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as i am in full-tilt, crazy hell week with the play--sherlock holmes for those of you who don't know--my best pal, scott, offered to step in and give me some time off by writing a guest blog. i told him that he'd have to write about his new comic book, AFTER SCHOOL AGENT, but he was really psyched to do one on a more paranormal subject. so he'll be doing two. or three. or...

anyway, here's scott.
thanks, man!

Hey There Perhapabloggers,

Todd was kind enough to let me use his site to announce my new comic book, "After School Agent'." I wrote the book and it was illustrated by Chris Zaccone. Here's a little summary:

As Gordon Levitch's parents watched their 13 year-old son dying from cancer, they made a fateful decision and allowed the government to test an experimental drug on him. It worked. Gordon recovered. That's all his parents ever knew. They never learned how strong it made him. How fast it made him. Or how tough it made him. But, the government knows. And they have plans for Gordon.

With the government threatening to deport his immigrant, Russian parents and older sister if he doesn't cooperate, Gordon is forced to work with an elite, top-secret team of soldiers assigned to the President. Their job is to go on every illegal, politically-motivated, ethically questionable mission the President needs done, so he can avoid embarrassment and further his personal agenda. Everyone has seen those news stories that make them say, "I bet the government blew up that oil pipe line, just so their cronies could raise the price of gas." Well, they're right. And Gordon's team did it.

So, go check out the After School Agent site:

You can download a 5 page preview. And learn all about Chris and I.

And join Gordon's MySpace page:

In upcoming weeks, I will launch Gordon's own blog, which will feature his mini-adventures and thoughts on his life. And hopefully, sooner than that, you will be able to order your own copy of After School Agent from Ka-Blam printing.

And thanks again to Todd for letting me use the page.



Brian said...

I was fortunate to get my hands on an advance copy of the first issue and trust me when I saw that it is as good as Scott makes it sound and well worth your time to hunt down.

Scott Weinstein said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm really proud of the comic and what a great job Chris did with the art.

And kojee, yes, that would be terrible if After School Agent became a movie or TV show. That would the worst. Stuck behind Perhapanauts on Cartoon Network's brand new "Kick Ass Action Block."
(To quote Homer Simpson, "In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic")

Jason Copland said...

Looks (and reads) great, Scott!