Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen~ My pal Craig is about to make your head explode...


because he loves our 'kids', because he can't stand still for long, because he is truly one of the most underrated artists in comics today, my pal/partner/comrade and co-conspirator CRAIG ROUSSEAU has been working slyly on the side to produce what I think are some of the most stunning pieces in the Perhapanauts Archives so far...

starting with this GORGEOUS set of prints featuring The Lost Spin-Off Covers of titles we WISH we could do were the market enough to let us go hog wild and do what we wanted! Big's BIG Adventures! Straight out of Saturday Morning it's The Lil' HAPS! The Incredible CRICKET~! Choopie's WEIRD TALES! and more~!

Ready for framin'...or wrapping up for some lucky Perhapa-Fan for Christmas!

and, as if that weren't enough, you gotta check out this phenomenal
retro Perhapanauts Propaganda Poster Print!
This just screams "Put me on your wall!!"
I did!

so zip on over to the ever-expanding Perhap-Store (see tag above)
and get yours today!
Supplies are limited!

smell ya later~!


Brian said...

Love that poster.

todd said...

Brian, I've been watching each one of these awesome covers evolve over the past few months as Craig secretly played with them 'em and tweaked 'em--I couldn't WAIT for everyone to finally get a chance to see them--He's just so freakin' talented!! I love each an every one of them!