig and I wanted it to be all the things we usually shoot for--thrilling, exciting, dramatic and fun--but we also wanted it to be definitive, to be the ultimate Perhapanauts tale, one that could stand alone and be enjoyed by both long time fans and new readers alike~!

And we wanted it to be a true graphic novel --meaning a novel length feature that you could immerse yourself in, one that you could get lost in, something that felt like an event when you were done--a reading experience that took more than a few minutes sitting at your kitchen table.

When we started, I piqued Craig's curiosity with a story of subterranean adventure, with a serial-like tale that harkened back to the fantastic pulp magazines of old-- Amazing Stories and Amazing Fantasy --and the classic comic strip exploits of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers ~!

He said, "Let's Go~!" and off we went.

But as I found myself confined to only 45 to 50 pages, I became depressed trimming and editing out scenes and sub-plots that I felt gave the story it's passion and flavor. I begged for 10 more pages and Craig gave them to me...

But here I need to beg your patience  'cause those ten more pages will take a bit more time.

I hope that you will bear with us.

Seeing Craig's remarkable artwork for this story, I can only tell you that it will be worth the wait.
He's blowing me away with every single page and I can't wait for you to see them~! ( some previews will be forthcoming in this blog-space )
To help Craig get a jump on the coloring, we've elicited the time and talents of our pals, Rich Woodall and Rod Hannah to flat things out and get pages ready and we can't thank them enough for their assistance.

Thanks for your understanding.

Here I will be posting a few of the old Amazing Stories covers that I bombarded Craig with to inspire him for the astounding retro-future world we are creating.
Hope you dig 'em.