Monday, October 29, 2012

lauren monardo gramprey's Famous Perhapanauts Mysteries~!


so, the perhapanauts: danger down under! no. 1 hits stands in a week, halloween is two days away, and sandy, the monster hurricane--or the frankenstorm, as i've heard it called--is bearing down upon us as i write. i am trying to get as much work done as i can (lettering the last pages of issue 3) before we, inevitably, lose power.

i've been trying hard to give you some cool glimpses of what you can expect to find in the new series, but i also like to leave some things as a surprise. i've already posted about the great, talented artists who have helped us out with the art on back-up stories and i will be going crazy in an upcoming post over the incredible colorists we have on the book who are bringing a vibrant new dimension of life to our fantastic tale!

one of the things i hadn't tipped about until now is the fact that every issue of danger down under will tout a gorgeous back cover featuring artwork by our helpful friends!
issue 1 includes a back-up story entitled goodbye, larry with artwork by the multi-talented lauren monardo gramprey! as you can guess, the story centers on the tragic events of perhapanauts: triangle no. 5 and finds choopie, big, molly, and merrow attending the somber funeral services of the poor, departed gremlin. it's a hoot.

when asked if she'd like to do a back/flip cover for issue 1, lauren thought long and hard, wanting to do something different than the usual same old, same old and was inspired while  investigating a book featuring the covers of the classic pulps.
when she sent this over, i almost fell off the chair; now THAT'S an homage!!

look for this stunning back cover next week on perhapanauts:danger down under! no.1


Thank you, Lauren--for ALL of your very hard--and WONDERFUL--work!

that's all for today!
stop by on halloween!
smell ya later!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

something wicked...


while the premiere of the Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! is a mere two weeks away, it's hard for me to get everyone all worked up about it with Halloween hovering ominously in the air! i'm finding myself getting more and more in the spooky spirit and thought that i'd go back and co-opt some scary images from perhaps-blogs past...

i put them in the order i thought they were the creepiest...



so how about you...?
in the halloween spirit?
got any chilling pictures that YOU'D like to share with us?
we'd LOVE to see them.

send any frightening or terrifying photos, jogs, whatever to;
and i'll get 'em up here!

have a spooky day~!
smell ya later!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

here we go...~!


craig and i had a great time in new york this past weekend, chatting people up about the upcoming Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! miniseries, selling the ashcan previews and just getting a chance to hang with friends and fans! but i'm still exhausted from the con, so i'm just checking in til tomorrow when i'll have some more cool news and stuff to show you from the series...

in the meantime...i've been going through our vast perhapanauts library of pin-ups and sketches and cover contests recently and posting artwork that people have sent in over on our facebook page. one was a black and white image by an artist named mauricio zanini--mark if you'd like--and that got some nice response. so i contacted mark again after all these years and thanked him again for his piece.

well, this must've inspired him, because here again, i present for your enjoyment, a perhapanauts cover as imagined by mark zanini ~!

and here, because i, for one, always love to see the construction of any artwork, are the rough pencils...

thanks again, mauricio!
great job!

that's it for me!
 i gotta get to work!
 have a great day!
 smell ya later!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

charles paul wilson is the stuff of legend~!


it is a proven fact that, as we grow older, time moves faster. i always thought it had something to do with school; when i was in school, time seemed to ooze by like molasses, time was slowed to a glacial trudge. this effect permeated everything and everything took forever...
lately, however there has been a quickening, and time flits by like an elusive butterfly. summer's that used to seem endless go by in a flash. days, weeks, months are here and gone before we know it. to some this might sound like a complaint.
it's not! i'm saying that i just can't wait until next month!
we are a few days less than a month away from the debut of The PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! no.1!!! And I can't wait for you to see it!
I've been having some very heated email conversations with some very vocal Perhapa-Fans about posting some Preview Pages from the Ashcan; some people are very Spoiler Sensitive.
And I can respect that-I love surprises and I don't want anything or anyone tipping on something I'm looking forward to.
So if you are just DYING for a chance to see a few early pages from the new series, head on over to our "Tales from the Perhaps" section--see the link above?--and you can get an eyeful of what we're talking about. If not, hang in there, Perhapa-Pals--we're less than a month away!

