Monday, June 18, 2012

HEROESCON '12!! Come and See Us in Charlotte~!


so we are packing our bags and boxes and books and things to head out for HEROESCON in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend--June 24 and 25th! craig and i will be there with trades and t-shirts, postcards and prints, the new-for-2012 choopie butt card and, mostly importantly, we'll be joined by several of the gang that helped us put together the upcoming new miniseries, PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER!--artists Eric Henson, Matt Wieringo, and Christian Leaf!!

we'll be featuring an exclusive ashcan here in charlotte previewing some of the awesome work these guys have done for us and giving everyone a quick glimpse at the excitement that will be coming your way in october! christian, matt, and eric will be on-hand to autograph 'em--oh, and me and craig will sign it for ya too!

if you're looking for us at the show, i don't think you're gonna be able to miss us;

                                                                this is eric's banner--

                                                                 this is our new one--

here's the new butt card--

and here is the gorgeous new postcard-prints set that craig has made into my new obsession! 

so, see--you can't miss us!
but we'll miss YOU if you don't stop by to say hi!
see you in charlotte!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Can't wait! Have a really good feeling about this year's shenanigans and hijinks.

Warren said...

I'll see you there! :)

thefortyfourth said...

It was a pleasure meeting you guys! Really glad I was introduced to The Perhapanauts and I appreciate your kind words on my Deadpool drawing.

Jadielady said...

It was great to see you! The first thing Sam did when we got home was measure the prints to go get some frames :)

Brian said...

As always, great to see you and to meet the new members of Team 'Haps.