Thursday, July 19, 2012

a grim's haunt by nick tapalansky and alex eckman-lawn


i've been friends with writer nick tapalansky now for quite some time. we met years ago at our mutual local comic shop--actually, local for me meant 40 minutes; nick lived right around the corner. anyway, we became fast friends and found we had a lot in common. we'd meet and have lunch and talk comics and writing and stories and i was thrilled when he and his friend, alex, found a publisher for their dark, zombie noir book AWAKENING. the book was a swift success and was quickly optioned for a movie (...though we all know how that can be. hey, hollywood--stop being so fickle!) anyway, the book is a great read and is still available from archaia, so make sure you check that thing out.

also, check out the awesome perhapanauts story--that nick and alex did in their spare time, whatever that is--over in "Tales from the Perhaps!" (simply click the "TALES" link at the top of this page...)
alex and nick did this story for us years ago (i am totally embarrassed to say...) and we've been sitting on it hoping that we would sooner than later have a forum for it and use it as an extra story in an issue or two of a future miniseries. but as we continue to jam more and more excitement and adventure into the upcoming PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER, we found ourselves lacking for space and felt that we'd better get this story out for all the world to see!

so, here are the first two pages, you'll find two more over on the "TALES" page, with more added every tuesday and thursday. we know you're gonna dig it--we do!

thanks so much to nick and alex, for the awesome job and their equally awesome patience!

smell ya later~!


Matt Wieringo said...

Very cool! I'm loving all the different takes on the 'Haps crew. More!

Brian said...

Got me on the edge of my seat.

Burlington Storage said...

I love your Tales page!