Tuesday, October 16, 2012

here we go...~!


craig and i had a great time in new york this past weekend, chatting people up about the upcoming Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! miniseries, selling the ashcan previews and just getting a chance to hang with friends and fans! but i'm still exhausted from the con, so i'm just checking in til tomorrow when i'll have some more cool news and stuff to show you from the series...

in the meantime...i've been going through our vast perhapanauts library of pin-ups and sketches and cover contests recently and posting artwork that people have sent in over on our facebook page. one was a black and white image by an artist named mauricio zanini--mark if you'd like--and that got some nice response. so i contacted mark again after all these years and thanked him again for his piece.

well, this must've inspired him, because here again, i present for your enjoyment, a perhapanauts cover as imagined by mark zanini ~!

and here, because i, for one, always love to see the construction of any artwork, are the rough pencils...

thanks again, mauricio!
great job!

that's it for me!
 i gotta get to work!
 have a great day!
 smell ya later!


Brian said...

Sorry to have missed you guys, but I left a little early on Friday to catch my train home.

Lauren said...

great stuff, great stuff!!