Friday, July 30, 2010

leonel, matt pott, and two pictures that made me laugh!


as we bid goodbye to july (don't go, july, don't go--!), i'm already looking ahead to august and the challenges it poses. i've gotta try to write two issues of super hero squad in a week since i'll be jetting down to florida from the 8th to the 13th to spend a week with my buddy, nick cardy. and, not owning a laptop, i'm planning to have the blog done in advance for those three days, but will need to rely on craig to post them.
my goal at nick's is well, simply, just to see him. when i opted out of doing any of the usual conventions this year, he thought that sounded fine, but we realized we wouldn't get a chance to hang out any. this way we'll get to hang out and watch old movies and look at his artwork and go to dinner at 4:30 together.
another plan is to bring my brand new video camera (well, brand new in that it's a year and a half old, but it's new to me 'cause i still haven't gotten the hang of loading the stuff i shoot onto my computer--what a pain...) and get nick telling his stories about comics, his time in world war two, and just life! he's so funny and such a great story teller as craig and matt and suzanne can attest. and while i'm no cinematographer, i figure that some genius film editor will be able to take the raw footage and work some magic on it to make it watchable.
the film idea came to me years ago when nick would tell mike and i stories and i told mike that we should tape it, these stories are gems. we were talking at the same time and i said people would love to hear more about the early days of the comics industry while mike was meaning the stories of the war. we both laughed and said we oughta do both. so we're gonna do just that.
and just the other day, after chatting with renee witterstaetter--we're going to get to see and have dinner with renee and michael golden while i'm down there--renee says she knows exactly the guy to edit the film and she wants to produce it through her eva ink productions. she did this with michael and his work a couple years ago and if you haven't seen it, do! so this way, rather than me just posting a few raggedy, rough video clips of nick talking on youtube, it will be a smartly cut and polished production to give the man his due tribute. (i hope i don't screw it up...!)

anyway, that's what's shakin'. i'll have more later!


in the meantime, i have become friends and very chatty with my super hero squad artist, leonel castellani and we got to talking back and forth and he mentioned that he had never seen an issue of our very popular, highly-selling comic as he lives down in argentina. so i packaged up the run so far and sent them off--but not before including some perhapanauts for him to peruse as well.
he thanked me for the squads--we're having a lot of fun on those!--but he couldn't stop raving about the perhapanauts and offered very quickly to do a short haps story with me, said he LOVED the design of the characters (good job, craig!) and fell in love with them as he read! and so did his wife, the official choopie fan in argentina!
i'll keep you posted on when and where our story will appear but for right now, here are leo's initial scribbles of some of the gang!

thanks, leo--they're terrific!


facebook is awesome!
last night i was chatting with tim perkins in england and matt pott in australia all at the same time! crazy fun! tim and i are talking about doing a little something together--or somethingS--a little project of our own and maybe a perhapanaut-y thing and matt, of course, did that gorgeous cover for us for the halloween special last year in his unique and quirky style.
matt told me that he had been digging through some old files of past work and that he just posted a picture of koj that he drew and sent to mike years ago. i snagged it and am posting it here too, but run over and take a look at some of the cool stuff matt's been up to!

you can see some of tim's lovely work at
and matt's at and


and here are two pictures that i grabbed offa monday morning randomness on ebaum's world!
they both made me laugh and one made me laugh several times. you can guess which one.

gotta run! terry and i called it's comics day so we're
driving down to new paltz to get comics and have
lunch with our pal, mike giacoia.
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the person that has influenced me most...


a child of television, i think i watched more hours of cartoons and i love lucy re-runs than anybody i know, my brain absorbing every line and nuance like a big fat sponge as i sat bathed in that flickering blue light.
snippets of dialogue are always swirling through my head and sometimes one gets stuck there, like the words to a favorite song will...and stay there until, sadly, it is no longer your favorite song. the other day it was the following and it stayed with me so long i posted it on my facebook status and shared it with everyone...

‎"one, two, three strikes, you're out! one, two, three strikes, you're out! one, two, three strikes, you're out!"--bugs bunny, the only pitcher to ever strike out three batters with one pitch.

