Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the ufo story

so, okay...

special guest blogger today is our good pal kojee, late of the old tellos message boards and valiant champion of the perhapanauts. and a really nice guy!
in my attempt to badger readers into sharing their tales of the weird and wonderful, jared is the first one i managed to force a story out of. he was a little shy at first, but, man, read what he gave us below! thanks for the story, kojee. i love this stuff!

In the late seventies my parents lived in a very old farm
house in rural New Hampshire. The house was so old that
it still had "Indian shutters", in case of an attack. The
neighbors consisted of a man who was a ward of the state
due to his mental condition and a farm family down the

My parents planned to travel to Vermont one Christmas, and
fearing a brake-in, they asked the farmer down the road to
keep an eye on the house. He agreed and my parents gave
them the number where they'd be staying in case of

On Christmas Eve, while in Vermont, my parents received a
phone call from the farmer. He told them that something
strange was going on at the house and that they should
probably come back. When asked why, he just gave vague
responses. My parents dismissed the call, and went on with
the holiday.

A few days later my parents returned home. The house
looked fine from the outside. It was still standing, no
broken windows, and the front door was secure. As they
entered the house though, they noticed the kitchen table
and chairs turned upside down. Their first thought was
that someone had broken in, robbed, and trashed the place.
They continued into the living room. Same thing. Couch and
chairs turned upside down. TV as well. Kind of odd that a
robber would leave the TV though. When my parents checked
the upstairs, they discovered the same thing. Beds,
furniture, boxes all turned upside down. Amazingly enough,
nothing seemed to be missing. No valuables were taken. As
my parent's search went on, they found everything in the
house upside down. Including jars in the cupboard and
items in the refrigerator. Their only guess was that
someone found a way to get in and just played a prank.
Though, my Dad checked every window and they had not been
tampered with. There were no signs of a brake-in anywhere.

The following day, as my Dad was shoveling the driveway,
he was approached by the mentally disabled neighbor down
the road, an older man who had drowned his own sister in
the early 1900's. Due to his condition, and the fact that
he could not comprehend his own actions, the man was made
a ward of the state. On a daily basis the man would just
walk the dirt roads and murmur meaningless phrases.

As the man stood in front of my Dad in the driveway he
plainly asked my Dad: "You ever seen a UFO?" My dad just
laughed and said no. The man continued: "Well I did." My
Dad asked when, The man's response: "Flyin' right over
your house on Christmas eve,.. blinkin' lights." The man
then continued his walk down the road. My Dad was shocked.

Of course, when I hear the story today, I immediately
suspect that the mentally disabled man was somehow
responsible. Though, according to my Dad, the man was in
no way capable of even conceiving a prank. My dad believes
that the man was just describing what he saw on Christmas
Eve. Some kind of craft over the house with lights. UFO or
not, it makes a pretty fun story!

thanks again, kojee! for being a pal and for being the first!
great story! (really--first time i read it it creeped me out.)

so there you have it! it's that easy. send in YOUR tales of the unexplained and the unknown to me at
and read the perhapanauts! it's good for you!


Kojee said...

Dang. I gotta remember to capitalize "Dad" every time instead of only half the time! Doh!

Thanks for posting the story Todd!

craig rousseau said...

damn, that's freaky...
and more than a little unsettling... but a cool story (just glad it didn't happen to me... i'd never wanna go back in the house...)