Tuesday, September 11, 2012

costumes at the baltimore comic con pt 1


so, as usual, we had an AWESOME time at the BALTIMORE COMIC CON this past weekend and, as usual, the biggest complaint was that we didn't get a chance to hang out with friends for as long as we woulda liked. even people we wed sitting right next to!! my pal cully hamner and i sat right across the aisle from one another, exchanging winks and obscene gestures in between the continuous parade of people that were constantly streaming by. our newest perhapanauts art monkey, eric henson and i sat shoulder to shoulder, but nary exchanged a word--well, that was mostly 'cause all of eric's time was being taken up by a film crew from the U.S. Air Force documenting the comic book success of one of it's own staff sergeants! 
craig and i sat next to one another, as usual, and grumbled things to each other like an old married couple...
but matt was just on the other side of him and i didn't get to chat with you half as much as i wanted to, brother! we saw rod and leanne hannah briefly and scott, gino, and jose were only in town for saturday and seemed to blow in and outta there like the wind...
but we did get to at least say hello to a LOT of perhapanauts fans and let them know that, easily, the new PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! is going to be the most exciting story yet! iCAN'T WAIT until november when you can all finally get to see it! 
and pretty...? it's gorgeous! we've got some great artists doing some great stuff--on both the inside and the outside of this book!

but enough about alla that.
i know what kinda convention coverage you're looking for...! and, while i am notoriously bad at the old photography (how can you mess up with a digital camera, you might ask. to which i respond; watch me.), here are a few of the colorful cosplayers i was able to catch in the aisles at the show.

a capable cap and sensational supes

a cute and curvy mera
sometimes the poison doesn't look so bad
                                                                                                   this incredibly impressive red tornado
               a pair of lethal ladies
                                                                   a diminutive wasp
                   girls; super and marvel
i think maybe my favorite costume of the show,
starro and the cover to brave and the bold 28!

and finally, for brian, this stunning power girl. 
                                                                                        you're welcome.

more news from the con--and pictures!!--tomorrow!
have a great tuesday!
 smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Yeah, Starro took the cake. Loved that one. I liked the Red Tornado too.

Here's what Frank Cho thought of that Power Girl:

Warren said...

Starro -- a new use for last winter's Snuggie!

Brian said...

You are too good to me.

That said, I will third the nomination for Starro as best in show.