Wednesday, November 02, 2011

new for november~!


so here are a few images that i've had on my desktop for a couple days and felt like sharing...

first of all, while i generally try to keep the camera handy and take pictures at conventions to share with you here on the perhapa-blog, mostly of people in cool costumes, despite the fact that there were lots of people in some great costumes this past sunday at the albany comic con, the only picture i took was this AWESOME shaun from shaun of the dead!! talk about nailing it when it comes to 'right costume for the right person', this guy--i shoulda gotten his name--told me that it only took him a few days to grow the mustache, spatter his shirt and cricket bat with blood and he was done!


i don't really know dana black--i mean, know him in real life. i guess we're facebook friends and i think that's what you're gonna hafta become to view even more of his crazy, awesome work in his album there. here are two perhapanaut-related pieces that he did that just rock the house! a haps homage to Fantastic Four no.1 and a big/hellboy team-up from back during our dark horse days...


and under the heading of "who knew...?!", rich sent this over the other day and we were both astounded! the mysterious heads on easter island have long been a fascination for both of us, but each of us had always assumed that what we saw above the surface was all there was. as a matter of fact, we're sure that we've seen a couple of these monoliths toppled over so that they just appeared to be huge, head-shaped rocks just plunked on the ground. but here we see a recent excavation that might begin telling us a little more about these enigmatic sculptures...

that's all i got!
happy wednesday!
smell ya later!

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Brian said...

Wow, that Easter Island photo is amazing. Kind of makes that giant foot from the TV show 'Lost" seem a whole lot less out there as an idea in retrospect.