Friday, February 26, 2010

sketchbook: george's iron man and ron's hulk!


so here's some more from the sketchbook.
hope you like 'em...

sadly, we lost george tuska back in october, but i was fortunate enough to meet him and his wife and constant companion, dorothy, at heroes in '98. i had been a great fan of george's iron man and countless other jobs for both marvel and dc. (i had thought it quite a compliment back in the day, when dick dillin, about 3/4 of the way through his titanic run on the justice league of america, had to take a sick day/issue off and asked if his friend george could fill in.) though already losing his hearing back in '98, george was always a friendly guy with a huge smile and a wave--and eager to chat when dorothy would run interference.

here's the iron man he did for me in '99.

and, while we were not yet the great friends that we are today, nick was sitting next to george and i didn't want to hurt his feelings, so i had him whip me up this cool kid flash...

same show, mike introduced me to ron garney, who was friendly and talked a lot of art with mike and was really excited as he was just about to take over on the hulk--like he had just found out that day!--it wouldn't be until '03 that ron and i would really bond--become break-up buddies, in fact--when howard porter, ron, and i drove down to the baltimore comiccon together, ron and i both mooning the whole way down, commiserating with one another over our recent break-ups and our irreparably broken hearts.

we're both much better now...

poor howard--had to sit through that.

this was one of the first hulk's ron did that weekend back in '99.


and speaking of the hulk--since everybody had so much fun with him in the comments to monday's post--here's a funny story.

well, not so much funny as, y'know...frustrating.

and when i say frustrating, i mean f**ked up.

back when mike and i were doing sensational spider-man, then editor in chief, bob harras thought it was the shit. i was told by many of my friends on the inside, that bob would regularly gush over the book and that he used the infamous flashback issue as an example of what a spider-man story should be. (these 12 years later, i'm still quite proud of that...)
and so it was that, when the powers that be decided that--after the supposedly disastrous clone saga--the spider-man line needed a reboot, that they were gonna cut it down to 2 books, sweep the boards clean and bring in a new creative team, bob told mike and i that we could do whatever we wanted.
we were thrilled!
of course, that meant whatever we wanted that other people weren't already doing, but still...
we pitched nova, but they said that the character wasn't popular enough.
we pitched a new new warriors, but they said that the hadn't been cancelled long enough.
we pitched a new marvel team-up featuring spider-man and a new marvel two-in-one featuring the thing, but they said that nobody liked the team up books.

we also pitched them the idea of doing a separate series, out of continuity, that rebooted spider-man for the 2000s, to make him new and fresh and accessible to a whole new generation! we were so psyched!
they said that the spider-man legend didn't need any updating, that nobody would want that, that marvel would never do that.
a year later marvel announced ultimate spider-man.

so mike and i bounced from little job to little job, a fill-in here, a one-shot there--and then bob harras put it all together...!

mike and i were gonna re-boot/re-launch/re-define the hulk!

now here's the thing. for those of you who don't know--and if you don't you should--by this time peter david had been writing the hulk for a little over ten years, the book was still selling great and peter had--with the help of a handful of very talented artists--continued to make the adventures of both the hulk and bruce banner exciting, compelling, and, at times, heart-breaking. peter had--and still has--a huge fan base and, much like chris claremont's monumental run on the x-men, it didn't seem like there was any end in sight.
but here's the thing; many years before, peter had made the hulk smart.
the hulk isn't smart. the hulk is hulk. the hulk should be savage and rampaging and talk like a baby.
bob felt that it was time for both peter and the smart hulk to move on.
he wanted the classic, traditional, dumb hulk back.
so he gave us the book.

now here's the thing. the editor on the hulk at the time was the esteemed ms. bobbie chase. bobbie was a great editor because of what she brought to the job--or rather, what she didn't bring. bobbie was a literary editor. a very strong and confident editor. and woman. she knew story incredibly well and she made it a point that her books would be solid, with tight plots and dialogue that was believable and didn't ring of comic book cliche. bobbie always wanted stories that were fresh and new and not steeped in ancient marvel mythology. this mostly because, prior to getting the job, bobbi hadn't been a comic book reader, her brain wasn't super-saturated with all the mindless nonsense that we writers and artists and other editors had been soaking up for the past 20 or so years. bobbie had a fantastic relationship with peter, they worked well together, trusted one another, and produced a great comic together. so when bob harras told bobbie to fire peter, well...bob had never mandated anything to his editors, least of all bobbie, and she was stunned. and scared. suddenly her whole world is being turned upside down. and now she's having mike and i thrust at her and being told, here're your new guys.

