Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Today's the Day!!


well, today's the day, perhapa-gang!
PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! no.1 will be arriving at your local comic shop later today and you don't wanna miss what everybody's gonna be talking about tomorrow!!

well...other than the election...

and that nor'easter that s'posed to hit the northeast sometime today...

and maybe if everyone's not still talking about justin timberlake and jessica biel. god--get over it! they didn't even care enough about you to get married in your country!

anyway, it's finally here and, as you know, i've been busting at the seams waiting for you to see the awesome goodness of it! i mean, yeah, the writing is great, that's a given.
but the artwork in this issue is just awesome! craig has always brought his 'A' game to the perhapanauts, but in the two years since we last published any new work, his 'A' game has gotten sweeter and sweeter!
and the COLORS!!!
i'm not gonna mince words--MIKE THOMAS is MAGIC!!
as you also know, this series has been a looooong time coming and craig had drawn these pages a while back. but when mike turned them in , all colored up and pretty--i was absolutely speechless! i was amazed at what he had done! it was glorious! i think i even got a little man-crush on him...

if for nothing else, pick up this book for the artwork--craig and mike are incredible! (and i can tell you from my spot here behind the scenes, they just keep gettin' better and better...!)

you can bike on down to your local comic shop today or--and this is also something we are truly excited about--you can buy your Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! no.1 digitally over at 
COMIXOLOGY!! that's right, gang--we're same day on sale! 

it's easy to find 'cause the fine folks at Image and Comixology made sure that we were right there in the front row when you click on over to
go and see for yourself! it's cool!

and while you're clicking, check out our first review of the new series from kate kotler at bleeding cool news;

that's it for now, but i wanna leave you with my favorite words of the week from our pal, russ burlingame--

Heading to bed now, but I just want to say: I finally got a chance to read The Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under #1 today. Absolutely wonderful to have the 'Haps back and both Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau are at the top of their games--which means about a mile over the top of most people's. If you love comics, if you love good storytelling, if you love humor...hell, if you love America, buy this comic.

thanks, russ.
thanks, everybody!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Obama wins and I get a new 'Haps book.

Life is good.

Brian said...

. . . and a promotion.

Thanks guys, I won't let you or Unit C down.

Cooper said...

Finally got to read it! Excellent work, as always! Any ill will I held for having Men at Work singing in my head all day was wiped out by the Gremlins being fans of Christmas Story and Hitchhiker's Guide!

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