Wednesday, January 25, 2006

my brother, mike!


if you haven't already, rush right over to and check out mike's blog section for the mad love he gives to his boyz, not to mention the truly stunning (no, really--you'll be stunned! mesmerized! deer-in-the-headlights stupid!) sketch he posted of everybody's favorite perhapanauts!

hey! i wasn't kidding--i said GO! NOW! do it. we'll wait...

okay, ya back? good.

well, if you haven't been checking out mike's website as part of your daily/weekly routine, now you have an idea of whatcha been missin'. several times a week mike posts samples of his really wonderful artwork along with some recommendations, insights, and praise for various comics and creators both in and out of the current mainstream. in both his drawings and his words, mike's passion for the art and the language of comics comes through in every line.

and if by chance you don't know who mike wieringo IS, well, friend, we need to get you out from under that rock you've been livin' under for the past 10 years or so. mike is, as we constantly tease him about, one of the "premiere artists working in comics today." his lush and "bouncy" figure-work, his inspired design, and fluid storytelling have infused a new life into the pages of books like the flash, robin, superman, the fantastic four, and currently on the new spider-man title, friendly neighborhood.

his best work by far, however, has been his work on the widely popular sensational spider-man and the award-winning, creator-owned, fantasy/adventure, tellos (because i wrote them...)

(also i gave us the award.)

i once heard mark waid refer to mike as "the nicest guy in comics", and though i'm pretty sure i also heard mark say that about one or two other guys (sorry, mark--it's true...although i think one of those times was at the gorilla party so you're kinda off the hook), i'd have to say that fits mike to a 't'.

more than anything though, mike is my friend--one of my very closest, my brother. as i said over on his blog, our work together on spider-man and tellos aren't just highlights of my career, but of my life. and i consider myself very, very lucky to both work with and know him.

oh, and this isn't just my blog. craig likes mike too!

actually, the three of us are pretty tight friends and if you see us hanging out at a convention together, we're probably laughing. and probably at you.

anyway, thanks, mike.

mike, craig, and me, like 4 years ago.

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Kojee said...

Wow! Great to see Mike's rendition of the team! Already printed out and going up on my wall the minute I get home!