Friday, January 27, 2012

ufo from ernie~!


is it groundhog's day yet?

i feel like that right now; that i've been in hibernation for the past few weeks ( did i hear someone say months? ) and it's now my time to pop my head up and see if the sun is out.

truth is, i really have been hibernating. after a wonderful trip down to virginia to see mom and dad wieringo and then go spend new years with matt and suzanne, sharon and i came home and i underwent some neurosurgery to correct a couple of shifted vertebrae that were starting to compress my spinal cord. if you've been following our pals rod and leanne hannah's facebook page, you'll know that rod had virtually the same surgery on the same day at the same time!! matt was the first to realize this and bring it to the attention of our little perhapa-family and the too-coincidental-to-be-coincidence sent a shiver up everyone's spine...
...except rod and me; we were on some serious pain-killers...

anyway, that's where i've been, in a neck brace, on a long-ish road to recovery, trying to read a lot (finally finished stephen king's 11/22/63, now onto the conqueror worms by brian keene that matt lent me--along with a stack of comic books and graphic novels...), watching too many movies and tv, and trying to sit at the computer and actually get a little writing done. which is hard.

anyway, no excuse for being absent, but our pal ernie cooper lit a match under my butt this morning by sending me this way- cool story about a possible ufo found on the floor of the baltic sea near sweden.

apparently, a team of divers found this enormous disc shaped object with their sonar back in august, the size of it compared to the wingspan of your average 747. there are 'tracks' showing how the thing apparently slid/crashed into the sea floor.

but rather than hear this stuff from me second-hand, check out this cnn report and hear what it's all about...

thanks, ernie!
awesome story!


while i haven't been very excited about much these days, i am excited that it looks like we're finally gonna have the long-awaited, long-frustrated TELLOS COLOSSAL Vol 2 hit the shelves in march!! after YEARS of tracking down and compiling the various materials for this massive tome--a sister book to the aptly named Tellos Colossal Vol 1--IMAGE tells me that we are on schedule and that the book looks great!


that's it for now--
i'm going back to sleep.
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend Todd and looking forward to Tellos, Vol. 2.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Tellos, vol. 2!!!! Looking forward to it. Speed recovery, Todd!

Matt Wieringo said...

Actually, spinal surgery is pretty much a great excuse for just about anything.


Adam Hutch said...

Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery, Todd.

I was so excited whenI saw Tellos Vol 2 in the Image Previews. It's already pre-ordered at my LCS. Of course now, I'll have to thnk of something else to ask you about at the Albany show. :)

Scott Weinstein said...

That's great. Can't wait to pick up a copy.

Anonymous said...

Hope your recovery goes you can pick up that guitar!