Thursday, June 06, 2013

singing eric's praises~!


i've written this several times before, but when i say that we just can't thank him enough, i am not kidding.

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

to eric henson, who graciously and generously came in an offered his talents, support, and enthusiasm to help us make Danger Down Under! come out sooner and look sharper than we ever could've hoped for! eric's dedication and productivity were highly inspiration to both craig and i and we count ourselves very lucky to have him on the team and in the 'family'.

thank you, eric.
fantastic job!

and so, now that the final issue has finally hit the stands, i can post here eric's both beautiful and hilarious back cover. since we had been posting all the other covers online and with the solicitations, i wanted desperately to have something be a surprise (i love surprises!) and so i held onto these various and very cool back covers which, i think, are some of the most exciting and creative pieces we have!
lauren monardo-gramprey's 1930s pulp style "Famous Perhapanauts Mysteries" cover--
matt wieringo and christian d. leaf's wanted poster for "Choopie and Karl in the Wild Wild West" cover (colors by dean trippe)--
daniel warren's lushy painted family portrait, "The Perhapanauts"--
and matt tyree's hollywood-ready "Perhapanauts Montage" (colors by andrew cramer)--

love 'em all!

so it is with great excitement and pride that i present to you eric's awesome piece, simply entitled...

with colors by the very talented alex sollazzo, i can't tell you how hard i laughed when eric sent this over, complete and ready for publication. i love, Love, LOVE a good homage--or parody--and this absolutely nails the texture and terror of the original poster (now somewhat passé after years of being a cultural reference point) and the humorous timbre of a mad magazine.
i couldn't love it more!

so, thanks, eric--and alex--for a great final image for our fantastic final issue.

there'll be more trivia here tomorrow--a bit more manageable than last week's, i assure you.
and prizes. and some talk about our very unexpected conclusion.
smell ya later!


Eric Henson said...

I really want to take this time to formally say "thank you". There is no way I could have done this without Craig taking the time to look at my work when others wouldn't. I would have not been inspired if it had not been for you becoming my friend and mentor, Todd. Christian also selflessly devoted his time to making this issue a reality. So, brothers, I sing YOUR praises! You guys are the AMAZING ones! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I adore your blog!!!