Tuesday, July 02, 2013

more from the albuquerque comic expo~!


here, for your viewing pleasure, are a handful more of our pics from last week's wonderful Albuquerque Comic Expo~!

a stellar spaceghost!

a super supergirl!

a mini ms. marvel!

a really cool shirt...

the gentleman that was wearing the really cool shirt.

my new pal, artist gina trujillo

and this guy...

this guy was walking around the convention hall throughout
the show and spooking or startling people as he went...
which was kinda the idea since his presence was not just about 
look at this cool costume and make-up but also to 
promote the new movie, speak no evil, that he--whatever he is--
appears in.

both star and director were there to get the word out that this independent was 
looking for both backers and distribution and were holding an exclusive sneak peek premiere there at the show on saturday night.
i was hoping to catch it...but, as happens most of the time 
at shows, five other things came up.

more on thursday~

smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Rad pics.


Warren said...

I loved the Space Ghost costume. I've never seen one before. It's really an underrated design.

And the monster guy... creepy. Are you sure it was makeup?