Thursday, February 02, 2012

loren sends news: the san diego diablo~?!


world renowned cryptozoologist--and now our close personal friend--LOREN COLEMAN--sent me a link this morning to his latest posting over on regarding the discovery of what may be a brand new cryptid for all of us to ponder over!

this photo is just one of several, but if you want to see more and read the whole story from the man himself...

head right over to cryptozoo news via the link below...

thanks, loren!
we'll keep checking back for updates!


as i continue to convalesce, i grow bored-i-er everyday. the neck brace makes sitting at the computer a challenge and i can only sit at it for 25 minutes or so before i have to rest. i know it'll all be over soon enough, but i had really hoped that i'd be able to spend much of this time writing. which i'm not able to do.

i'm also sad that i'm going to have to miss all of the very cool groundhog's day parties tonight!
rats again!

hope all of you have a very happy groundhog's day~!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Man, I miss C & H.

Hope the neck brace is off soon.

Adam Hutch said...

Feel better Todd. Man that animal looks creepy.