Wednesday, September 05, 2007

two days 'til baltimore...and the lost covers portfolio!!


another quick one today.
i'm hangin' out today with my niece and nephew for one last day of summer before school starts on thursday.

big news is, as the subject of this post proclaims, TWO DAYS UNTILTHE BALTIMORE COMICCON!!
(well, actually three days until the con opens, but sharon and i will be heading down on friday to hang with craig and my pal, ron marz, who we're actually flying down with) (this is sharon's first show--and craig's girlfriend, trish, will be coming down to join us on saturday!!)

of course, if you're in the neighborhood, DON'T MISS OUT!! come by and see us and take a look at the awesome cool PERHAPANAUTS "LOST COVERS" Portfolio!! you've already seen one of these beautiful plates from rough to finish--CRAIG IS AWESOME!!--and here's a look at the cool cover to the port!

as you can see, we're only makin' 50, and they are a BALTIMORE COMICCON EXCLUSIVE!!, but, as always, if we have any left over, we will make them available here through the website.

when we return, we'll give ya a glimpse of the other covers, but let me just tell ya now--they're gorgeous!!!

also at the show...
well, if you check out my pal, matt wieringo's blog

(and you should--matt's a wonderful guy, a great writer, and a fantastic artist in his own right) (...though he can't seem to hear me--or mike--when we say it...) you'll see that both he and i, in our own ways, are struggling with the dilemma of "moving on". i too have had many moments in the past few weeks of unbidden memories or of jake doing something funny or hearing or seeing something that i want to share with him, going so far as to pick up the phone to call...

i have also been waffling about whether to post more stories about mike and tributes and the like here on the blog or trying to post more positive, upbeat things to help everyone move on.

marc nathan, the organizer of the baltimore show, and also a really great guy, wanted desperately to create a tribute to mike in some way and, knowing how much animals meant to mike, has made arrangements with the baltimore humane society to create a fund in mike's name. they will have a table there at the show where, craig and myself and mark waid, along with artists like cully hamner, randy green, kelly yates, and scott kurtz, will be signing and sketching and raising money for the humane society.

there will also be a special memorial panel on saturday for mike that mark (waid) and i will host where fans and pros will be invited to come and share their stories of goofy, funny, talented, compassionate, encouraging, generous mike wieringo.

so if you're at the show, make sure to come and see us!
it willbe a little strange, a little lonely for craig and i, going to a show without mike (and truth is, we almost decided NOT to go...) but i'm sure that if we all try real hard to remember the good times and the great guy he was, we'll be able to conjure up enough mike to have a great time!

"'cause mike woulda wanted it that way!" --craig

and finally, here's a calvin and hobbes to pick up your day...

smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

I can't wait for the show man! I'm super psyched. I want one of those ports bad! haha....I'm glad you guys decided to go, because to be honest you guys are the main reason I'm going, but it's going to be a blast all around so it's going to be fun, and now my gf is even getting psyched, well mostly because she wants to go the aquarium the next day haha.
As for what to do with the blog, do whatever comes out that day. If it's about Mike, we'd love to hear it, and if it's back on track to your original idea that's great too. It's your blog, do what makes you feel good to post. We're here for you either way, cuz hell you just rock!(Does brown-nosing help at all?) Have fun with the 2 yoot's today!

Brian said...

I can think of no better way to honor someone, than to remember the good times, the smiles and laughs, they brought into our lives.

I know it's hard, but I'm glad you guys decided to still go to Baltimore and I think having the girls with you is a great idea.

I'm looking forward to meeting them both.

Adam Hutch said...

Todd, I'm also really glad you and Craig are still going to Baltimore. That must've been a tough decision. I'll do my best to help you guys raise some money in Mike's honor.

As to your blog. I personally would love to hear some Mike stories mixed in with your normal posts and trivia. I stumbled onto your, Craig and Matt's blogs as a result of Mike's passing, but I'm sticking around (like it or not!) because of the relaxed and fun vibe on them.

Unknown said...

That's great Todd. Wish I could be there to help y'all raise the roof in Mike's honor. We're gonna get together on the local front for one of our good ol' softball games. Lots of good memories of Mike will be with us too.

Good luck with the portfolio, looks awesome so far! (wanna see more though, hint, hint.)

Scott Weinstein said...

I'm sorry I'm missing Baltimore. But, I know the Lost Covers will be a big hit. And I really wish I could be a part of the Mike Tribute panel. That will be something special.

Have a safe trip down there.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Testify, Todd. Testify. Mafus is way to hard on himself and his abilities. Sorry we'll miss the Balt-Con, but we'll definitely be raising quite a few toasts this weekend in Mike's honor ourownselves. Hopefully though you might have one or two of those fine looking portfolios leftover...

Safe travels and hijinks.

Bill Nolan said...

Two day to go! My daughter and I will probably check out the game Saturday night, since she's a big first grader now and we have to wait until she gets home from school Friday before we can leave.

Matt Wieringo said...

Dang. I really do wish I was going now. If you don't sell out of those portfolios, I'd love to BUY one off you guys. Wish I could meet the gals too. And Rich, I wish I could make the softball game with you and Andrew and the others but we've got an appointment at the house right around that time. So I hope everybody has fun. This sounds like an exciting weekend for everyone, wherever you may end up.

And Leaf, flattery will not get you out of lugging those heavy boxes.

QATim said...

Todd, please share more Mike stories. And I really hate that I can't make the con this year.

Randy said...

can't wait to see you there, turd

todd said...

i just spent the whole day with my 11 year old nephew and so, randy green, you just made me laugh my head off!


Steve Danger said...

"i have also been waffling about whether to post more stories about mike and tributes and the like here on the blog or trying to post more positive, upbeat things to help everyone move on."

Keep telling them. The stories and memories are what keep our friends with us, no matter where they might be now. My buddies and I make a point of raising our glasses to friends who have left us so we never forget.

Rich Faber said...

Yeah, Todd, like you *could* actually stop telling stories... about Mike, or anyone/thing else!

Ya big goofball. Keep 'em going. That IS what Mike would want, right? Duh.

Can't wait to see ya on Friday!


Warren said...

I've been reading Matt's blog. He seems like a great guy and I know Mike's proud of him.

I know you don't know me from Adam's house cat, but I do hope you still come to yours and Mike's cons. I'm really looking forward to seeing you at Heroes Con next year.

KevinDragone said...

Hey Todd,
So I just got home from Baltimore, and I gotta say, you were the best part of the show. My buddy and I kept trying to come up with excuses JUST to stop by your table and talk to you. You may or may not remember me, but I had a lot to say about Bart Allen, your Impulse run and now, lovin the Perhaparnauts (hope that's how you spell it). My buddy and I were in the car trying to recap everything you said like we saw the funniest movie, quoting the funniest lines. Anyway, thank you for doing what you do, being honest to your fans, and can't wait for that Plastic Man run.