"baseball bugs"--1946
final score: bugs bunny--96
gas-house gorillas--95

bugs wasn't just flippy, little juvenile entertainment to me, i regarded him as a member of the family, a screwball uncle who i saw just about everyday. i learned more from him than i think i did from many of my teachers, and while i sometimes think he was a little too cavalier in his use of dynamite, i realize now that i've patterned much of my behavior on his antics and actions.
i love that guy!

there are lots of great bugs bunny lines that are part of my lexicon, and bits that have a special meaning between me and friends;
my brother and i will often put on our best irish brogue to quip, "ya might, rabbit, ya might..."--"bugs and thugs"--1953 ("would i throw a lighted match inta this stove if my pal rocky was in there?")
my old roommate dennis and i would often boast in our best slobokian accent, "i will leap three-THOUSAND feet into a block of ce-ment...on my head yet!"--"big top bugs"--1951
and any argument in the world would simply disintegrate in an instant if one of the debaters would simply start, "duck season!"--"rabbit fire"--1950 (also "rabbit seasoning"--1952, and "duck! rabbit, duck!"--1953. "would you like to shoot him now or shoot him later?" "shoot me now! shoot me now!" BLAM! "let'ssss try that again..."

they're all in my head, bouncing around like bingo balls.
so...what are your favorite bugs bunny lines?


here are a couple did you knows? from my pal terry that i either didn't know or thought they were still curious.

this, by the way, is post no.750.
happy wednesday!
smell ya later!

Monday, July 26, 2010

perhapanauts on newsarama!


well, generally, i like to keep everyone in the loop with what's going on with the perhapanauts right here on the old blog, but i guess i've been lax in that regard these past few months, so our old pal, russ burlingame hit me up with a few questions last week and, in doing so, seems to have re-energized the entire operation! craig's been able to find time to start cranking out more pages, laurne monardo as well, we have a few other projects and conventions in the works and you can read all about it over here on russ's column!

thanks so much, russ!
that really helped things moving!


a few weeks back, sharon and i were thrilled to have our southern parents come up and visit with us for a couple days and we can't thank matt and suzanne enough for sharing cecil and momma shirley with us. it's no wonder that we have adopted them as much as they have adopted us and it was great fun showing them around a bit, taking cecil to all the used book stores i could find, and making sure we took them to matt's favorite diner in the whole wide world! (where, i might add, cecil gave me and my favorite waitress, kim, a lesson in just what heinz 57 sauce is...) (it ain't ketchup.) we went out to dinner, too, with my dad and it seemed like the time just rushed by and they were gone again.
but we'll be seeing them--and matt and squeeze--down their way this fall.

momma shirley, me, my dad, and sharon

same picture, now with more cecil added...!

me, sharon, dad, and shirley

i gotta get to work!
have a great monday!
start the week right!
smell ya later!

Friday, July 23, 2010

john byrne is awesome! and captions


so, when i was a kid and first got into comics, there were LOTS of artists who were wowing me on a regular basis. mostly a dc boy at the start (i would embrace and immerse myself in marvel soon enough, don't worry...), i was drooling over the talents neal adams, jim aparo, dick dillin, mike grell, and, uh, let's not forget, nick cardy. over at marvel a at the time was this young guy who had this cool style who was working on iron fist and the odd issue of marvel team-up and, though i didn't buy all of them, i picked up a random issue here and there and kept my eye on this guy. his name was john byrne.
well, needless to say, his career exploded shortly after that and his first issue of the uncanny x-men was the first issue of x-men i bought. i loved his style, his storytelling, the acting, the drama, all of the crisp elements he brought to the story. (that he was working with one of the greatest comics writers at the time didn't hurt...!) john byrne fan for life!=me.

as i got into comics myself, i had the opportunity to meet john and gush all over him, and that's a story for another time. i have also watched him gradually extract himself from the comics industry and, while i am frustrated that we don't get to see his wonderful work on the characters that we all know and love--that i know HE knows and loves!--i can certainly understand and respect his choices and decisions not to be drawn into and manipulated by the machines that now churn out the sales-driven, corporately-conceived crossovers that litter our shelves each month. (look at me. i am so happy--and lucky--to be operating under that radar, working on super hero squad! and not having to be a part of alla that...)

so, okay, that's why john stays away from the big two...but how then, does a true-blooded, dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying comics fan get his marvel on? or his dc, for that matter...?
he does commissions.

i don't surf around the net all that much (i'm so easily distracted that if i went anywhere, it'd be all day. really. it happens.) so i count on matt and craig and christian and rich and warren--and my nephew for silly stuff--to hook me up with articles, photos, movie trailers, you tube clips, news reports, etc. so that i know at least a little of what's going on out in the real world.
when matt sent me this the other day--under the subject title, "HOLY CRAP!!"--i was speechless.

still am.

this falls under the commissions category of "re-imagined covers".
this is the cover to fantastic four 134.

this is john's newest version.

you know how i love dragon man.
i can't stop saying awesome.
and meaning it.
i mean, the meaning of awesome. full of awe.
i am full of awe.
i can't stop looking at this.
john byrne is awesome!

to see more of john's awesomeness--and especially more of his commissions--head on over to his website at; and spend a day. you could. you will.


over at another favorite website, ebaum's world--where i go to play a few favorite old-school on-line games--they present a series of random pictures each week that are either funny, curious, thought-provoking, or sexy called monday morning randomness. i grabbed a few images from there and put a couple captions on them and here they are. nothing fancy--add your own captions if you like...

