Friday, December 30, 2005

hey, everybody! it's the perhapanauts #2!!

hey, gang!
the new issue of the perhapanauts is here! and if you're like most people (and who ISN'T?!*) you love an exciting preview of your favorite comics as much as the next long as they don't give away too much. well, we here at "plays well with otters" productions don't like giving away too much either, but, for your enjoyment, over on the main page of, we've posted the first few pages of the latest issue (ON SALE NOW!) to taunt and tantalize you!
in the weeks, months, whatever ahead, we'll be posting preview pages, some of craig's awesome cool character concept sketches, and tales of some really weird, creepy stuff! we'll also be posting some of YOUR stories of strange sightings, bizarre occurances, and unexplained phenomena! (um, well, only if you send 'em in...)

send your tales of the unknown and unexplained to so we can put 'em up!

in the meantime, here's some original 'haps sketches for you to enjoy...

an early arisa...

here's mg, before i told craig all his secrets...
we didn't even have a name for him at this point.

molly, always cute.


Walt said...

Wow. Perhapanauts is whupping a horse's ass wif a belt!

craig rousseau said...

hey, guys... thanks for the compliments!