now here's the thing. bobbie and i were friends. i had met her when i first started working at marvel, i had done a few projects with her, she was the proof reader for my particular spider-man each month, and she lived upstate by me so we shared a few trips into and out of the city together. so with all of this, i saw the shock and pain that bobbie was in and reached out, trying to help. she was flabbergasted that bob had steamrolled over her like that--they had come up in the company together and had always been friends as well--sad that she was being forced to fire peter and end their historic (and comfortable) run, and scared of having to work on a book featuring a hulk that, frankly, she just didn't know. or care about.

i pitched stories that featured SHIELD and MODOK, the leader and juggernaut! bob loved 'em--bobbie hated them. i pitched tales of hopi prophesies and biblical confluences, of environmental repercussions and medical miracles...she dug that, bob, not so much. bob wanted one thing, bobbie another. when i told them i was being asked for two totally different things, they said, no we've talked about this, we're in agreement. i said, "let me come down and the three of us can go to lunch, talk this out, get on the same page." we did and i can remember bobbie's assistant editor, polly watson and i sitting in between bob and bobbie following them like two people watching a tennis match as one would describe what they wanted and then the other, each saying the exact opposite of the other, and then smiling and saying, "see--it's the same thing." i asked polly if she was seeing what i was seeing. she confirmed it.

bobbie and i talked on the phone a few times over the next few days where she would fluctuate between frustration and anger, more than once, close to tears. she apologized for leaving me in the middle. but that's where i stayed for the next week or so. until, finally, i told them both that i couldn't keep writing story outlines and continue to not go forward, that if they couldn't find a common ground soon, i was done. they couldn't and i was. i told mike and he called bobbie two hours later to tell her that he was gone too. (that conversation, by the way, was the one where mike and i decided that we would go do a book fo our own. it wasn't called tellos yet.)

bobbie quit three weeks later.

while we were waiting for bob or bobbie to give us the go-ahead and start our series, bobbie had mike do this cover for hulk 465.

and here is a commission mike did of my favorite orange superhero facing off against my favorite green one~!

so there's your hulk, rich!
see what you started.

have a great weekend!
smell you later~!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

in a mind for monsters


so, rich woodall sent me this cool hulk watercolor that he did and i loved it so much i made it my desktop. there's something about that original raging, rampaging hulk that is immutable, that is the direct link from marvel's silver age superhero resurgence to the morass of monster comics that lead right up to it. it seems now that all those great monsters created by stan and jack and steve and so many other fantastic artists were really just marking time, filling space like harbingers of the wonderment that was to come!
the hulk was the one that made it through, a terrorizing, terrifying green machine of destruction! an atomic-age monster that would stay with us as a reminder of what came before...
hulk smash!

so this put me in the mind of monsters and marvel and comics in general and the crazy pre-code days and i remembered a cover i'd seen in the marvel vault that i picked up and barely read a year or so ago.
it was this cover from astonishing tales no.30--and, while i am a staunch opponent of censorship and, as a true comics fan, still bristle at the mere mention of the man's name...looking at this masterpiece, i can kinda see where wertham was coming from.

i mean, look at it--it has so many wonderfully horrific images slapped onto one beautiful cover!
disembodied eyes in the sky, always watching you--chilling!
disintegrating death-rays shooting out from said disembodied eyes--terrifying!
watching your flesh and bones turn to red, bubbling goo before your eyes--gruesome!
being helpless as you watch this happen to your loved one, your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife--soul-wrenching!
but to me, one of the most unsettling things about this cover, is the look on the woman's face! i mean, i GUESS that's supposed to be a woman...i've seen some rather mannish-looking women before, but...yow! really...? that's a dame? yeeks! not to be cruel or anything, but, y'know, if that's the face you gotta kiss goodnight everynight...well...maybe gettin' liquified by a pair of floating peepers in the sky isn't so bad...
i'm just sayin'...

oh, and conveniently, they're in a cemetery.

