Monday, February 13, 2012

jerald lewis


you would think, as i continue with my protracted convalescence, that i would find more time to get some blogs put together and not have such a wiiiide span between postings. but alas, while i am improving everyday and able to sit at the keyboard for longer blocks of time, there really hasn't been much to report. things have been pretty stagnant around here when all i'm allowed to do is read and watch a lot of tv.

one of the cool things that DID make me smile last week was when our own BIG and CHOOPIE showed up on facebook, flashing through when our pal, jerald lewis, posted these awesome sketches in his gallery!
thanks, jerald!
love your style!


i also had a very nice visit from my pal terry austin the other day and we sat for a couple hours and solved all the problems of the world. (...if marvel or dc are ever ready to repair the horrible market the industry is in, terry an' me has got the answers...!) as usual, terry gifted me with an armload of books and comic books, absolute treasures that he claims he has doubles of. (i think they are mostly items that he no longer has room for in his, i mean, house...)

plastic man no.10 from 1948--i'm a HUGE plasstic man fan and i especially love the stories by plas' creator, jack cole! sweeeet stuff!

remember lil jinx from those one pagers in all the old archies...? well, terry, rick burchett, and j, torres did and they growed her all up in this awesome miniseries (now graphic novel) bringing her into the 21st century with a bang! if you want a fun read--and a really well done re-imagining of a classic character--you'd be doing yourself a great service to track down this collection! i loved it!!

and as much as i loved those two offerings, terry also gave me the first three volumes of the pogo collection from fantagraphics books! i had read various pogo books over the years, but being able to read them as they appeared as daily newspaper strips makes walt kelly's charming, adorable, and insightful characters come to life in a whole new way! if you've yet to discover pogo--or, for that matter, walt kelly--you're in for a treat! love love LOVE this stuff!

okay--that's all i can write--
hafta go!
smell ya later~!


Brian said...

Todd, I'll second your comments on Jerald's take on Big and Choopie.

As for the recovery, hope it is going well and that you will be back to 100% soon.

Warren said...

Hope you get all better soonish, Todd!

I used to be a big Archie Comics fan when I was young, and I love the updated takes on the classic characters they have been doing. With artists like Rick, Norm Breyfogle, and Al Milgrom working on them, they're every bit as good as the superhero stuff that the "Big Two" are putting out.

And speaking of Rick... Have you seen the webcomic Rick has been doing with Greg Rucka! It's really great stuff!