Thursday, August 02, 2007



packing up for vacation so not much to say--which is good 'cause i wouldn't have a lotta time to say it!

i love the ocean and realized the other day that i haven't seen it in about five years. i'm really excited to go, to get in the water, to smell the salt sea air, to spend time with my brother and his kids, my aunt and uncle and the rest of our extended family, cousins i haven't seen for years...

but it's bittersweet.

the only downside, which cuts my happiness in half, is that sharon isn't able to come. her job keeps her tied down during the summer months and though i've promised her a very nice vacation this winter, it's sad going away without her.
(just a week, shay--it'll be over before ya know it...)

also, i'll miss jake and kayla.

i have lined up a guest blogger or two for next week, so don't think that ya don't hafta check back here just 'cause i'm gone. i'll see ya all in a week! have a good one!
smell ya later!

here is one of my all-time favorite calvin and hobbes;

here are the answers to your "five on wednesday".

1. what was the (tricky) name of the mirror that showed you your greatest desire in "harry potter and the sorcerer's stone"?

the mirror of erised (desire spelled backward)

2. what is bart afraid that the girls will see when homer dares him to skateboard across town naked?

his doodle
(run, don't walk, to your nearest cineplex and see the simpsons movie. preferably from the front row!)

3. what two famous actors played the role of the masochistic dental patient in both versions of "little shop of horrors"?

jack nicholson played wilber force and bill murray played arthur denton, but it was the same masochistic patient who begged for a long, slow root canal. check 'em both out--they're hilarious to watch back to back. (candy bar!)

4. in the book version of "the wizard of oz", what was it that the lion wanted from the wizard?


5. i'll give the real name, you give the superhero

rex mason--metamorpho
kevin plunder--ka-zar
cliff secord--the rocketeer
hobie brown--the prowler
hank pym--ant-man, giant man,
goliath, yellow jacket
(nice goin' on these, mike!)


Brian said...

That's a bummer that Shannon cannot make the vacation, though it works out well for Jake as he'll have plenty of company while you're away.

Have a great time on your vacation and I shall do my best to make the guest blogger feel welcome.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Enjoy the Outer Banks, Todd. We'll be heading down again in two weeks time and cannot wait, but I feel your pain of leaving someone behind for a vacation. Heck, it was hard enough leaving 'em to come down to Heroes Con.

alison said...

Enjoy your vacation and don't do anything stupid to your back - like body surfing.

Brian said...

Say, does Choopie know he's the guest blogger this week?

Benjamin Marcy said...

The insane dentist in the movie in 1986 is Steve Martin. Not to be picky. So sorry for the loss of Mike, great artist that brought comics to life, and a great man who would talk as if he'd known you forever.