Friday, December 23, 2005

wishing you...

without a proper message board yet, this blog is the only way to communicate (by freely adding your comments at the end), and so i just thought that i'd offer again a chance for anyone who reads this to post anything they might want to say, about the perhapanauts, about the blog, about whatever!
with that in mind i'd also like to wish everyone a merry christmas, a happy hannukah, an awesome kwanza, a fantastic festivus, and whatever else we all celebrate! bring the people you love close and make sure to tell them how you feel. my family, close before, has now drawn even closer together because my mom is very sick and this is quite possibly her last christmas with us. don't wait! let them know!
sorry for the buzzkill--didn't mean to bring it down...
so bring it UP! get the spirit! spread it around! anyone have anything to say? post it! anybody have a good christmas joke? post it! wanna shout out some holiday greetings to the other (3) people reading this blog? : )
thanks for reading--the new perhapanauts will be in stores next week. don't miss it. and then don't forget to check back here for more news, notes, and nonsense in 2K6!

see you in the new year!

this is entry #3.


Jason Copland said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. I wish you and your family the best for the New Year.


ps I'm really looking forward to the next issue of Perhapanauts.

todd said...

thanks for the kind words, jason.
and i hope you're still excited about the 'haps after this next issue! let me know what you think when you get a chance to read it.
thanks again!

todd said...

thanks, kojee--
we're doing the best we can.
i really didn'[t want this blog entry to be a downer, though. new one tomorrow!
the new issue of perhapanauts is out today!
let us know whatcha think!