...and burger king wins.

"curse you, steve jobs!"

shouldn't they BOTH be in car seats?

3-D escher

take LITTLE bites!

okay, that's it for me!
have a great weekend, gang!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



ha! after all the news i had for you yesterday, i got nothing today.

so here's some fun wordplay and a couple pictures i've had hanging around my desktop for the past week or so...

the following was forwarded to me several weeks ago by alison and contains a few new words and definitions that i found amusing. maybe you will too.

The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational once again invited readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.

Here are the winners:

1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.

2. Ignoranus : A person who's both stupid and an asshole.

3. Intaxicaton : Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

4. Reintarnation : Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

5. Bozone ( n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

6. Foreploy : Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid..

7. Giraffiti : Vandalism spray-painted very, very high

8. Sarchasm : The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

9. Inoculatte : To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

10. Osteopornosis : A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit.)

11. Karmageddon : It's like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it's like, a serious bummer.

12. Decafalon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

13. Glibido : All talk and no action.

14. Dopeler Effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

15. Arachnoleptic Fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

16. Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

17. Caterpallor ( n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you're eating.

The Washington Post has also published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words.

And the winners are:

1. Coffee, n. The person upon whom one coughs.

2. Flabbergasted, adj. Appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained.

3. Abdicate, v. To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

4. Esplanade, v. To attempt an explanation while drunk.

5. Willy-nilly, adj. Impotent.

6. Negligent, adj. Absentmindedly answering the door when wearing only a nightgown.

7. Lymph, v. To walk with a lisp.

8. Gargoyle, n. Olive-flavored mouthwash.

9. Flatulence, n. Emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been run over by a steamroller.

10. Balderdash, n. A rapidly receding hairline.

11. Testicle, n. A humorous question on an exam.

12. Rectitude, n. The formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.

13. Pokemon, n. A Rastafarian proctologist.

14. Oyster, n. A person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.

15. Frisbeetarianism, n. The belief that, after death, the soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.

16. Circumvent, n. An opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men


the white queen by paolo rivera

a she-hulk model
does anybody do this...?
i have this model and a cool joker model, both unpainted, unassembled, that i bought years ago thinking, "yeah--i'll put them together and get out some paints and do it up right! how hard could it be?" do anybody do this--assemble and paint these things? with an airbrush? and fine attention to detail? 'cause they're sure not painting themselves...

happy wednesday!
smell ya later!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

back from the bar!


i'm back!
had a wonderful, WONDERFUL time at scott and abby's wedding and it was really great to see scott's friends that i did know--hey, chris and jose!!--meet a lot of both scott and abby's friends that i didn't know--jen and dave and chris' wife, julie...and, it seems, just about every girl abby went to college with! (that list would fill several pages!) (plus, apparently, they all sing!)

here's the terrific piece that scott's cohort and after school agent collaborator, chris zaccone, did for the happy couple which was used as guest table cards at the wedding! awesome job, chris!

the drive to bar harbor was a long one--mapquest predicted just under 8 hours (but then, they have to calculate your time going per posted speed limits and, well, we weren't doing that...) but it was a gorgeous ride through new england and up the coast and sharon and i were also entertained listening to the passage by justin cronin and read by ed hermann. it's great! VAMPIRES! but we haven't finished it yet, so don't tell me how it ends...
sharon is a lobster addict, even here in upstate ny, so it seems that we had some kinda lobster something for just about every meal while we were there. which was good! the wedding was beautiful, out on the patio of the bar harbor regency, and the evening was perfect for the happy couple.
sunday, sharon and i got up early to go out on a whale watch/puffin tour that was really spectacular! we saw several humpbacks, a fin whale or two, many, many atlantic white-sided dolphins and a harbor seal that shay spotted long before anyone else did! and lots and lots of sea birds; terns, gannets, and, of course, the puffins.
we also saw lots of seasick people--folks, if you're going on one of these things, don't forget the dramamine!
the only drawback was that bar harbor is such a spectacular town surrounded by such gorgeous landscapes and sea life that the president and his family decided to take a vacation there this weekend as well--and stayed at the same hotel that we were at and scott and abby had their ceremony. so there was security EVERYWHERE! for me though, it was less of a hassle and more exciting/interesting to see how it was all handled and, hey! we got to stay in the same hotel the president was in!

anyway--a wonderful time was had by all!
congratulations, scott and abby!


while we were out, some reviews rolled in for casper and the spectrals #2
though i'm still disappointed that it took so very long to get here, i'm delighted that people are picking it up and, apparently, enjoying it! check this out...


and for those of you who haven't picked up your copy of SUPER HERO SQUAD yet--out last week!--here's a little taste of that circus!

more tomorrow!
smell ya later!

