Wednesday, September 12, 2012

costumes at the baltimore comic con pt 2


so, as promised, here are some more wonderful costumes from the floor of this past weekend's BALTIMORE COMIC CON.

           this lovely amazon princess,     
ready to play some bullets and bracelets

         (i curse my poor camera skills for
                       you not being able to see her
                                           awesome red contacts--)

    when i was younger, i had such a huge crush on rogue...
    and this stunning x-man made all those feelings come rushing back...

                                                                                    some really great
                                                                                                costumes by saturn girl and cosmic boy!

...and as i was about to snap the above picture (saturn girl and cosmic boy), i saw someone in the background trying to photobomb the picture and--though i think photobombing is funny--i sarcastically
quipped, "really?!?"...
only to look up to see that it was my pal, walt simonson, passing by with an advance copy of his incredible new book, The JUDAS COIN!! 

out this week from DC, 
The JUDAS COIN is a story walter has been working on for some time and,
 having seen much of it in it's various stages, i can say without a doubt, 
the artwork is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, 
the story is epic, and i guarantee it's the big thing
that everyone will be talking about! 

oh, okay...we now return to your regularly scheduled con costumes...

a lady joker

and, it was very quickly apparent in the early hours of the show on saturday, that the most popular costume of this year's con was the lovely jean grey...

there was a whole 
lotta phoenixin' going on...

that's it for today~!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and the Walt story. Great stuff.

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