Wednesday, September 21, 2011



even as we speak--or i write, anyway--craig and i are packing our bags for our trip to the motor city this weekend, the home of motown, the

we were invited last fall at the final mid-ohio comic con by my good friend, tony miello, to come and be guests and we jumped at the chance! a chance to reach out and say hellos to our michigan-based readers, maybe attract some new ones, and being part of a fairly new show that had people talking last year!

we'll have both of the sweet new tees there...

so if you're in the greater-detroit area, have an idea where cobo hall is, and wanna come and pick up some perhapa-shwag in person, come and see us this saturday and sunday at the DETROIT FANFARE Comicon!!


hope to see ya in detroit!
smell ya later~!