Monday, October 29, 2012

lauren monardo gramprey's Famous Perhapanauts Mysteries~!


so, the perhapanauts: danger down under! no. 1 hits stands in a week, halloween is two days away, and sandy, the monster hurricane--or the frankenstorm, as i've heard it called--is bearing down upon us as i write. i am trying to get as much work done as i can (lettering the last pages of issue 3) before we, inevitably, lose power.

i've been trying hard to give you some cool glimpses of what you can expect to find in the new series, but i also like to leave some things as a surprise. i've already posted about the great, talented artists who have helped us out with the art on back-up stories and i will be going crazy in an upcoming post over the incredible colorists we have on the book who are bringing a vibrant new dimension of life to our fantastic tale!

one of the things i hadn't tipped about until now is the fact that every issue of danger down under will tout a gorgeous back cover featuring artwork by our helpful friends!
issue 1 includes a back-up story entitled goodbye, larry with artwork by the multi-talented lauren monardo gramprey! as you can guess, the story centers on the tragic events of perhapanauts: triangle no. 5 and finds choopie, big, molly, and merrow attending the somber funeral services of the poor, departed gremlin. it's a hoot.

when asked if she'd like to do a back/flip cover for issue 1, lauren thought long and hard, wanting to do something different than the usual same old, same old and was inspired while  investigating a book featuring the covers of the classic pulps.
when she sent this over, i almost fell off the chair; now THAT'S an homage!!

look for this stunning back cover next week on perhapanauts:danger down under! no.1


Thank you, Lauren--for ALL of your very hard--and WONDERFUL--work!

that's all for today!
stop by on halloween!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Love that cover, Lauren.

Eric Henson said...

The vibe of that homage cover is SUPERB! My hat is off to Lauren!

Lauren said...

Thanks everyone!! This was an absolute blast to work on and I can't wait to read the full issue next week!! Hope everyone's safe after Sandy...

Anonymous said...

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