Wednesday, November 30, 2011

first class comic review no.7~!


while i was out (of it...), my two good friends over in the UK, ellie and lily egleton, produced and published the seventh issue of their increasingly popular FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW--this issue featuring a cover and interview with the talented terry beatty! the magazine, as i have said before, is the girls' love letter to everything they love about comics! other interviews include david hine, adi granov, j.h.williams--and for some reason i cannot fathom, another one with jeff parker! what are you paying these girls, parker...?!
most enchanting and exciting to me--frustrated and jaded by today's comics as i am--was ellie's wonderful celebration of one of her passions in her article, x-men: the early days! made me tear up a little bit, taking that walk down fandom lane...

you can order this issue or any of the back issues at


also on the 'i-don't-know-how-this-slipped-by' list--

a few months back i received a fun and fascinating dvd in the mail entitled the aswang phenomenon from the film's writer/director/producer, jordan clark. i was lucky enough to be on the comp list for this soon-to-be-released film since craig and i gave jordan permission to use images of the aswang--our aswang--in his documentary which investigates the legend of this filipino vampire and tracks the mythology centuries back to it's roots.
jordan used not only images of the aswang drawn by craig, but several shots done by our good pal jason copland from the back-up story in perhapanauts 5.

you can learn more about this film and find out how to get your own copy at;

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Brian said...

The young women of First Class Comic Review continue to impress.

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