Friday, July 16, 2010

off to bar harbor and uriel's "brainpower!"


i got this from our pal and perhapa-buddy, uriel (a. duran) yesterday and just stopped laughing about a minute ago...


Hi there! Do you remember the Choopie script you posted on your blog earlier this year?

awesome job, uriel!
love the pacing! love the style!
thanks so much!

(and for those of you who remember our other perhapa-pal, warren newsom's version of this little scene, here's a quick link to go back and compare the two!)



ya wanna see something really funny...?!

check out craig in this interview with nerd caliber at the granite state comic con!


i saw this picture and got to thinking...

so, there are a lot of crazy phobias in this world. people afraid of chickens. people afraid of frogs. people afraid of cotton. people afraid of pickles. true. i saw it on maury.
so, let's just say that your absolute, abject fear is dogs. all dogs. any dogs. terrified.
and let's just say that, since dogs are pretty much everywhere in our society these days, an accepted and integral part of just about every aspect of our culture, that you, as a certified cynophobic have taken to escaping into the underwater world of the oceans as the one place you can be at peace, the one place where you can truly relax, the one place you know that "they" can't get to you...
wouldn't this photo be, like, your worst nightmare?

alien chicks


under the heading, favorite quotes...

"I'm fairly sure that if they took all the porn off the Internet,
there'd only be one website left, and it would be called Bring Back The Porn."
--Dr. Perry Cox, Scrubs



there will be no post on monday, but you'll see one on tuesday as i am, right now, at this minute, as we speak, i write and you read--although because i do say the words as i type, i AM actually speaking...--sharon and i are somewhere on I-95 heading toward bar harbor, maine to be at our great friend and perhapa-pal, SCOTT WEINSTEIN'S WEDDING!!!! amn--i can't believe it! although i guess i can 'cause that ABBY is a lovely girl...! CONGRATULATIONS, SCOTT and ABBY--can't wait to see you in person to say so! MAZEL TOV!!

everybody, have a wonderful weekend!
smell ya later!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FCCR! the first class comic review!


so let's say that you're a couple of ambitious and enthusiastic young girls who want to let the world know that the next generation of comics book readers is alive and well and thriving in the UK! what do you do? well, if you're ellie and lily egleton you put together and put out a bi-monthly comic magazine called FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW and you use your exceptional talents and skills to contact and interview some of your favorite (or should that be 'favourite'...?) writers and artists in the industry, some of the top names in comics!
oh, and me...

about a month ago, i was delighted--and honored--to be contacted by these two young ladies and chosen to be their very first interview! their love of the super hero squad--and the figures--put us all on the same page immediately. they were very quick and professional when they sent their email interview and their questions were both fun and insightful and put me at ease instantly--though i was a bit anxious that we might have a problem somewhere along the way with the language barrier...

since then, we have been in regular contact as ellie has let me know how the publication of their first issue has been progressing and i am very pleased and excited to announce that first class comic review #1 is officially on the stands!

the girls, ellie, 14 and lily, 8, got the idea for FCCR when they realized that the UK didn't have a magazine that really covered the things that they were interested in; comics, manga, toys. and so, with some guidance from their dad, tim, and a little help from their friends, arun, abi, beth and kieran, they forged ahead to produce a full-color newsletter/magazine of their own--FCCR!

the first issue features an interview with marvel writer fred van lente and is available now! FCCR #1 also includes a sneak peek at fred's shadowland powerman as well as a manga and toy review!

the second issue features an interview with marvel super hero squad scribe, me!

check out more on FCCR--the first class comic review at;

and here are some other links you might want to check out!

