Friday, June 07, 2013

"five for friday~!"


first and foremost, a big HELLO to everyone heading out this weekend to the big HEROESCON in beautiful Charlotte NC! sorry i can't make it this time, but be sure to stop by and see craig who will be surrounded by all kindsa cool perhapa-shwag!! he'll be doing sketches and signing copies of DANGER DOWN UNDER! and having all sorts fun! don't miss it!

so...sorry for the delay in getting the five for friday out this morning--much to do around here today for some reason...

anyway, the questions are below and i ask you to please, please, please DON'T post your answers in the comments section provided, but MAIL them to me at

thank you.

the first person to send in the most correct answers wins this week's prize!
what is it, jay?

from the weird new jersey guys it's

let's get to it!


1. irwin hasen, the creator of the original green lantern, was also (co-)responsible for a newspaper strip featuring the adventures of a young boy which ran in papers nationwide from 1955 to 1986. what was the boy's name (and title of the comic strip)?

2. what is the name of the last letter of the greek alphabet?

3. who wrote such literary masterpieces as sirens of titan, galapagos, and cat's cradle?

4. what band had hits with songs wild horses, paint it black, and gimme shelter?

5. match the creature with the town, country, or region it is associated with;

a. point pleasant, west virginia                        f. dover demon

b. bluff creek, california                                  g. mothman

c. dover, massachusetts                                   h. chupacabra    

d. capiz, the philippines                                   i. bigfoot

e. canovanas, puerto rico                                j. the aswang

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Sat down and read issue No. 5, last night.

A rip roaring yarn that did not disappoint. Thanks to all involved for bringing the story home in such a thrilling fashion.

Bravo, Team Haps, Bravo.

todd said...

Thanks, Brian~!

Glad you enjoyed it!

And, yep, those drawer guys did gooood! : )

Anonymous said...

I only can only guess at one idea on the rest.....


Anonymous said...

Lol....what went wrong with my post above?

-me Kojee, me no write good