Monday, April 30, 2007

thank god it's friday...


so i didn't get to post a "five on friday" on saturday and even now, it's pretty late for a monday.

things have been hectic, but more than anything, thanks everyone for asking after jake. he is quite well now...actually, even better than before. seems he just had a virus, but they took blood anyway and tests showed he was a little anemic. so we have this cool new liquid iron shot to take in the morning with an eyedropper/syringe looking thing that the kid just loves. no trouble taking his iron medicine. and it's really perked him up too--i'm noticing a bit more energy and his tail seems to be wagging faster! or maybe that's the warmer weather...

working hard to hit deadlines with these two new writing projects and trying to get some furniture done at the same time made me late with this so i apologize. when it rains, it pours.

so here are your "five on friday" and i'll try to get back on track with a post on wednesday.

"five on friday"

1. starbuck's was originally owned by what famous olympic skater?

2. what is the brand of cigarettes featured in all quentin tarentino movies?

3. what were the names of the two gangsters that bugs bunny bamboozled into the oven in the classic looney tunes cartoon?

4. how did harvey dent become two face?

5. in the early 90's, what burger did mcdonald's offer where "the hot stayed hot and the cool stayed cool"...?

that's all!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Glad to hear about Jake, that's great news, as are the writing projects - hope at least one involves our mutual friend.

As for the five for friday, I only got acid in the face for Harvey Dent

Scott Weinstein said...

I'm glad Jake is feeling better. That's good to hear.

Tough trivia this week. Here are my guesses. For the first 3 at least.

1) Scott Hamilton???
2) Lucky Stripes????
4) Acid spilled on Harvey Dent's face.

Anonymous said...

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