and rolling around the internet, google-searching for monsters, brought up this awesome image for the war of the monsters video game from a few years back! i never played the game, but remember seeing the artwork from it and loving it! lots of retro-movie poster images of monsters and flying saucers from the 1950s! which i dig.

here are a couple other cool images i found...

happy monday!
smell ya later!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

sketchbook: keith's ambush bug in the snow! or the funniest sketch spencer beck has ever seen...


keith giffin rocks! i love everything he does--love him as an artist, love him as a writer, love him as a wacky, wonky satirist taking his ambush bug through the minefields of today's comics landscape...i love him.

keith is the guy who, with paul levitz, made me actually care about the legion of superheroes, made me actually become invested in them--prior to that i just had a very casual relationship with that sprawling team--made me actually race to the comics shop when the next issue was due!
keith is the guy who, according to legend, bugged paul and/or editor andy helfer incessantly until they agreed to let him and jm dematteis--and artist kevin maguire--re-imagine and re-launch the justice league.
keith is the guy who created the irreverent, inimitable, irrepressible ambush bug who parodies the "hot books" of the day, questions the absurd politics of an industry run by, let's face it, a bunch of glorified comic book writers and artists, and who constantly breaks the fourth wall all the while encouraging us to break the fifth!
keith created the heckler and trencher and, it is my firm belief, that keith drew the first nipples on a man (sub-mariner) in a comic book (defenders) back in the mid-seventies finally breaking that unnecessary comics-code taboo that we had all been waiting so very long to see fall... (?)

i have only ever met keith once, years ago, at heroes con. i was, as usual, on full fanboy as my friend, art dealer spencer beck, led me over to his table to meet him--i think spencer represented keith at the time, i don't know... keith was busy chatting with someone but immediately came over, introduced himself, and before i could say anything, he was telling me how much he liked my stuff, liked the humor in it, thought it was fun. i was stunned--i had planned to gush a bit, but he took the fanboy steam right outta me. we had a really nice conversation and i did get to tell him how much i dug his stuff, how he is the one person i can always rely on for at least three or four laugh out louds per issue.
eventually i felt the need to get back to mike at the table and told him i'd like to see if i can get over later get on-line for a sketch, he said cool. shortly after that, spencer appeared at my table again, hand out, telling me that keith sent him over to get my book. i was stunned again. and again when, about an hour later, keith slipped over while i was talking with a reader and slyly handed me back the book, not wanting to interrupt the conversation. not looking at the sketch, i thanked him profusely and said i'd catch him later and buy him a drink. he said great and disappeared into the crowd.

i never saw him again.

spencer came over later, laughing to himself, and begged to see the sketch again, proclaiming that it was easily the funniest sketch he had ever seen and that he wanted a copy of it. and that had been the first chance that i had to look at it--we had had a pretty steady flow of people past the table that day--and i can remember first my laugh, then mike's over my shoulder, and then a steady procession of laughs as then rich came over to look, then cully, then karl, then adam...

yes, spencer--easily...the funniest sketch ever! *
thank you, keith! hope to catch you at a show again real soon and buy you dinner.

* craig's sketch runs a very close second funniest, but that's more of an inside joke and cannot be reprinted here.
or anywhere.

a few years later i was paired with this fun and frenetic new artist named ethan van sciver--maybe you've heard of him?--on the fun and frenetic adventures of impulse! ethan was still quite new and still cutting his teeth in many ways, but we had the same vision for what we wanted to do with the little guy and we soon became good friends! we had lotsa fun on our run and i think it shows.

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

molly's story~!


well, today's the day, the book looks great, and i can't wait for you to see it...!
not only because it's all about molly, our favorite spectral member of our little perhapanaut family, but because i am so thrilled for you all to see what a fantastic job both scott and jason did with this tale! having been writing comics for a good long time now, i can tell you how wonderful it feels when a writer and an artist are on the same page, how magical it truly is when the result of their hard (and passionate) work comes together as something far greater than what each of them put into it.
i think this is one of those times.

it comes out today.
i hope you'll pick it find out more about molly...and more about scott and jason too!

check out more of scott's stuff at;

and jason's at;



whatcha watchin'?
as i've said in the recent past, i've been trying to cut down on tv lately, trying to make more time to read and especially to write. it's kinda working--although i have now loaded up my plate with co-directing a play...when will i learn? : )
but i am still catching a lot of my favorites--and a few of those difficult-for-me-to-admit-to guilty pleasures...

