Friday, September 16, 2011

tales from the perhaps~!


it started with the office, ran through snl, 30 rock, i love lucy, and lost...and if you haven't yet read scott weinstein's hilarious sendup of the haps on tv, then you've been missing a treat!
today features the final installment of the story and you can see it for yourself by clicking on the TALES link up above ^
see it? click it!
you won't be disappointed!

and just to put the word out there again--we're always looking for new Tales from the Perhaps! we've got several more on the way and a bunch of talented people working on new ones, but if you're a up-and-coming artist or writer and you'd like to take a shot at creating a fun, fantastical perhapanauts story, here's your chance! the possibilities are endless; take them to the old west, the seven seas, to deepest space...!
the sky's the limit~!


been a bit remiss in my duties here on the blog lately and i apologize to anyone who has actually missed it. i've had quite a few distractions show up that have needed my attention, some of them good, but not all of them.
some of the good things are the motion comics i'm working on for motionworks entertainment! i'm currently hip-deep in the construction and production of three different projects; an all-new character set in a world of steampunk with awesome artist bret blevins, a roller coaster ride of a tellos adventure, featuring hawke and rikk naturally, with my super hero squad amigo, leonel castellani, and a guaranteed to give you nightmares, chilling perhapanauts tale with, of course, craig, who is cranking out some amazing stuff as we take the team into this new territory! though i initially singed on as writer-for-hire, it's taking a bit more time and a lot of talented people to make sure that these things come out cool! i'll have more info on when they'll be available for viewing here on the perhapa-blog so stay tuned!

hey~ whaddaya gonna be for halloween?
now's the time to start thinking about it--if you haven't already.
and while you're thinking about that, remember, we have a perhapanauts halloween challenge in place that should get your creativity in action!
have a great weekend and have fun!
smell ya later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Todd! I always enjoy your blogs! Good luck in all your projects.