Are we alone?
Exactly 66 years ago today, the Roswell Daily Record shocked the American public with its headline, "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region." Decades later, there are still conspiracy theories and questions surrounding the legendary Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico.
According to the July 8, 1947 edition of the local paper, a rancher told authorities at the Roswell Army Air Field that he'd discovered a crashed flying saucer on his property. Army Maj. Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer, reportedly recovered the "disc" and flew it to headquarters. It was never seen again, and the air field issued a press release later stating that the saucer was actually a weather balloon.

Marcel's son, Jesse Marcel Jr. later told HuffPost Weird News reporter Lee Speigel that he was shown pieces of the UFO by his father.
"There were these I-beams about 12 to 18 inches long, and the most unusual part of that was the symbols or writing on the inner surface," he said previously. "I thought, at first, it was like Egyptian hieroglyphics, but when I looked closer, it seemed more like geometric symbols of some kind -- it was very strange."
Last year, an ex-Air Force official told Speigel that there were two crashes, not one, in the Roswell incident.
Today, the crash conspiracy continues. Google's homepage features a game in which you help a tiny extraterrestrial recover the parts of his crashed ship in, presumably, Roswell.

and if that's not enough roswell for you, matt sent us the link to the fun google game yesterday 
(always a few steps ahead of everybody, that matt...  : ) and if you've got a few minutes to spare, i highly recommend you give it a spin.
fyi; when craig and i were driving the three hours from albuquerque to roswell in our rental car, we kept saying that we would, of course, never wish to have an accident of any kind anywhere.but if we were gonna crash, it would be kinda cool to be able to say that we crashed in roswell.
thanks to mike west for the huff post story and thanks to matt for the fun google game!
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