lost--while last night's episode was a bit flat, i am SOOOO thrilled for this final season! can't wait to see what's in store for our fate-tossed castaways and how all of the various realities play out!

castle--yeah, the cases are cute and contrived, but i love anything that nathan fillion does. the banter is fun without being too much and the funny moments are usually laugh out loud funny.

nbc's thursday night line-up--the office and 30 rock are solid mainstays and each still get me to lol. parks and recreation was very flat last year and i was afraid for amy--i love her and was disappointed that the show just wasn't catching. but sometime over the summer they got it! and it now it really has a voice of it's own and a funny quirky cast that the writers slide into hilarious situations each and every week! the one that i was avoiding last fall--mostly to try to avoid watching yet another new show--was community. i watched the first episode and said, 'enh'. but over the weeks that followed craig raved about it and kept yelling at me to pick it up. i dragged my feet. and then, sometime just after the holidays, nbc ran a marathon of four episodes back to back and we loved them! now in our regular rotation, joel mchale and his gang have definitely earned their place in our thursday night line-up.

grey's anatomy--yeah, sharon got me watching this a few years back and i have to say that if i don't make my weekly trip to seattle grace hospital i miss it. like all long-running shows, there have been some uneven moments here and there, but kudos to the writing staff this year for bringing the show back to it's former glory. great character stories and some thrilling (if not sensational) medical cases.

fringe--though it seems that fox is going out of its scheduling way to kill this darkly intriguing show--shuffling it all out of time and place during football season and not listing it for us tivo and dvr subscribers--i just can't get enough! please fox, put it somewhere and leave it--and maybe take a page from the cable stations and run a rerun/replay a little later in the week...?

waiting for V to come back and not-so-much flashforward. during the hiatus i realized that i don't really like the characters and i just don't care about what any of them are doing. oh well...

for acerbic fun i try to check out the soup (the only show on e! that shouldn't be flushed down the toilet...) and tosh.0 which is at times hilarious and other times just plain cruel. but funny.

and, okay, here it is, my big guilty pleasure---the bachelor. okay, there, i said it.
yeah i know i've said it before and tried to act like it's just on in the background and that i didn't care. but i do. i do care. and jake is such a nice guy and he really deserves someone sweet--i really hope he picks tenley. i think they'd be happy together. vienna's a spoiled daddy's girl.


read the perhapanauts: molly's story

have a great day!
smell ya later!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

new year's and presidents!


a late night last night and a lot of work ahead of me means that this one's gonna be short--

first and foremost--

i received this beautiful new year's greeting from our good pal, uriel a. duran, and he said that i could post it.
saturday was the beginning of the new year on the chinese calendar and uriel filled me in on the details.

"Tonight is the start of year 4707, which is year of the White (Metal) Tiger. In some regions of China the metal element is associated with gold and so it is also said that this is the year of the Golden Tiger (by the way, the blue tiger, or rather Maltese tiger of the illo was included just because cryptid tigers are fun)."

thanks, uriel! and happy new year!


for totally other reasons, my dear sister squeeze sent me this photo the other day and we couldn't stop giggling...

i'd really like to have a list of our words that mean something totally different--and sophmoric--in other countries...that would be fun.

gotta split!
happy president's day!
smell ya later!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

sketchbook: dave's devil!


i don't know exactly when (the reverend) dave johnson joined mike and rich and the rest of the guys at artamus studio, but it must've been like '97, '98...? mike had been very excited that dave was coming and he was only there for a month or two when i came down for heroescon and got to meet him. i had loved any and all of dave's work--his stuff, which was just consistently....stunning...and always had this undercurrent of a quirky kinda madness there. his sketches in his sketbook spork! informed me that he was coming from a wonky place that i wanted to visit. when mike introduced us, i immediately felt that i had just joined the brotherhood in the church of kitsch and camp; his office in the studio was filled with such awesome wacky toys and bizarre props. he had a fez.
dave was very cool--although he busted on me hard for not being able to turn the fanboy off soon enough.
sometime during that weekend, dave did this gorgeous piece for me.
i know.