what i CAN show you--'cause the solicit for issue 3 is just a few days away--is the awesome variant cover we have for that issue!
as you can tell, craig and i wanted very much for the new series to sport a wide variety of cool covers from some of our favorite artists in the industry. Issue one features a beautiful variant cover by Jim Starlin and Terry Austin, 2 bears a gorgeous Joe Staton piece...and we have a lot more where that came from...!
Danger Down Under! no. 3 proudly displays a variant from the incredibly talented CHARLES PAUL WILSON III, artist/designer of Th3rd World's awesome graphic, THE STUFF OF LEGEND!
if you're not yet reading this book, you are in for a treat! written by mike raicht and brian smith, TSOL is a rich and compelling fairytale chronicling the adventures of a group of toys out to rescue their kidnapped boy. charming, powerful, thrilling, you will not be disappointed by this book. order one for yourself and some extras as gifts; it's that good.

and, of course, it's gorgeously illustrated by charles, who's lush pencils sing in sepia and bring this very unique world to life. wonderful stuff and i couldn't wait to meet the guy.

                                                                  he looks like this.

a really nice guy, charles is also the kind of artist who just loves to draw, can't get enough, always playing and experimenting and, in doing so, has tapped into another, equally enchanting style, channeling original winnie-the-pooh artist e.h. shepard in a series of fun, comic-based pieces that have been circulating around the 'net for months!

so, of course, when i cornered charles to hopefully, possibly, if you have time, sir, could you, would you please draw us a cover...he smiled and said no problem, he'd love to. and he did.
i told him the story and a week or so later, he sent us this.
and craig and i danced.

some of these lower characters might not be familiar to you yet, but they will be...
thanks so much, charles!

that's it for now!
it's my birthday!
smell ya later!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

eric's secret identity~!


so one of the things that craig and i have had to do over the past five or six months is try to re-direct the energy and enthusiasm of our new pal, eric henson, and make sure he doesn't explode and kill us all.

okay...not really. eric is nothing but a force for good--but he IS an enthusiastic, ambitious, talented guy who has been providing us with so much awesome work and inspiration that it's hard to hold him back! he can't wait--but more importantly, WE can't wait--to show you the new Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under and what eric has brought to the table to help us get this book out sooner than we'd ever hoped.
starting in two weeks, we'll be posting pages from the Perhapanauts Ashcan previewing some pages from the series. i'll be sure to put spoiler alerts all over it just in case there are those of you who'd rather not see--but man, it's looking good!  

and speaking of looking good, here's an awesome fear itself sketch cover commission that eric did for our pal, jeremy youndt of pennsylvania. 
the haps as avengers--how awesome is that?!?
i love every choice--who was gonna be who? it's just great! that eric just doesn't stop!

thanks to jeremy for sharing his cool commission with us!

you can also see this piece, as well as a bunch of eric's other work in this segment on eric and his journey produced by the AFBS.

plus, you can get your craig on as it features a few cool sound bytes from that guy! : )

congratulations, eric!
you deserve it, brother!

more on monday~!
smell ya later!

Monday, October 01, 2012

of things tellos~


as we continue to scramble around doing everything perhapanaut, i thought i'd jump in with a little TELLOS news. specifically, that the beautifully laid out and designed TELLOS COLOSSAL Vol 2 should be hitting the shelves at your local comic shop either this week or next, depending on your current whereabouts on the planet. i don't have all the details myself, only that everyone will have access to it very shortly.
if for nothing else, the book is chock-full of gorgeous art by people like thor badendyck, carlo barberi, dave tata, alain 'momo' mauricet,  kelly yates, howard porter, didier 'crisse' crispeels, ciro tota, and many more! there's even some stuff by craig and mike in there too!

and while we're on the subject of both tellos and craig; i got a chance to use his awesome, full sized scanner when i was at his house a month or so ago and was finally able to get a nice scan of this beautiful (and large) tellos montage done last year by our good friends caleb and mindy safire morea!

thanks so much for the wonderful pin-up, you guys--we dig it!

be here on thursday, everybody, for more cool news about the new perhapanauts series and how you can win some awesome perhapa-shwag!

smell ya later~!