Monday, February 18, 2013

garth's shirts--ocelot T's~!


so, i'd like to take a minute out of our crazy perhapanauts: danger down under-mania hype and take things in a bit of a different direction this week...

way back when i was like 11 and 12, i had this best friend named garth.
we were for those few years, as best friends are, fairly inseparable. our moms were friends and spoke a lot about how similar we were; creative, artistic, musical--i've talked her before of garth's amazing talent as a classical guitarist--imaginative, and yeah, sensitive. we really clicked and would spend hours going on adventures, dreaming up stories, spying on people and narrowly avoiding all sorts of trouble. garth was also very generous with his comics and would lend me his justice leagues and brave and the bolds without stipulation, never realizing just how badly i was hooked.

life, as it will, took us in different directions, garth moved away when we were fourteen, i think. we only connected again about 5 years ago, and it was just like old times, remembering and reminiscing and reestablishing the old friendship, the unique bond.

always artistic, i've marveled at how garth has managed to keep that creative side busy, exercising his many talents, keeping them fresh. (sadly, i haven't drawn or painted in far too long and it's been years since i've picked up my guitar...)

so i wasn't surprised at all when garth told me, last fall, about his idea for ocelot t's.
hand-made, hand-printed (bock printed) t-shirts that he just does, all by himself, just to keep himself from getting bored. his beautiful designs just blew me away and i've already ordered a bunch for myself--and a few for family and friends. i love 'em and can't get enough of 'em!

sized for men and women, kids and toddlers, garth has made ocelot t's about as mix and match as you can get--you got a different combination of design and color? he'll custom that up for you too!

here are just a few of my favorites--you can see more at garth's website;

in my life, i've known lots of creative people, people with ideas and dreams of stuff they'd love to do if they had the time. i'm one of them. garth, however, is one of those guys who says, i'm gonna do this, and a month later, there you go. done.

i envy you that, buddy!

be here friday for a long-awaited round of "five for friday" trivia!
have a great week!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Very impressed with his color and design sense.

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty rad.


Matt Wieringo said...

Gotta get those or a 'Haps tee on BIG BANG THEORY.

Brian said...

Big Bang featured a "Punk Rock Jesus" cover in a scene at the comic book store and there are a couple of Ragnar's House of Secrets prints hanging in Sheldon's room, so they are open to going outside the main stream when it comes to comics.