and the wonderful beauty of it is that once dave was all done with it, we realized that i had somehow gotten two incredible pics for the price of one! (which was free, so even better, right?!) the bonus negative image was just as freakin' cool as the one on the front, so lucky, lucky me!
you can see why this is one of my favorites...

i want a fez.


i went on a tear the other day on ebay and bid on (and won!) a handful of old tigra comics--marvel chillers! to be exact. stuff from the early 70s is so cool to me. from the same seller i saw that he was also offering four issues of captain america from the early 80s roger stern/john byrne run--a great run, really! so i'm reading through them this week (chuckling when i see kurt busiek's name in the letters column) and decided that i really want to dig out the best this summer, that i want to get out my long boxes and re-read the great runs that i can still look back on with fondness and excitement! i'm sticking to the late 70s/early 80s 'cause that's when i think things started to change, when long-term subplots were beginning to be encouraged and stories became even more character driven. sure, there were some like that before then--and certainly plenty since--but to me this was a magic time and if you know anything about me by now it's that i love to go back...
i'm making a list--it's below--but i'm wondering what yours would be like...?
would it be the same as mine? have i reminded you of some? will you remind me of others...?

engelhart/rogers batman/detective *
claremont/byrne x-men
stern/byrne captain america
miller's daredevil
walter's thor
byrne's fantastic four
claremont/smith x-men
wolfman/perez teen titans

so...what would be your list...?

* added after i stupidly forgot it--thanks, jim!


okay, back to work!
have a good weekend!
smell ya later!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

super hero squad #2--valentines issue!


are you like me? you think and you think and you just can't figure out what to get your sweetheart for valentine's day...?
sure, flowers are always nice and they look good in a vase for a couple of days. but then they start to wilt and eventually you have to throw them out...
a box of chocolates is very nice, too...but with the way everyone is so busy counting calories and watching their figure these days, it's a dicey gift at best...
jewelry is nice, but pricey. and clothing...well, that's just opening a whole 'nother can of worms...

but a comic book...a very special valentine's issue of the runaway hit that's taken the comics world by storm, the SUPER HERO SQUAD!!! now there's a gift that keeps on giving! you'll wanna read it again and again with your honey, cuddling and canoodling as you chuckle at the wacky exploits of marvel's favorite squadified heroes!
for the low, low price of just $2.99 you get three--that's THREE!!--complete stories (that's less than a dollar a story!!) filled with action, fun, and valentine's gooiness!

so go on--pick up a copy of MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD #2! for that special someone in your love...and your heart!
you're welcome.

super hero squad for valentine's day--you can't go wrong!

super hero squad #2!--valentine's spectacular!

artwork by leonel castellani

artwork by marcelo dichiara


smell ya later!

Monday, February 08, 2010

warren newsom's awesome "brain power" and mek's sketchbook!


i am constantly amazed at the incredible talent we have here in our little perhapa-family.

you might remember a couple of weeks back, christian's suggestion that someone put together a perhapanauts webcomic while waiting for craig and i to get finished with the next miniseries/storyarc...? i thought it was a great idea and, to hopefully give it a bit of a pop-start, i offered a little three page scene that i had jotted down a few years back and had forgotten about, seeing if any of the artists in the house wanted to take a swing at it.

well, one of them did--our own warren newsom!
and he did it fast too! warren turned these awesome pages in less than a week later and i sat on them til now wondering if anyone else was going to work them up--i'm always fascinated to see how different artists handle the same material, but with a 'talking heads' scene like this, staging and storytelling choices can be somewhat limiting.

but, MAN-!!! look at what warren did!!

i love the fun and playfulness he put into choopie, love the character that he put into arisa. in both her facial expressions and her body language, love the way her expression and posture changes from panel to panel--!
and a nice color palette as well.

great job, warren!!
thank you for taking time out of your day to play with my script and bring it to life in such a fun way!
thank you!

check out warren's own webcomic, the rock, at;


and speaking of artists in the house, some of you might remember michael kasinger--MEK--who turned in this gorgeous piece for our perhapanauts "perfect cover" pin-up contest.

michael and i have been corresponding online for years and he's been kind enough to keep me updated with his many artistic ventures and last week sent me a copy of his sketchbook and an anthology comic called mysterious adventures magazine which featured one of his stories, 'saying goodbye with bullets" which was written by matt bennett.

and in the back of his sketchbook, michael has left a page for sketches--i love that idea!--and was nice enough to do one up for me before he sent the books out.

thanks, mek! that was really nice of you!

you can see more of michael's stuff--and order your own sketchbook at;

that's it for now!
have a great monday!
smell ya later!

