Monday, June 10, 2013

the results are in...!


our winner this week, with a perfect score, is our pal, BRIAN MULCAHY!
brian was down in charlotte this past weekend enjoying HeroesCon and so i waited 'til this morning to make the announcement.
brian's prizes are on their way to him already. they include the wonderful WEIRD LAS VEGAS and Nevada as well as a copy of karl p.n. shukar's The Search for the Last Undiscovered Animals, the beasts that hide from man.
congratulations, brian--Hope you dig 'em!

and, oh are the answers...


1. irwin hasen, the creator of the original green lantern, was also (co-)responsible for a newspaper strip featuring the adventures of a young boy which ran in papers nationwide from 1955 to 1986. what was the boy's name (and title of the comic strip)?


2. what is the name of the last letter of the greek alphabet?


3. who wrote such literary masterpieces as sirens of titan, galapagos, and cat's cradle?

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

4. what band had hits with songs wild horses, paint it black, and gimme shelter?

The Rolling Stones

5. match the creature with the town, country, or region it is associated with;

a. point pleasant, west virginia                        g. mothman

b. bluff creek, california                                  i. bigfoot

c. dover, massachusetts                                   f. dover demon    

d. capiz, the philippines                                   j. the aswang

e. canovanas, puerto rico                                h. chupacabra 

be here next time for more trivia fun and perhaps-news!
smell ya later!


Warren said...

I forgot to do the five-for-Friday. I was too busy getting ready for HEROES CON!

I wish you could have been there. It was an amazing time. And the costume contest, when the kid dressed as a grey turned out not to be a costume and the Feds showed up and quarantined the entire convention floor... just... wow. It all turned out okay. Someone loaned the little guy their cell and he phoned home.

Brian said...

Thanks, Todd.

Looking forward to getting my care package in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Dondi? Never heard of that...

Anonymous said...

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