Hi Todd. We just made a lot of FCCR sites and these are the links.Thanks for putting them on yours, it should help us getting fans and hopeful readers of the magazine when it comes out!!/group.php?gid=126702280690709&ref=mf

Thanks Again, it's been a real pleasure :)

Hi Todd,
Guess what hit comic book stores shelves today, FCCR #1! It's finally out and we are putting it on ebay shortly.
We are going to mail you a copy on monday :)
Thank-You for all your help,
Ellie and Lily

Hi Todd,
We are going to post you a copy of issue 1 tommorow!
We just set up our new site, here is the link if you could please put it on yours.

Would you like us to put a link to your site too?

(as i told ellie, i wish i knew how to put up a link to other sites on the perhapa-blog...)

best of luck with the publication, girls!
and thank you for a wonderful interview!


the other day i mentioned a poster i had when i was a kid that i have been looking all over for that featured a picture of a train wreck.
these are not it.

happy wednesday!
smell ya later!

Monday, July 12, 2010



rich sent this over to me friday afternoon and we haven't stopped talking about it--
here's the article and the link to the story if you'd care to read the comments that follow (that's what has fueled rich's and my conversation most of the time--we KNOW that the UFO is real...we just can't believe all these people are fighting about it...)

Last updated at 2:58 AM on 10th July 2010
Comments (145)
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A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky.
Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a bright trail in its wake.
Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm and dozens of flights had to be diverted.

The strange light appeared to glow as it swept through the night sky, to the alarm of local residents

Another photo from a different angle which shows a wide trail behind the object as it zips through the sky
Stunned witnesses reported seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky and a number of local residents took photos of the strange ball of light.
A local bus driver, giving his name only as Yu, said he had seen a strange glowing object in the sky late on Wednesday afternoon.
'The thing suddenly ran westwards fast, like it was escaping from something,' he said.
Inbound flights were diverted to nearby airports while outbound flights were delayed for three to four hours.
Some Chinese experts claimed that the strange sight was actually debris from a US intercontinental ballistic missile.
Chinese officials later said that they knew what the object had been but were unable to make it public because there was a 'military connection.'
An official statement is expected later today.

Read more:


and here are the
answers to your
five for friday!
+ 1
the other day i was watching a movie from the 80s that was supposed to be taking place in 60s that was directed by a guy who created a tv show in the 70s about growing up in the 50s...which has absolutely nothing to do with the following questions about the 50s.
not the decade--just the numbers.

1. number of varieties that heinz boasts.


2. top secret air base in nevada (where they allegedly keep the aliens).

area 51

3. new york's most famous--and infamous--disco club in the 70s.

studio 54

4. five-oh! where did this slang term come from and why?

the television series hawaii five-oh named thusly because hawaii was our 50th state

5. cop comedy from the early 60s. "car __, where are you?"


6. card game that involves the dealer firing the cards all over the room.

52 pick-up

bonus: can you name the movie from the 80s about the kid in the 60s?
and the creator of the show from the 70s about life in the 50s?

the movie from the 80s about the kid in the 60s was the flamingo kid (1984).
the director was the creator of happy days (and laverne and shirley and mork and mindy, etc.) was garry marshall, one of my heroes.
side note: incidentally, when the flamingo kid came out back in 84, someone slid the "o" to the far side of the lobby sign, making me think--and dream--for just a second that they had made a movie about the human torch...

happy monday!
smell ya later!

Friday, July 09, 2010

oh, sh*t


my friend lois sent me these pics a week or so ago, each one deserving of the caption...


when i was a kid, i had this poster, same caption, called "bridge out." it was a woodcut or lithograph or etching or something in that old-timey style and printed only in black on sepia-colored paper. it was a train crash, a locomotive, that had come up on a railroad bridge that wasn't ready for the weight. the engine had sorta nose-dived through the bridge and into the embutment. it didn't look like anyone had actually been hurt in the crash--i think i even remember the engineer looking out the window all confused--as some old-timey guys and looky-loos surveyed the scene. can't find the image anywhere on this great big magical internets, but it was cool and it hung in my room for years.


and here are your
five for friday!
+ 1
the other day i was watching a movie from the 80s that was supposed to be taking place in 60s that was directed by a guy who created a tv show in the 70s about growing up in the 50s...which has absolutely nothing to do with the following questions about the 50s.
not the decade--just the numbers.

1. number of varieties that heinz boasts.

2. top secret air base in nevada (where they allegedly keep the aliens).

3. new york's most famous--and infamous--disco club in the 70s.

4. five-oh! where did this slang term come from and why?

5. cop comedy from the early 60s. "car __, where are you?"

6. card game that involves the dealer firing the cards all over the room.

bonus: can you name the movie from the 80s about the kid in the 60s?
and the creator of the show from the 70s about life in the 50s?

that's it!--i'm on a boat!
smell ya later!