Friday, February 05, 2010

sketchbook: sienkiewicz joker


so this had to've been the second or third year i'd come down to heroescon. mike invited me down in 96, i think, and it soon became tradition for me to fly down to his house in raleigh/durham and hang out for a few days and then drive over to charlotte thursday night or early friday morning. we were doing sensational spider-man at the time and it was cool to also get to hang with the third member of our trio, rich case, and the other guys in the artamus studio; chuck wojtkiewicz, jeff parker, scott hampton, dave johnson.
when we got to the show, shelton had put us at a table next to bill sienkiewicz, whose art i had always marveled at/been floored by/adored. mike had to cool me down i was so fanboy, i couldn't wait to get a chance to chat him up and tell him how much i dug his work.
but bill is a rather shy guy, kinda quiet, and HIS LINE was around the world!! he was always busy, always drawing, always (quietly) chatting with fans as he did his crazy magic in their sketchbooks or on a page. we had just enough time to say, hey, good morning, where'd ya go for dinner, and i'm going to get a soda, do you want anything?, and that was about it. very nice guy.
i wanted a sketch desperately and so on sunday morning stepped out from behind the table and got on-line when it wasn't too long yet. i waited for a little while until bill noticed that i was signing comics in his line and looked to make sure that i was the same guy who had been sitting next to him until just recently. he made me sit down and told me he'd save time later to make sure i got something, which was really nice of him. a little while later, he pulled his chair back and removed himself from the tables, asked me what i wanted and did this freakin' awesome joker as i sat and watched and tried not to get any drool on him. i also told him that i loved his miniseries stray toasters and so there's a little one down there in the corner. awesome!
very nice guy. quiet.

and in the heat of the infamous clone saga, artist steve skroce was hired on to illustrate tom defalco's thrilling stories over in amazing. we met a few times at a marvel conference or two and he was nice enough to draw up this moody/cool spidey in my sketchbook--before leaving us to go do storyboards for the matrix movies!! i'm not sure what steve is working on these days, but i always loved his darker layouts and shadow-hugging spider-man...


cold here.
not this cold, but...

also, these are rich woodall's underpants--

have a great weekend!
smell ya later~!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010



so, apparently, i am co-directing a production of "alice in wonderland" at one of my many alma maters, dutchess com col. my good friend/teacher/mentor, the incredibly gifted steve press asked me last year if i'd come and help out and, as i always enjoy working with him, i offered my assistance as "production designer'--which i thought would be a cool way of saying that i'd be the guy who designed the sets and the look of the show and figured out the stage tricks that we were going to use to make some of the more fantastical things happen (alice grows and shrinks, the cheshire cat appears and disappears, like that...) steve said, yeah! yeah!--that's great!...and immediately went and listed me as co-director.
we had auditions last week and cast the show the next day. we have some really talented people in the cast and i think it's going to be a lot of fun--well, as much fun as you can have...(the story, which isn't really much of a story in the traditional sense--alice just kinda wanders around talking nonsense with an array of colorful characters--is like some crazy drug trip. so there's some wicked potential there...)

so a couple weeks ago, i was given the task of coming up with an audition poster that would be different and hopefully grab the attention of passers-by.
i came up with this...

and this...

the idea being that some of the students in his acting class could put up the posters, xerox off the alices at different sizes, throw a splash of color on alice's dress with a crayon or a marker, and slap 'em up all over the school, each one different, each one unique.
like this, but with just one alice...

i gave them to steve a week or so ahead of time and when i asked him at auditions if they got them done and up, he told me that he felt he had enough people coming out for the show and didn't do it.

so i thought somebody should see them.

--i will also be working on the actual play posters that nobody will probably see over the next couple of weeks--

but i'm looking forward to it and it should be fun.
last night was our first rehearsal and it ran really late.
and that's why i didn't get to see lost last night.
don't tell me anything.
we're watching it tonight.

i said don't tell me anything!!!
la la la la la la la!

smell ya later~!